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In this article, we will try to find answer for one of the most important questions among diabetic patients, that is “how to lower blood sugar”.
Diabetics fail to metabolize their blood sugar and this results in high blood levels in their blood. Failure to control the sugar levels within safe range can result in long-term, irreversible serious complications.

What is the safe range?
Fasting: at least below 100 mg/dl
PP (2 hours after a meal): at least below 130 mg/dl

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This sugar levels can be maintained with proper dedication in the diet regime and with regular exercise. However, there will be bad days when your blood sugar can go haywire and gets difficult to manage.

In the below section, I have mentioned some steps which a diabetic can take if they found out that their sugar levels are out of proportion, These steps will help you to lower the levels as soon as possible.

1. Drink Lots of Water

When your blood sugar rises above 160mg/dl, the extra glucose gets into your urine. So if your sugar levels run above 160 mg/dl, drink lots of water so that the extra sugar can pass out from your body through urine.
What is the normal blood sugar range for diabetics? Click here

2. Go for walk

As soon as you found out that you are high in sugar levels, first drink lots of water and then immediately go out for a short walk.
This exercise will help you lower the sugar levels.

3. Take insulin

If you are Type 1 diabetic, taking short-acting insulin is the best step to get back your sugar levels to normal levels.
CAUTION: It takes time for insulin to work and reduce the sugar levels, So whenever you apply insulin give it some time to show results.

The above 3 steps will help your blood sugar to come down if you are running high.
However, for diabetic patients, it is important to curb the sugar rise above 130 mg/dl in the first place. Everytime your blood sugar rise above that limit, there will be some damage to the nerves which will cause complications later in life.

Every diabetic should follow the below-mentioned steps for better sugar control

1. Daily Blood Sugar Test
For a person with Type 1 diabetic, this step becomes extremely important.
Initially, when I was taking pills, I used to test less often as I understood the pattern of my blood spike with every food I used to eat.
However as soon I switched to insulin dosage, I am testing more than 6 times a day. It gets more difficult to predict your blood sugar with insulin dosage and there is also the risk of severe HYPO for the patients on insulin.

So make sure you buy a cost-effective glucometer for better diabetes control.


2. Count Carbs
I have been stressing on this point in my previous article.
Many diabetics feel that they can eat anything and everything they want.
Adopting this kind of attitude make it very difficult to control the blood sugar and become prone to the irreversible diabetic complications.
Click here to read about Low Carb foods for diabetics


3. Don’t skip insulin/medicine
Always carry your medications with you.
Diabetes is a silent disease; I have seen people getting careless about their food choices and medications and they certainly pay the price later.

how to control diabetes naturally


4. Exercise Daily
This improves your insulin sensitivity which can help to reduce your medicine/insulin dosage


5. Stress
Stress is known to cause spike in the blood sugar.
So don’t get boiled down with other’s expectation and try to live a carefree life.


6. Learn about problem
Try to get yourself aware of diabetes.
Th more you know, the more likely you will take effective steps to control it.


7. Join Diabetes forum
Diabetes forum can help you to stay on track with your daily regime. It will also help you to get updated with latest news and developments related to this problem.


8.Get Proper Sleep
With the ever-increasing workload, we are compromising with our sleep. Its been found that lack of sleep can affect your blood sugar, so make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.
you can read the relationship between sleep and blood sugar by clicking this link.


9. Avoid Cigarette
Cigarette can cause heavy damage to the diabetic heart. Being diabetic, you are already prone to a heart problem and if you are a regular smoker, you are just preparing for worse.
I know it is difficult to shun tobacco just like that but I request you to at least try, take help of different institution but don’t give up trying.
Effect of alcohol on diabetics; click to read full story


10. Always carry juice or chocolate for treating Hypoglycemia
This point is extremely important for Type 1 diabetics.
Type 1 have to take regular insulin dosage to carry out daily activities. For Type 1, even a slight miscalculation in insulin dosage can cause hypoglycemia which can prove deadly if not treated within time limits.
So its important for diabetics to carry some form of carbohydrates like juice or chocolate so that they can treat low sugar easily.
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11. Wear Diabetic Bracelet
Diabetic Bracelet can be a lifesaver if they face any medical emergency; This can help doctors to recognize your condition immediately and treat you accordingly.
You can buy diabetic bracelet by clicking this link


12. Do yearly medical checkup 
Diabetics are prone to various complications so it is advisable to visit your doctor for a yearly checkup. It’s better to treat the complication in the early stage with simple medications rather than postponing to extreme surgical procedures.


Being diabetic, it becomes your responsibility to get more careful about your health and select environment that fits your need.
If you think that certain job or environment is hectic and is only make your health worse, try to shift in a simple environment where things are not that expensive and where life is simple.

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