Saturated Fat Good or Bad

We have always heard that fats are bad for health.
There are multiple products advertisement which claims that the product is fat-free.
Even some doctors profess to stay away from fat.

But is fat really that bad?
Is saturated fat good or bad?
Or there is some different story.

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Fats are an essential component of our body.
Like any other nutrient, we need fats.
Now the problem is that fats have got so much bad press that now majority of the population believe that fats are the main culprit for obesity and heart disease.

What if I tell you that all the above assumption is wrong and most of the fats are in fact good for our health.

To just give you an idea, there are different variants of fats:
a. Saturated Fats
b. Unsaturated Fats
c. Trans Fats

In this article, we will try to focus on saturated fats.
Saturated fats are the ones which have no double bond between the carbon atom (people with chemistry background will understand this)

To give you more understanding, I have attached a picture below.
Saturated Fats
You can observe in the above picture that saturated fats have no double bond.

The source of saturated fats in our diet is given below:
a. Meat
b. Nuts like Almonds
c. Dairy Products like cream and butter
d. Coconut

Ok, So is saturated fat good or bad?
Now, there is a popular notion among the public that saturated fats are bad for the health and is responsible for raising cholesterol levels in the body.
In fact, many doctors consult people to stay away from fat milk and butter as they can cause heart problem.

My question to all the people is that human being has been eating meat and dairy product since ages, if saturated fats are the main culprit for heart problems, how come our ancestors don’t have these heart disease.

Heart problems are the phenomenon of modern century.
we have been doing something wrong with our eating habits which lead to the rise in the number of heart patients.

To kill the suspense, it is not the saturated fats, it’s the trans fats which is responsible for the increase in heart-related problems throughout the world.

Now, what is the Trans Fats?
Trans fats are basically artificially produced saturated fats.
There is a process called “Hydrogenation” through which unsaturated fats are converted into saturated fats.
All the vegetable oil used for cooking is an example of transfats.
These oils are hydrogenated so that their shelf life could be increased.

This unnatural fat is creating havoc in human health and is responsible for rising in the heart problems throughout the world.
Just imagine how much oil we have been using to cook the food.
Cooking Oil is a kind of product which is now used on a daily basis and multiple times a day.

In fact, we are so used to cook food in vegetable oil that we can’t imagine living without it.
Cooking Oil has got into our lives and since then the heart problems have been rising.

If you want to stay healthy, limit the use of vegetable oil for cooking food.
And if you are a foodie who likes to savor Indian street food, i would suggest to not to do as most of the street food use pre-used cooking oil which is dangerous for your health

Apart from the transfats, the foods which are rich with refined carbohydrates and fructose contribute greatly in damaging your circulatory system.
Most of the people nowadays, due to their partial knowledge of course, are replacing good fats with foods that are rich in refined carbohydrates.

It is interesting to observe how doctors are not advising their patient not to eat refined sugar which are stuffed in processed foods, bakery items and in fast food chains.
Our ignorance had led us to believe that the food which we eat in KFC or Mc Donald is healthy and one can eat as much as they want.

If you want to stay healthy, keep mind the transfats and carbohydrate you are eating.

Final Word
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