Normal Blood Sugar Level-dilemma of every diabetic

When you got diagnosed with diabetes, you may have never heard the term “blood sugar level” before, neither you were aware of the foods which affected it.
It’s so funny how life takes turn; just before diagnosis you were unaware of blood sugar, didn’t care about your eating habits and suddenly now you are in the hospital, finding that from now you have to live life full of discipline and abstinence.

The sudden change can be overwhelming for most of the patient, but ultimately they have no choice but to follow the disciplined path otherwise the life can be full of complicated diseases.

The Blood Sugar Dilemma
Before I got diagnosed, I knew what diabetes was, as my mother already had it.
She was a housewife and I remember her often talking about her blood sugar.
She didn’t have glucometer with her but I remember paying a visit to the doctor every month or two.
At that time, the number made no sense to me; I was very young and the boring medical terminologies were the last thing I wanted to know about.
When I got diagnosed and got my numbers, I didn’t know what to interpret from it.
I got my report late in the evening from the lab and it was around 300mg/dl (fasting) and with that numbers I was praying to be nondiabetic!!
Most of us have still had a dilemma about normal blood sugar levels.
what is the normal range?
At what time should I prick to check my sugar level?
what numbers can damage my body?
I keep my blood sugar under normal range, still, I face new complications?
normal blood sugar level
These questions haunt every diabetic around. And the questions get more troublesome for a parent whose child got diagnosed with diabetes recently.
 normal blood sugar level
Imagine the difficulty of a parent whose 3-year-old child got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes;
Imagine the fear of mother every time she goes for night sleep and waking up with the thought of her child low blood sugar;
Imagine the plight of a child who had no choice but to be careful about everything he eats, every time he runs and every time he travels.
Salute to the diabetics around who are fighting this forced condition and giving every effort to maintain normal blood sugar level

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When should I test my Blood sugar?
To get more understanding about your body responds to various food, it’s advisable to test blood as follows:

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a. Fasting Blood Sugar: You can do this test right after you wake up. Remember you have to be empty stomach for 8 to 12 hours
b. Post-Prandial Sugar Level (PP Level)
This test is done after you have a meal. You should record two reading here
1st Reading (1-hour post meal)
2nd reading (2-hour post meal)
For newly diagnosed, it’s advisable to perform each of the reading for 2 months without any skip.
Your budget may rise but within these two months you will find out how is your body responding with every meal.

You will know the items that raise your blood sugar and with time you will understand what amount is good for you.
Within two months, you will get adept at choosing your food and the blood testing will also go down
So, What are normal Blood Sugar level?
The ADA (American Diabetes Association) gives following numbers.
 Fasting range for someone with diabetes: 80–130 mg/dl (4.4–7.2 mmol/L)
 PP (2 hour range) for someone with diabetes: Less than 180 mg/dl (10.0 mmol/L)
I feel there is something wrong with the numbers, they seem inflated. With the rising cases of diabetic complications, i am sure that these numbers are not perfect and will not protect you from diabetic complications.

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To understand the problem more, let us look at the numbers of non-diabetic numbers.
For a normal nondiabetic, the blood sugar is like:
a. Fasting: The normal blood sugar level hangs around mid 70’s to mid 80’s (75-88 mg/dl)
b. Post Prandial (2 hours):
The normal blood sugar level never goes above 120 mg/dl.
For some individual, it never goes even beyond 100 mg/dl
 normal blood sugar levels
It’s been observed that normal HbA1c is 4.6% (83 mg/dl) or less. And with each rise of 1% in HbA1c, the risk of heart attacks gets doubled
Even the fasting number 90mg/dl is not normal. In a study, it was found that the person living with those numbers has a high risk to develop diabetes in future

Hence from the above normal numbers, we can deduce that the guidelines from ADA (American Diabetes Association) are far from perfect, anyone trying to target ADA’s number may get susceptible to diabetes complications in future.

I am newly diagnosed. What numbers should I target?
If you just diagnosed, you don’t have to get worried about getting perfect numbers.
It takes the time to understand this new condition and your body response to your diet.
In order to understand your blood sugar response, do frequent sugar test using glucometer; it doesn’t matter whether you are in your home or office; don’t shy away from people around you.
First, try to target following numbers:
Fasting: Below 120-130 mg/dl
PP(2 hours): Below 160 mg/dlnormal blood sugar level
But don’t get complacent with those number. It’s been observed that every-time your blood sugar spikes above 140 mg/dl, your nerves start getting damaged.
So after getting a good understanding of your body response to your daily activity and diet, you should target following numbers
Fasting: Below 100 mg/dl
PP (1 hour): Below 140 mg/dl
PP(2 hours): Below 120 mg/dl
And if you got successful in achieving this, then you should focus on getting normal non-diabetic numbers. If you got successful in your endeavor, please let us know in the below comment section. 
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Final Word:
It’s important to understand that diabetes is a condition for life. Managing it well for 6 months and then completely throwing your disciplined life away will not help you to manage this disenormal blood sugar levelase.
Don’t make this condition a punishment for life.
You can adopt midway of managing it so that you satisfy the cravings that make us human.
Instead of going completely grainless, you can cut down the portion from your diet and have it in a small amount.
You can choose the alternative for something you love to have. Like for sweet lovers, you can have dark bitter chocolate which doesn’t spike your sugar level much
But yes, now you have to be careful about what you are eating now. It’s a complete failure to eat without being mindful of your sugar levels now
Share your diagnosis story by clicking this link and I will publish on the website so that our diabetic community can benefit from it.

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