Type 3 Diabetes-Can High Sugar Cause Dementia-MUST READ

Most of the people would be unaware of the term “Type 3 diabetes”
They are already facing difficulty in differentiating between Type 1 and Type 2, and now a new term has been coined to burden them up.

Most people are unaware of this problem and have no idea how its been affecting the people around them.

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The fact is that Type 3 is endemic and is affecting millions of people around the world.
The situation demands all the health advocates to increase its awareness among the people and propagate ways to prevent this deadly problem.

In this article, I have made an attempt to describe this problem in an easy and non-technical way, so that people understand it easily and work out ways to prevent this condition in future.


What is Type 3 Diabetes?
This is a form of condition commonly known as “Alzheimer”
This disease is basically associated with memory loss in which the person slowly forget things to the extent that he unable to recognize his own identity.

Its a progressive form of disorder which commonly affects elderly people above 60 years of age.
It starts with mild memory issues where you fail to remember your child names or location of your key holder; but with time, it progresses into complete memory loss!!

You may have come across news reporting about “missing father” or  “missing grandmother”. Most often than not, these missing guys suffer from memory-related problem. They fail to remember their home location and trend into an unknown path which ultimately drives them into their death.

Old guy suffering from memory loss


But why this problem is termed as “Type 3 Diabetes”?
A link has been found that the Insulin resistance in the brain causes to develop Alzheimer.
A toxic protein accumulates in the brain and reduces the efficiency of insulin receptors. And the brain, without getting proper insulin levels tends to deteriorate and loses its memory.

People with diabetes are in a high-risk zone to develop Alzheimer. It’s been found that people with Type 2 diabetes have twice the risk of suffering from it.

If you still think that the condition is not serious, think again!!
As of 2013, 5 million people have been diagnosed with this problem in America alone and the diagnosis is predicted to triple by 2050!!


How can I find if I am in risk?
If your blood sugar is not in good range, you are vulnerable to develop this problem apart from other complications.

According to a study published in “New England Journal of Medicine”, even a slight increase in fasting blood sugar (around 110 mg/dl)  is harmful to your body and has dire consequences.

On reading the whole study, you just infer one thing; that if you want to have complication-free life, you have to achieve normal blood sugar.

This is something overwhelming for anyone who is diabetic as maintaining normal blood sugar is not an easy task. Unlike a normal person, a sugar patient has to work tirelessly to get their numbers right and attaining the perfect numbers demands superhuman’s will.

Though these numbers are difficult to achieve and requires a lot of self-control, I am stating certain points below that can help you to give a start in your journey of attaining perfect numbers

a. Shun Processed Food
The modern diet is one of the major causes of making people sick.
These foods are rich in processed carbohydrates and are devoid of healthy fats. Eating those foods imbalances our body mechanism and ultimately causes great harm.
It’s wise to change your lifestyle and look out for foods that are healthy and nourishes the body.

It may be quite difficult in the beginning, as the market is full of unhealthy foods, but with proper food hunting, you will get used to this new diet.

Junk food affect your blood sugar

b. Get on Low Carb Diet
Food that we love so much and have been incorporated in daily life are full of carbohydrates and increases our blood sugar. Items like grains, wheat, rice, fruit juice, potatoes etc are all carb-rich foods and demand a high amount of insulin to metabolize.

If a diabetic is eating this food, he would be less likely to control his blood sugar.
Its a better bet for him to go on food that is low in carbohydrate and rich in good fats.
If you are looking for low carb recipes, you should visit this wonderful blog “peace love and low carb.com“; the blog is well updated and frequently offers delicious new recipes


c. Optimize Vitamin D Level
In a research, it’s been found that people with low vitamin D levels are more susceptible to get a dementia-related problem.

Spare some time for yourself to get sunlight exposure on daily basis. If due to any reason, you face difficulty to get sufficient sunlight, purchase vitamin D supplement from the market
Read how vitamin D affects diabetics


d. Cocoa
In a research published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that cocoa can help us improve insulin sensitivity and memory improvement. So including some chocolate in your diet can be a good idea even for diabetics.

But there is caveat;
It has been seen that the cocoa powder available in the market contain a toxic amount of cadmium which is harmful to our health.
Industrialization has degraded and polluted our soil with harmful chemicals that ultimately gets transferred to the farm produce.

So rather than going for cocoa powder, incorporate extra dark chocolate as your food item. Dark chocolate has negligible cadmium content as compared to pure cocoa powder.
You can buy good quality dark chocolates from Amazon by clicking here 


e. Sleep
A number of studies linked poor sleep to increased risk of Alzheimer.

One of the reasons given that the brain’s waste removal process (by the glymphatic system) works only during your sleep. If you don’t sleep sufficiently, it will hamper your waste removal process and cause damage to your brain working.

Also, people with poor sleep pattern tend to develop more amyloid proteins in the brain nerve cells resulting in poor memory performance

Getting good sleep to prevent type 3 diabetes

Type 3 diabetes is an incurable condition.
As more and more people are coming under high-risk scale, it is wise to make people aware of the condition and motivate them to take steps that can help them to prevent this deadly phenomenon.

Share the article among your peer group and let them understand about this problem.

Also, if you have come across such experience, feel free to comment below and let our community gain some insight from your knowledge


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