smoking and diabetes type 1

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for health and can cause lot of health problems.
But, is smoking make diabetes management difficult?
What is the relation between smoking and diabetes type 1?

In this article, we will try to figure out the above-mentioned question; i will also suggest ways to quit smoking, so bear with me throughout the article.

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How is smoking dangerous for diabetics?
You know that diabetics face difficulty in metabolizing carbohydrates.
This increase in blood sugar can cause lots of complications on diabetic body and the problem is that smoking only increase this problem.

Dangers of Smoking among Diabetic

1.Smoking and diabetic Type 1
Smoking makes it difficult for diabetics to control blood sugar.
Compared to non smoker, you will face a lot of difficulty in managing your blood sugar, which can increase your risk of complication.

The complications of diabetes are painful and non-reversible; some of the complications are listed beow for your understanding
a. Neuropathy
b. Heart Problems
c. Kidney Problems
d. Stroke
e. Retinopathy
f. Sexual Problems
h. Amputation

In short, unmanaged diabetes has the power to destroy your whole body, so be careful with the blood sugar numbers.

2. Smoking Increases the risk of diabetes
in a research among non diabetic persons. it was found that the habitual smoker has higher HBA1C number as compared to non-smoker.
Thus if you are smoker, there are chances that your blood sugar will steadily rise to the point that you become Type 2 diabetic.

3. Makes you Insulin Resistant
Smoking makes your body resistant to insulin which as a result leads to more insulin demand to metabolize carbohydrates.
this is especially worrisome for Type 1 diabetic who needs external insulin injection for survival. This insulin resistance will lead to frequent injection of insulin for them (& also higher cost of purchase)

4. Heart Problem
Smoking increases your risk of getting heart disease by 2-3 times (which is surprisingly high numbers).
The nicotine tends to make your arteries thin by deposition of fats which reduces the blood flow and increases the chance of heart attack.

By smoking, diabetics include another problem in the already large list. Also, one should also consider taking an additional dosage of pills for the heart problems (which is quite frustrating)

5. Stroke
Stroke is caused when there is reduced blood flow towards the brain.
Similar to the heart problem, smoking also tends to damage blood vessels that transport blood to brain, resulting in stroke-like condition

6. Respiratory Problem
Smoking damages the respiratory system and makes the body susceptible to lung infections like bronchitis, pneumonia etc.
Diabetic patients have slow recovery rate than the normal person, so getting this type of fatal infections can prove deadly for the person.
Also, being infected with any disease leads to increase in blood sugar, which again indirectly affect the body organs causing long-term complications
7. Oral Problem
Smoking results in lack of oxygen flow in the blood stream, which indirectly affect the gums.
People who smoke are prone to form plaque and other gum related problem in the future, this can leads to variety of problem, even loss of teeth

What to Do?
Easy and short answer: QUIT
I know, it is easier said than done; but still, you have to make your full effort to get rid of this menace. i have listed some of the steps which, I think, can prove beneficial

1. Identify Trigger
Once, I have read a research which states that there are triggers that makes you slave of any particular habit.
i don’t remember the full research but the book stated trigger points like
a. Time: There is certain time of the day when you feel that particular craving
b. Location: The cravings gets activated when you are at a certain place

So the point is, try to identify the time and place when you crave for cigarettes.
At this duration, you should divert your attention to other work like listening music or playing with children etc.

2. Don’t quit at once
it gets very difficult for a habitual smoker to quit smoking all at once. Sometimes it leads to a variety of health problems.
The best way is to make a goal and reduce the number of cigarettes one by one to the point that you completely eliminate it.
Select a future date at which you will completely remove cigarette from your routine

3. Get help
I understand that it will be overwhelming to do this job.
one thing you can do is to seek help from the person who has successfully done this thing.
Getting surrounded by the like-minded people will help you to get lots of motivation and energy to do this thing.
Don’t get around the person who is failing in this task, in this way you will get negatively minded in all your efforts

4. Nicotine Replacement Options
Talk to your doctor about the nicotine replacement option to control your craving. There are lots of product available in the market and are also government authorized.

If you like the article, share with the diabetic community and help them raise awareness of this frustrating problem.

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