saturated fat definition || Must Read for diabetics

We have all come to believe in the notion that all fats are bad.
Ask any gym freak about fats and i am sure the person will engage you for at least half an hour lecturing about the harmful effects of fat.

I did ask one person.
And then he tutored me about the different nutrient one should have.
One thing I just understood from the conversation; Don’t ask anything about nutrients from gym freak.

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What an immature fitness freak will not tell you that fats, infact are good for your health.
Instead of taking high carbohydrates drink and sodas, the person can remain fit and young by selecting foods which are full of healthy fats.

Yes, Fats are indeed helpful for your body.
But not all fats are equally healthy and infact some are bad for our health.

To help you understand more, i have classified different form of fats which we usually eat on daily basis. But for convenience, i have restricted the article to one particular type of fat only.

Mostly three types of fats are found in the food:
1. Saturated Fat
2. Unsaturated Fat
3. Transfat

In this article, i have restricted my writings to saturated food only.

Saturated Fat Definition?
Saturated fat is a type of fat which do not have any double bond between the carbon atom.
Following is the structure of saturated fat:
Saturated Fats

Misconceptions about saturated fat?
If you are staying in India, I bet you have heard not to eat Ghee or Butter on daily basis by the nutritionist. Even the qualified medical doctors will warn you about the impending heart problems caused by having high-fat milk or butter.

The Ghee or Butter that i have mentioned above are full of saturated fat.
And let me tell you that no medical research says that they are the reason for heart problem among humans.

Consider my argument:
Most of the people living in India nowadays don’t consume Ghee or Butter.
Then why the case of heart problems are increasing?
It is not because of the saturated fat but due to cooking oil (made of transfat) and processed foods (full of chemicals and carbohydrates)

To your surprise, saturated foods are infact healthy for your body.
There are many people around the world are consuming low carb high-fat diet (also known as LCHF) and are living a healthy life.

If you replace the carbohydrate with healthy fat, you will be surprised by the positive changes. I have listed some of the benefits of saturated fat definition which will clear your misconceptions and will also make more aware of your nutrition plan.

Benefits of Saturated Fats

1. Increase Good Cholesterol Level
One of the biggest misconceptions about cholesterol is that it is bad for health.
You will be shocked to understand that cholesterol is a necessity for our body. If the body has it in less amount, it itself makes cholesterol for essential function.

What is needed to know that there are different types of cholesterol:
a. HDL (High Density Lipoprotein)
b. LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)

Both HDL and LDL are not cholesterol perse, they are basically lipoproteins that carry cholesterols.

Among the above two HDL is a good cholesterol and LDL is a bad one.
In fact, LDL is further classified according to the size as:
-> Small, Dense LDL
-> Large LDL
Among the above two, small-dense LDL are dangerous and are known to cause heart problems.

It’s been researched that having saturated fats increases HDL cholesterol which is great for your heart health (if taken in moderation of course).

Now, whenever you come across any advertisement of any food product claiming to decrease cholesterol ask the following question:
-> will it raise HDL or LDL Cholesterol?
-> How much carbohydrate it contains?
-> Does it contain any Class 2 preservative?

Recently in India, i have come across an ad of cooking oil which is specifically developed for diabetics customer.
Imagine how many people in India are suffering from diabetes that made a multinational to come up with a specific product and on top of that, they are spending millions of cash in Tv advert.

But remember, no cooking oil can be beneficial for diabetics.
Cooking Oil is made up of transfats and is solely responsible for rising heart problems among the public.
2. Most of the saturated foods are low in carbohydrates
Food like meat, eggs, butter, and ghee are the products which contain saturated fats and are also low in carbohydrates.
This is especially beneficial for the diabetics who fail to metabolize carbohydrates which results in the spike in blood sugar, hence having the above-mentioned food is helpful for them.

Why only diabetics, even the low carb food is beneficial for a normal healthy person as it can save them from a lot of trouble.
High Carbohydrate food is responsible for rising obesity among the general public. Carbohydrates which don’t get used up as energy gets deposited in the form of fats.
Not only that, carbohydrates are one of the major cause of Type 2 diabetes.

3. Don’t get oxidized while cooking 

Saturated foods are comparatively stable in nature, i.e they don’t get oxidized easily in high temperature. So you don’t have to worry about cooking this food in high temperature.

4. Other noteworthy benefits

a. Stronger Bones
Its been found that saturated fats are needed for effective absorption of calcium by bones.
Most of the people think that as long as we are taking calcium-rich diet, we won’t face bone related problem in the future.
But the metabolism of the body is more complex than that. Like in the point mention above, saturated fats are one of the necessities for effective absorption of calcium by bones

b. Lungs Health
The airspace of the lungs is coated with saturated fats for proper functioning.
Lack of saturated fats can lead to difficulty in lungs functioning

c. Brain
The brain is mostly fats and cholesterol.
And saturated fats are the most profound component of the brain.
Insufficient amount of saturated fats can hamper brain health.

As you have understood from the article that contrary to popular belief, saturated fats are helpful for our body.
But remember that it is the moderation which we need to practice in our daily regime. Getting too much of fats can lead to other sets of problems.

I have tried my best to put my thoughts on saturated fat definition
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