What does diabetes feel like? Getting to know the diabetics..

the cases of diabetes are rising every day and the condition is getting worse with the passage of time. With the rise of diabetes cases throughout the world, there is a hope to find a cure one day. Until that day we have to live with this problem and deal with it in an as efficient manner as possible.

There is a curiosity among the public, particularly the relative diabetic patients that “what does diabetes feel like?”
Do diabetics feel differently as compared to the normal individual?
I there any change in mindset.

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I have tried to address this article to the common individual who would like to know about this problem. To make you clear I am Type 1 diabetic myself and has been living with this problem for 1.5 years.

I have categorized this article into parts like Before Diagnosis and After diagnosis, so that you can easily identify the difference diabetes makes in your body.
i hope after reading this article you will understand “what does diabetes feel like”

Before Diagnosis
I was 27 when I got diagnosed. I was fit and used to be a regular athletic runner. At that time I couldn’tĀ imagine that something ominous is happening inside my body.

I had been drinking water a lot and was urinating frequently.
I felt sleepy all the time and used to angry all the time. I just could not tolerate any people around me and a slightest of noise was enough to get me irritated.

I was losing weight like anything despite of eating a lot.
Before diagnosis, any patient will come to understand that something is wrong with their body, so did i. I felt that this might be a regular problem which will get away with time.

But I was wrong!
My grandmother noticed ants in my toilet and she figured that I might be urinating something sweet which is attracting the ants.
I did the test and was found to be diabetic.

During Diagnosis
After getting the preliminary test, I was then asked to perform another important test by the endocrinologist. I did all the blood work and was asked to wait for another day for the result.

At that night I couldn’t sleep.
I was constantly blaming myself for this problem.
I thought my life is over and I couldn’t live like a normal person.

A diabetic person goes through a plethora of emotions during diagnosis. It is very important for the relatives to take care of the patient and comfort them in the best possible way.

After Diagnosis
Diabetes is a complex problem.
The high blood sugar tends to affect the different body parts.

Along with it your mind also suffers. As soon as your blood sugar goes above the normal range you start feeling guilty and blame yourself for the poor diet control.
This emotion has the tendency to spoil your mood throughout the day and make you feel culprit in your own eyes.

There is a constant tussle of cravings and fear throughout the time.
The craving of eating your favorite food and the fear of blood sugar rise makes you lose focus on your work.

Now after being labeled diabetic, you constantly think about your blood sugar before performing any sporting activity. There is always some calculation going in a diabetic mind every time he/she eat any food.

Aggravating the struggle, comes the difficulty of managing the conditions fo Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and Hypoglycemia
These abnormal numbers make you feel sluggish and disoriented.
During this period even a slight noise is enough to make you irritated.
If you know any diabetic person, ask him to test his blood sugar if he is getting irritated all the time.

So what does diabetes feel like?
Its a mix of emotions which is a complete psychology subject in itself.
And its not only the emotions, its also about effective blood sugar management
Also, Diabetes comes with a price.
The tools to manage diabetes are expensive and not everyone can afford it. You now have to keep a separate budget for purchasing your diabetes tools like insulin, test strips etc.

Traveling is another factor which scares the diabetics like hell.
One has to be careful about the insulin storage (as they get damaged easily) and foods arrangement accordingly.
In a tropical country like India where the climate is comparatively hot, managing your insulin storage at proper temperature can be a headache

All in all, can that diabetes can get overwhelming during the period of diagnosis but with the passage of time, you will get used to it.
Managing diabetes is not that difficult if the patient is disciplined and careful. At first, you may feel difficulty but with time you accept it as a part of daily life.

I have written this article not to discourage any person but to give a realistic expectation of the query “what does diabetes feel like?”
Let me assure every diabetic that they can do everything with proper planning and control, so don’t underestimate yourself.

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