Low Calories Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes: New Research

Diabetes is now an epidemic and with the modern lifestyle, the situation has just got worse. It’s been said that around 371 million people are affected by diabetes and another 187 million don’t know that they have this problem.

Type 2 diabetes is the major problem now. Though there are many factors which gives way to this condition,  but bad lifestyle is the leading cause of it. Fast track life, junk food, and tensed environment have to be blamed for the rising number of diabetics around the world.
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Keeping in mind of the growing clutches of diabetes, there are multiple reaserches going on to find the better way of treatment.


In one recent research by Yale University, it has been shown that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed in mice if they are fed with the low-calorie diet.

In this research, mice were fed with low-calorie diet in which their calorie intake was reduced to half and their food consists of 51%carbs, 39% fats, and 10% protein.
Within three days it was found that insulin requirements of the mice got reduced by 50% and led to a  reduction of blood sugar by whopping 75mg/dl on average.

low calorie diet for controlled blood sugar

The results were astonishing and can pave a way to new methods of treatment. The scientist will try to replicate the study with humans and if they get successful, one can expect the new therapy model for Type 2 diabetics.

The researchers have attributed this result to lower glucose production by the liver.
Due to limited calorie intake, there has been a reduction in the conversion of amino acid into glucose by the liver( a process called Gluconeogenesis), that ultimately results in low blood sugar.
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Not only that, apart from the reduction in blood sugar, the scientist has also observed improvement in lipid profile. The low-calorie diet has reduced triglyceride levels and liver fat content, this is good news especially for person with heart problems
You can read the study here

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