Why Vitamin B12 is important? Must Read for Sugar Patients

Ever since I got diagnosed with diabetes, I became careful with what I eat.
With a lot of research, i found that it is the carbohydrates which increase blood sugar in diabetic patients. Armed with this knowledge, I decided to give up all the carbohydrate foods and rely on ones which don’t spike my blood sugar.

This strategy worked for me, I reduced my HBA1C level to 4.8, which was exceptional and i was very much happy about this method.
But little I knew that this strategy will make me deficient of certain Vitamins which is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

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Recently I did a test named “Homocysteine”, which is one of the parameter indicating heart health. Ideally, the homocysteine number should be around 6-7 units and higher the number goes, the risk of getting heart problems increases.
One of the main reason for high Homocysteine numbers is Vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid deficiency.
Now you can understand that how the absence of these vitamins can hamper your heart health and how Vitamin B 12 is important for your health.

I started learning about heart health when I felt mild pain in my chest.
The chest pain was mild and occurred periodically.
Being diabetic, I didn’t want to ignore the pain after all anybody can get heart problems nowadays.

After lots of research I found that apart from the conventional lipid profile test (cholesterol test), there are other important tests too which a person shouldn’t ignore.
So the next day I went to the nearest medical laboratory and gave my blood for “Homocysteine test”. The laboratory didn’t had the facility to perform the suitable test, so they sent the sample to Mumbai.

After a long week, I got the report.
Well, i as shocked and disappointed with the numbers.
It was 14.2 units!!!

These high numbers can be attributed to my diet control, which I thought was helping me to control my blood sugar.
The restricted diet had made me deficient in essential vitamins.
I understood that how important for us to take a balanced diet which can cover our daily need for nutrients.

Now after almost one year of being diagnosed with diabetes, I have started to eat the usual foods (in moderate amount obviously) which i had shunned completely.
But let me confess again, it is a still no-no for the foods which are carbohydrates rich.
Foods such as sweets, bakery items, cold drinks, fast foods are still out in my diet plan.

Also, apart from the moderate carb food that i have been eating now, i have also started taking supplements like:
a. Alfalipoc acid tablets
b. Multi-Vitamin Tablets

so that my daily nutrients needs get fulfilled.

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