Lycopene Meaning and its effectiveness for diabetics

In this article, we will try to understand another important food element which can not only help to keep our body healthy but will also help to safeguard diabetics from complications.

I am talking about a nutrient named lycopene, the nutrient which is commonly in tomato and is influential to give its characteristic red color.

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So what does Lycopene Means?

Lycopene meaning is a naturally occurring chemical that gives fruits and vegetable their characteristic red color. Some of the foods that are rich in lycopene are:
a. Tomato
b. Papaya
c. Water Melons
d. Grape Fruits
e. Mango
f. Carrots
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How can we get Lycopene?

Lycopene is not produced by the body naturally, we have to get it from the food containing this element. It is basically a fat soluble vitamins which means that you have to consume healthy fats to increase absorption of lycopene in the body.
One thing more, you can increase the effectiveness of lycopene by gently eating the above-mentioned foods, heating increases the presence of lycopene in the food.
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Why is Lycopene important for diabetics?
Lycopene provides lots of benefits to the human body, I have listed some of its importance in the sections below:

1. Powerful Antioxidants
Its anti-oxidant property provides benefits such as:
a. Delay Ageing
b. Prevent Cancer

2. Protects Vision
In a research, it was found that people with low lycopene levels have increased the risk of age-related vision deterioration. Other Vision related benefits offered by lycopene are:
a. Protect eyes from oxidative stress, which cause vision related problem
b. Prevent Age-related macular disorder

3. Relieves Neuropathy pain
Many of the diabetics suffer from its painful complication like neuropathy. Neuropathy is caused by prolonged high blood sugar which damages the nerves of the body (especially legs) and causes chronic pain.

I myself suffer from neuropathy problem and take Alpha-lipoic Acid Tablets to get some relief, it has been found that the lycopene tablets can also help to get you some relief from this complication
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Lycopene and diabetes benefit

4. Heart Disease

In a research, it was found that one can reduce the risk of heart problem by taking sufficient amount of Lycopene from our regular diet.

5. Bone Health
This may come as a surprise to you as we have known from years that calcium and vitamin D are the only nutrients that keep your bone health.
This may not be true, as other nutrients are also there and lycopene is one of them.
Lycopene helps relieve the oxidative stress of the cells which keep the bone structure and prevents it from the condition like osteoporosis

6. Prevents Cancer
Due to its anti-oxidative properties, lycopene helps the body cells to get rid off of the daily inflammation caused by free radicals and prevents to develop cancer like situation.

7. Sexual Problems
Some studies suggest that taking daily lycopene dosage help increase sperm count in males.

8. Sunburn Protection


From the above article, you could now understand that how lycopene (which is found in the simplest of the foods) can impact our health in a better way.
Nowadays we are inclining towards fast foods which are unhealthy and damages the body like anything. The best thing we can do as a diabetic is to return towards natural foods and try to avoid carbohydrates as much as possible.

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