Scientist uncover new ways to treat type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes also known as lifestyle disease affects million of people around the world; Almost 90% of the diabetic case is of type 2. It’s a condition in which the body produces very little insulin or the body cells became insulin resistant.

Usually, if you are type 2 diabetic, you would take medication or administer yourself external insulin if you are producing less of it yourself. Now the scientist has found a new way to treat Type 2 diabetes and has given a new hope for advancement in Type 2 diabetes treatment.

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A medicine named Lorcaserin is usually prescribed to obese as it helps to reduce hunger and weight loss. It targets important brain hormones called pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) peptides, which are responsible for regulating appetite. So as well as sending messages telling us we are full and no longer need to eat, leading to weight loss.
Now, Scientists from the University of Aberdeen Rowett Institute, in collaboration with teams from the Universities of Cambridge and Michigan have found that Locaserin also helps Type 2 diabetic by sending the signal to the brain to regulate blood sugar; this ultimately helps to reduce our blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity of our cells.
This advancement is important as current medication improves symptoms of diabetes but this medicine sends a signal to the brain to improve diabetic condition with time. Also, it gives a choice of treatment to millions of people affected by the disease.

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