Okinawa diet: Can it help you live longer?

In this article, we will discuss about Okinawa diet, which is well researched throughout the world.

Okinawa is a name of japanese island famous for people living long lives.
These people living on the island have high life expectancy and this is all attributed to their diet.

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Their diet has been well researched and people throughout the world are trying to replicate this diet in their lifestyle.
In this article, we will try to understand this okinawa diet and how we can replicate it in our lives.

Okinawa Diet

1. Low-Calorie Diet
The first noticeable point about okinawa diet is that they consume less calories per day as compared to other people of the world.
This is important because, in this sedentary lifestyle, people who take high-calorie diet are likely to get obese as the unburned extra calories will get deposited in the form of fat.
High-calorie diet is also responsible for diabetes and heart problems as the increased weight makes you insulin resistant and disturbs the circulatory system

2. Focus on vegetables

Okinawa people take complex carbohydrates from green vegetables and colorful fruits.
Apart from their carbohydrate requirement, the vegetables and fruits are full of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants which is necessary for their daily body functioning.

Some of the vegetables which make this list include spinach, kale, shiitake mushrooms, oranges, grapes, bitter melon (karela) etc.
All this fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants which helps our immune system and also slows aging.

3. Limited Grain Intake
The grains which is now ubiquitous food throughout the world is known to cause great damage to the human health.
It’s high carb content and gluten which is responsible for much grave health conditions across the world. Ever since humans have adopted the modern agricultural lifestyle, the case of medical problems have only increased.
The people of Okinawa have restricted their grain intake.
Even people all across Japan are known to eat rice heavily but this island has successfully maintained a safe distance from all forms of grains.

4. Stay away from refined sugar
I can say by the confidence that refined sugar is one of the major reason for rise in heart attack cases.
Refined sugar is responsible for raising bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol), which blocks the blood flowing arteries of the body and create heart condition.

Okinawa people stay away from this diet.
They are known to eat foods which are natural and contains complex form of carbohydrates.

They mostly take carbohydrates from green vegetables and fruit.
Sweet Potato is one form of complex carbohydrates which is famous in their diet. People of Okinawa eat lots of sweet potatoes.

5. Protein Intake
People of Okinawa takes protein from legumes and soya, which they eat in heavy amount.
They also include a small portion of fish, which is a great source of protein and omega 3.

Other forms of non-vegetarian items intake are restricted in their diet.
They take red meat, eggs and other dairy items but in limited proportion.

6. Food Philosophy
They believe in mindful eating.
They follow 80% rule which means eat until your stomach is 80% full.

They don’t believe in overheating and are very conscious about what and how much they are taking in. This practice is commendable as it takes lot of patience and self-discipline to control your craving of food.

7. Spices
Most of the people are aware of the medicinal property of spices.
Spices like turmeric, black pepper, mustard seeds etc are known to add their distinct flavor in the food. They make the food tasty and healthy to eat.

Final Word
Peoples of okinawa are known to live longer than the normal person on earth, and their diet plays a key role in this regard.
Their okinawa diet is difficult to follow but if we make try and make effort to follow their principle, I think we could live a lot healthier life than we are today.

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