Methylcobalamin || Important Nutrient for Diabetics

I am a diabetic.
And I am aware of the different health risk that diabetes can impose on my body.
Diabetes can be a deadly problem if proper actions are not taken to control the blood sugar.

The problem with diabetes lies with the fact that it functions as a slow poison.
You may not aware of the health risk now, the complications of diabetes show face several years after your initial diagnosis.

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In order to save yourself from complications and keep your body healthy, it’s important to stay aware of the disease and its way of working.

In this article, we would be focussing on another element which is very helpful for heart and diabetic patient alike.
The element is known as “Methylcobalamin“.
Its importance lies in the fact that it can reduce the risk of heart problem and is also used for neuropathy treatment.

What is Methylcobalamin?
It is coenzyme of Vitamin B12 which is an essential requirement of the body.
There are different forms of Vitamin B12, but what makes Methylcobalamin distinguished is the fact that it is a most active form of all the other variants and works with greater efficiency also.

Methylcobalamin works within the cells and is responsible for effective functioning of folic acid. In the absence of this element, the folic acid may not function properly and due to that our body face consequence like anemia, nerve damage, and genetic problem.

Apart from that, methylcobalamin helps in heart condition also.
One of the most important tests which tell you about the heart health is “Homocysteine”. If your homocysteine numbers are high, there is a high probability of getting heart problems.
The major reason for high homocysteine numbers is due to vitamin B12 efficiency.

Who could have thought that one vitamin could play such an important role.
Increasing the intake of methylcobalamin can help to reduce the risk of heart problems.

Also, if you are deficient in this vitamin, it gets very difficult for you to carry out daily task in an efficient manner, you will feel weak and fatigued and will also experience slow thinking.

Methylcobalamin offers great benefits:

1. Improves Heart Health
It helps in reducing homocysteine in the body.
Homocysteine is one the crucial indicator of heart health and its number should be checked periodically.

2. Neuropathy
Many diabetic patients who are suffering from neuropathy are treated using methylcobalamin.
Neuropathy is common among diabetics.
If you feel tingling or burning pain in your arms and legs, chances are that you are suffering from neuropathy.

3. Helps in Sleeping 
People with sleeping disorder can be benefitted by taking some dose of Vitamin B12.
Its been found in a research that people taking methylcobalamin shown improvement in sleep pattern.

4. Visual Accommodation Improvement
Visual Accommodation is basically the ability of eyes to shift focus from near to far object.
People taking methylcobalamin shown improvement in vision

1. People who follow strict vegetarian diet are in high risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Mostly non-vegetarian items like fish, meat, and eggs contain good source of Vitamin B12
However, the vegetarian can rely on dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese for their daily Vitamin B12 requirement

2. Older People are at higher risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency as it gets harder for their body to absorb sufficient Vitamin B12 from the food.

3. High Alcohol consumption can also reduce levels of Vitamin B12, so if you are heavy drinker see if you need any supplements

4. People taking other medication should take care before taking any Vitamn B12 supplements as it may interfere its functioning.
It is better to consult your doctor before taking any supplements for methylcobalamin

Now if you go out to buy vitamin B12 supplements chances are you will come across following options:
1. Methylcobalamin
2. Cyancobalamin
3. Hydroxocobalamin

Out of these three, methylcobalamin is the best option as it works efficiently in the body but the problem is that it is harder to find and is also expensive among all three.
Methylcobalamin is efficient because it is the form of Vitamin B12 which can be directly used by the body, while the other two first get convert into methylcobalamin and then start working.

It’s so interesting that how certain vitamins which we tend to ignore on daily basis tend to play such an important function for our body.
I would recommend to take balanced diet and stay away from fast foods.
Processed foods are the main culprits for rising health problems around the world.

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