Type 1 diabetes vaccine trials

Type 1 diabetes has affected millions of people around the world and still, it’s a long way to find diabetes cure. Though it’s the rare form of diabetes, still the count of humans affected by it is huge and the patient has to spend a huge sum of money to manage it which is a burden to society and government.

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It has been already found that certain kind of virus plays an influential role in developing Type 1 diabetes; researchers around the world have been trying to break the code and identify the virus that is causing it and then the ways to curb it from causing this menace.


Now a group of researchers from the University of Tampere in Finland has made a pioneer attempt to develop vaccine to prevent Type 1 diabetes, a major step to find diabetes cure. The University has announced that Professor Heikki Hyöty and his team of researchers had identified a particular strand of enteroviruses (viruses transmitted through the intestines) linked to Type 1 diabetes, and developed a vaccine against them.

diabetes cure


They have successfully tested the vaccine on mice and has planned to extend their research to humans who are the ultimate target point. They have chalked out 3 phases for vaccine testing and development; first on adults, second on children and third to ensure its mainstream use; this would take approximately eight years for completion (if everything goes as planned) on finding diabetes cure



The news has given good hope to curb the menace of type 1 diabetes which has affected millions of people particularly children who face numerous pricks and injections right from childhood and purchase management kits. However, the vaccine will not able to cure the existing patient already suffering from type 1.

It’s been a long time since a breakthrough has been developed in diabetes research; let’s hope with his news that our coming generation will get free from diabetic shackles

Tell me in comments, what do you feel about this story; Will it be a breakthrough or any other news which arises out of the bloom and disappear


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