5 Things not to say to person with diabetes

Living with diabetes is so demanding, it’s just like a full-time job with no weekends. It’s a job in which you have little control and there will be days you wonder what you did wrong today to get those sugars. It’s like having a boss that keeps you occupied all the time and you can’t help it.
What adds to the difficulty are the experts who have no idea about diabetes, but they make sure to intervene by their comments disregarding of what you may feel.
In this article, I have compiled a list of comments could make person with diabetes angry and they felt like giving befitting reply to them

person with diabetes

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1. You look fit; have you checked with another doctor…
No, I am buying medications because I didn’t find any other way to make a financial investment.
Are you kidding me?
Diabetes is a long life disease and everybody takes it seriously.
How could someone fathoms that one can not be sure about diabetes?

A diabetic is known to check his blood sugars multiple times a day. They have to tweak their lifestyle and habits to live normally, the kind of discipline and effort it requires cannot be imagined by a normal person.

And talking about external appearance, diabetes is a kind of slow poison. you will never able to figure out any diabetic person by his looks and appearance it’s all about what’s happening inside.
Uncontrolled blood sugar cause internal organ damage that is irreversible and painful but still from the outside the person with diabetes may appear normal.


2. You should not eat that
I know people who act like police and feels that they have got some right to intrude on others eating habits. There was a particular instance would like to quote here;

I was having a meeting in my office, you know the usual business presentations and brainstorming. The meeting was chaired by our top boss who used to be super busy and was ruthless in treating employees.

20 minutes in the meeting I felt something is wrong;
I was light headed and was shaking in the normal room temperature. I understood that my blood sugar has gone low and I am in the state of hypoglycemia.

Now, how I am gonna excuse myself in the meeting in the presence of dreaded top boss?
Luckily, I had a chocolate bar in my pocket. I had always made sure to keep a bar of chocolate in my pocket for an emergency like this.

I started taking small pieces of my bar discreetly without getting noticed. After 5 minutes, the meeting got over and I rushed towards my backpack to have another chocolate bar.

While I was having my bar, a colleague of mine noticed it.
He came to me and said “you shouldn’t be eating those”
With those words I was irritated like hell; how come a person lecture me about something they don’t fully understand.
At that time I ignored him but now I regret that I should have given him a befitting reply after which he would think twice before intruding on other’s business.
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3. Don’t prick in public
Being diabetic, pricking fingers for sugar test gets into the routine. Please make a rule to check your blood sugar if you are not doing yet, this can save you from complications in future.

For any person with diabetes who got diagnosed recently, they would have different dilemmas regarding blood sugar prickings. A newly diagnosed diabetic usually pricks at least 5-6 times a day but feels shy doing it in front of other people around.
If the person is in a full-time job, the situation gets more difficult.
What if my colleague find out about my diabetes?
I don’t want to answer their innumerable stupid questions?
What are they going to think if I prick in front of them?person with diabetes

Let me answer these questions for once and for all.
If you got diabetes, it’s your responsibility to take care of your body. You are not responsible for “what other’s may think”
If the people around you are not comfortable of your pricking they can go away. Getting diabetes was not your choice but dealing with situations like that is certainly yours.

Now as far as the question “should I tell my colleagues about my diabetes” arises, I think that its important for people around you to understand your condition. Being a person with diabetes, you are prone to a condition which requires immediate intervention. If the people around you are aware of your condition they can act swiftly if you face any medical emergency.
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4. you are too young for diabetes
Age is not the only deciding factor to get diabetes
Sure, as you get older your risk of getting diabetes increases but there are children 2-3 years old who got diagnosed with diabetes.
Majority of people still believes that diabetes is only caused by lifestyle factor but the reality is much more beyond this.diabetic patient


5. You should have exercised daily
This is the most irresponsible comment I have ever heard everytime a person came to know about my diagnosis. They didn’t know how active I was and how I used to take care of my body before I got diagnosed.

I used to take evening runs every day and participated in various badminton tournaments in my locality. Sure, I had taken stress at the various point of my life but who doesn’t, not everyone ends up getting diabetes.

There are children with Type 1 diabetes who got diagnosed at an age where they still have to learn how to walk; Do these guys still blame these children about their diabetes.
Guys, please introspect before making any comment to any person with diabetes; most of the time it’s not their fault and your comments make them feel guilty about them self.

Sure, lifestyle factors do play a role in diabetes development and many people are suffering from it, but it’s not the only factor which causes diabetes. Multiple factors like family history, autoimmune factors, infections also trigger diabetes and its out of person hand’s.

person with diabetes

Even today, before writing this article I got a lecture about how I should have taken care of myself to prevent this diabolic condition; And I was just listening to it, keeping my head down because it was coming from a senior member of our society.


I think that people should be more considerate towards other condition and should think first before making any irresponsible comments. Diabetics are already dealing with a lot of things and are prone to depression; making unsuitable comments will only feel them bad about their life.

For diabetics around here, please don’t hesitate to make people aware about diabetes. If they understand it better, they will act as the messenger by spreading right knowledge among their peer group and make society more sensitive towards the person with diabetes.

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