Normal PH of Urine || Excellent indicator of our body health

Your urine is a very important parameter to judge whether your body is healthy or not.
For example, if you want to test if the person is diabetic or not, check his/her blood sugar, if the traces of glucose is found in the urine, the person can be labeled diabetic.

Another important aspect medical practitioner do is to check the PH level of urine.
Our urine is composed of water, salts and other waste material, the composition of which affect the urine’s PH level.

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But what PH means?
What does it tell us?
What is normal ph of urine?
The PH level tests the level of acidity and alkalinity of any solution.
Similarly, the PH level of urine shows whether the urine is acidic or alkaline in nature.

The PH is represented through numbers.
The number 7 is termed as neutral (means neither acidic nor alkaline)
As the number goes below 7, the acidity of the solution increases and the number greater than 7 represent the increase in alkaline character.

The normal PH of urine is found to be in the range from 4.5 to 7.5.
The number below 4.5 is termed as acidic urine and greater than 8 is termed as highly alkaline.

Why urine PH test is necessary?
The deviation from the ideal numbers that something is wrong within your body.
For example, Highly acidic/alkaline urine gives an environment to develop Kidney stones in the urinary tract. The improper PH environment promotes the deposition of mineral particles as stones and disturbs the flow of urine through the urinary tract.
Kidney Stones not only disturbs the passage of urine but it also cause other disturbances like burning sensation during urination, back pain, and nausea.

The urine OH test is done in a laboratory under the prescription of a medical practitioner. There are different methods of to perform the test but urine dipstick test is most commonly used. I have discussed about the test in the end part of the article.

Acidic Environment
I have mentioned below some of the conditions which make our urine acidic and foster the development of Kidney Stones in the urinary tract:

1. Diabetic Ketoacidosis
This is the condition of a diabetic person which occurs when blood sugar is kept abnormally high for a prolonged period of time. This is a dangerous situation which can lead to the death of the patient in short period of time.

2. Diarrhea
Frequently passing of loose/watery stools is termed as diarrhea

3. Dehydration
Water helps to maintain a neutral environment in the body. Insufficient amount of water results in the increase in the acidic environment, thus favoring the formation of the acidic environment

4. Overweight
People who are overweight produce more insulin for sugar metabolism, which as a result, inhibit the elimination of uric acid by the kidneys. This increases the presence of uric acid in our body which as a result make the environment acidic.

5. Medication
If you are already suffering from some health problems, you are at higher risk of developing an acidic environment in the body. This is because certain medication tends to hamper the neutral environment of the body and cause the problem.

Steps of Prevention
In order to maintain normal PH of urine, one can take following steps:

1. Drink loads of water
Water dilutes the effect of acid in the body and tries to make the environment as neutral as possible. So make sure you drink sufficient amount of water.

2. Consume Less Meat
Meat Products are acidic in nature. So overconsuming these items can disturb your body’s environment and make it acidic.
Make sure you are not going overboard with the consumption of meat

3. Avoid acidic foods like grains, meat, sodas, and sugary items

4. Cranberry juice is also acidic, do not overconsume them

5. Consume more fruits and vegetables
Fruits are alkaline in nature and thus neutralize the already present acidic environment.
That’s why it is important to keep a balanced diet.
Consider this scenario;
If you consume more meat, you get acidic;
If you eat too many fruits and vegetable, your body gets alkaline.
Keeping a balanced diet is the best way to keep your body in a neutral environment, so be smart with your food choice. Overconsumption of any item will only harm you.

6. Loose weight 
As stated above, obesity increases the risk of developing an acidic environment and can enhance the formation of Kidney stones.
The best thing one can do is to lose weight, which can be done by choosing healthy foods and exercising daily.

Alkaline PH
Alkaline urine PH occurs when the PH number is above 8.
Alkaline urine is also responsible for the formation of kidney stone, the only difference with acidic urine (where the stone is formed due to uric acid) is here the stone of formed of calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate material. That is why it is important to maintain the normal PH of Urine.

Following are the conditions which cause/indicate the development of Alkaline Urine PH;

1. Strict Vegetarian Diet
Eating too much of vegetable and citrus fruits make your urine alkaline. Most of the time high alkaline PH is due to eating disorders.
Read the formal research by clicking this link.
Try to find a balance between meat and vegetarian item for effective functioning.

2. Urinary Tract Infection
The bacteria causing urinary tract infection make environment alkaline as they use urea in urine to produce ammonia and other alkaline waste products.

3. Complex Kidney Problems (like Renal Tubular Acidosis or Chronic Renal Failure)
Now you could understand how important these PH numbers are.
A high urine PH number can indicate something abnormal in the functioning of Kidneys, which make the doctors perform other tests for confirmation.
Hence these numbers can be used as an indicator for further diagnosis of disease.

4. Vomiting
A person can have high PH due to frequent Vomiting.
Vomiting takes out the acidic stomach from your body, making the environment more basic in character.

I hope you understand the importance of normal PH of urine and understood how it can indicate a flaw in our body. Now let us see how you can test your PH

Testing Urine PH
Performing the urine PH test is simple and does not take time.
You have to give your urine samples in the laboratory and wait for the desired results.
The Laboratory generally performs three types of test:

1. Visual Test
Here they see the appearance of the urine. They check the color, foam or any foreign material for the examination.

2. Urine Dipstick Test
Here a special paper (similar to litmus paper) is placed inside the solution.
The Urine Dipstick will change color as per the environment (acidic/basic) or presence of White blood cells or protein

3. Microscopic Exam
Here the technician will check the presence of foreign items like WBC/Protein in the urine through microscope.
Final Word
I hope you liked the article about “normal PH of urine” and understood the importance of the Urine PH test. Please remember that these tests are not conclusive test to predict any disorder in your body, It is just a signal to perform the other important test.
So do not panic, if your urine PH is not upto the mark, it is likely that it is a temporary issue. But make sure you take the report and consult your doctor for the necessary step.

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