Omega 3 benefits for men

In this article, we will try to understand one important topic “Omega 3 benefits for men” and the sources from which we can get this nutrient.

But first, let us understand the basics;
what is omega 3?
And what is the importance of omega 3?

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Omega 3 is basically a form of fat.
Yes, the same fat, which we feel is dangerous for the body (but it’s not!!)

Omega 3 is a form of polyunsaturated form of fats which is basically found in foods like:
1. Fish
2. Nuts (Walnuts)
3. Flax seeds
4. Sunflower Oil and Soyabean Oil

Fish is the best source and contains most active form of Omega 3.
So if you are vegetarian, you should buy medical supplements for your daily dose of Omega 3.

Now, omega 3 has 3 subtypes:
1. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)
2. DHA (Docosanhexnoic acid)
3. ALA (Alfalinolenic acid)

Out of above three, DHA is the most important one and plays most important role in omega 3 benefits for men.

Omega 3 benefits for men
Omega 3 is a very important nutrient for the body.
Infact, incorporating this nutrient alone can save you from lot of health trouble in the future.

1. Reduce the risk of heart problems
Omega 3 is known to reduce bad cholesterol from the body which is the main cause of the development of heart problem in humans.
It also helps your arteries to relax, thus helping your body to maintain normal blood pressure and also improves blood flow throughout the body.

This characteristic is especially important for diabetics as they are prone to heart problems.
Infact, one of the main cause of death among diabetics is the heart attack.

So, I would strongly recommend all the diabetics around here to eat foods with omega 3 or take supplements.

2. Important For eye health
Omega 3 is one of the major components of eye retina.
So, if you are deficient in this vitamin, your chance of getting eye problems increases n near future.

Infact, lack of omega 3 is one of the causes of macular degeneration of eye which results in complete blindness in the old age.

3. Helpful for Memory
It has been found in the research that omega 3 helps in improvement of mental cognition and focus.
Not only that, omega 3 supplements is also helpful in stopping age related cognitive declined which create huge problem in the old age.

According to a research, omega 3 is also found helpful in relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety also. That also means that people taking their omega 3 dose on daily basis are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety related orders.

Omega 3 is also responsible for brain development in pre-born child.
It’s been found that pregnant women who took care of their omega 3 doses are more likely to have child with benefits like:
a. high intelligence
b. Good Social Skills
c. Less memory related issues


4. Sexual Problems in Men
Men, particularly those suffering from diabetes are more likely to suffer from sexually related disorders like erectile dysfunction due to prolonged high blood sugars.

Omega 3 is quite helpful in this regard as they are known to relax the arteries and improves the blood flow throughout the body.
Increased blood flow towards the penis can be helpful for the men dealing with this issue.

Also, omega 3 is known to increase the sperm count of men.
There are many people who just can’t have any children due to this problem.
This is a very sensitive issue and even one movie is made which deals with the subject.
The movie name is “Vicky Dono” (It’s a popular Indian Film)

This is one of the important omega 3 benefits for men which is prevalent and hinder the lifestyle of men throughout the world.

5. Helpful for Bone and Joint Pain
Omega 3 is helpful in reducing joint pain for the people suffering from osteoporosis.
One can also reduce the risk of having it by taking proper omega 3 dose.

Osteoporosis is one of the major problems among older population.
It makes your bones weak and causes severe pain in your joints, restrict your ability to move freely.

6. Other Benefits
Apart from the above-mentioned omega 3 benefits for men, below are the other benefits that need to be mentioned.

a. Prevent Cancer:
Omega 3 has an anti-inflammatory property.
Inflammation in cells disturbs the cell structure and give it the way for cancerous growth.

Omega 3 stops the inflammation and reduces the chance of cancer.

b. Good For Skin and Hair
Omega 3 is responsible to take care of the cell’s outer membrane which forms the majority of the skin.
People taking the recommended dose of omega 3 has:
–> Glowing skin
–> More flexible
–> fewer wrinkles
–> younger looking skin

The point on Omega 3 Sources
It’s to be noted that the best source of omega 3 is fish.
While other vegetarian items do contain this nutrient but the amount is too less.

If you are vegetarian, i would suggest buying supplements from the market as it gets very difficult to fulfill your requirements from plant sources.
You can buy omega 3 supplements by clicking this link

Final Word
As a diabetic, i found omega 3 as the nutrient which can handle my problems alone.
Right from heart issue to depression, which diabetics are prone to fall, this omega 3 nutrient can protect me from all.

So be mindful of your diet.
Try to have it as balanced as possible.
And stay away from Junk Foods.

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