Long Term Memory Loss: Cause & Prevention

Dementia is on a rise.
People with memory loss are increasing at an alarming rate.

There is something wrong with our lifestyle, food habits, relationships and our working environment that more and more people are falling into this memory loss problem.
Earlier, the problem was confined to elderly people only, but now it has been extended to younger population severely impacting the life quality of the patient and their family.

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The problem of memory loss starts with modest symptoms.
At first, the patient tends to forget minor things like names, the location of key holder etc. Then with the passage of time, they start forgetting their family, their house address, and even their identity.

In the United States, Alzheimer is one the major cause of death among elderly after heart and cancer illness. Every newly diagnosed dementia case make a point that there is something wrong with our lifestyle and it needs to be changed immediately.

If you want to know more about Alzheimer, you can refer to the different literature available on the internet. There is also one Indian movie which is based on this subject and is highly recommended by me, the movie is “you me aur hum

Dementia Problem

The movie is about a psychologist whose beloved wife got diagnosed with Alzheimer. With every passing day, his wife’s condition gets deteriorated and she forgets everything, right from her house to her loving child.

From the movie, you will learn how devastating the lives of patients and their family becomes. You will understand the pain and struggle of the dementia patient and will sympathize for their bad luck.

In this write-up, you will find different variables that increase your risk of getting this problem and ways on how to avoid it.
A lot of research has been done to write this article and come up with ranges of steps that one needs to take in order to reduce the risk of dementia.

The first step that you need to take is to first accept that there is some major flaw in the lifestyle we are living in; the kind of working environment, the relationship rules, the adulterated marketplace and the false expectations are the major culprit which are nudging our body to the fire of diseases.

By taking a pledge to change and accepting the flaws we prepare ourselves to get rid of the unhealthy lifestyle problems which otherwise is to get difficult to get rid off.

So here are the key points that need to  be taken care of:

1. Get Proper Sleep
This may sound to you some kind of an obvious advice as you may have come across it many times throughout your life.  But you may be surprised that this seemingly obvious advice has not been
followed properly and about 33% of American get less than 7 hours of sleep.

Well, there may be lots of factors behind this issue like high work pressure, an expectation to overachieve, long work hours, long travel time or unhealthy relationship.

The point is that the work conditions now is so much pressurized that only a few of the employees can manage the stress effectively. Rising depression cases and long queues in front of the psychologist proves my point.

In fact, the media also support this kind of work habit. There are lots of stories that praise successful individual who slog most of the time in the office and gets a sleep of measly 5 hours every day.
Long Term Memory Loss

In India, there is a huge craze among the parents and students of the middle class to get admission in top engineering college, and why not? such colleges are virtually the tickets to get themselves launched to upper echelons of society in short period of time.

Due to such high expectation, the burden has come to the student who is just 16-17 years old to compete for the exam where there are limited seats and they have to fight for their lives to grab this opportunity.

I myself was part of that crowd. I remember how I had to relocate to a different city to get coaching for the exam preparation.
I was never a bright student, but at that age due to my friends influence and social pressure, I also decided to take part in that race. I remember myself attending one the classes and how the instructor asked us to study most of the time and spare only 5 hours for sleep.

In just a month of following the instructor’s advice, I remember how I started feeling fatigued and was not able to concentrate properly.
I was lucky that my parents were considerate and understood that I might not be a right person for this race, but there are other poor souls who are just forced to perform better and better which leads them to depression and even suicide.

I want to make clear that I am not asking you to be sluggish and not achievement-oriented, but just iterating out to be more practical and careful about your mental and physical health.


2. Subconscious Thinking
In a study its been found that most of our daily thoughts or activities are carried out by our subconscious mind automatically.

If you consider your typical day you will observe that majority of activities like brushing teeth, cooking, driving or judging people do not require much thinking and is done automatically by our mind.

Lets us consider one case;
Suppose you want to learn driving and you went to good driving school near your locality. While listening to coach’s instructions, you would have to place a lot of effort and concentration to grasp the knowledge and skill.
Also while driving, you will also face difficulty as you may confuse car’s clutch with brakes and vice-versa. This confusion is common for all the new learners as driving is difficult skill and it takes time to get accustomed to all the driving equipment and road rules.

But as you do more and more practice, you get more comfortable it with and within a span of weeks you drive like a professional where your body performs the whole activity without any need to get focussed.

Why any skill like driving requires more focus in the learning phase?
And why your body perform all the driving maneuver automatically after two-week practice?

Its because when you start learning any skill, your brain needs get accustomed to the new knowledge. And when you practice this activity on daily basis, the information gets stored in your subconscious thinking and then the things get performed automatically.

Its been seen that more than 80% of our daily activity is performed by our subconscious brain, that means most of the things we are doing are because of our past knowledge and attitude that has been deeply engraved in our mind.

A Person with a negative attitude will always think in a negative manner.
A person who feels helpless and sees the problem every time will never come up with any positive solution because his brain is wired with the subconscious negative thinking.

Most of your daily activities, your way of judging others, your attitude towards work, your social and personal life is managed by your subconscious mind on which you have little control.

If you think you are not something you want to be then it’s important to feed your subconscious brain with right thoughts. The following steps can help you to get the right mindset and can definitely improve your life:

a. Positive Self Thought
Now, this is something you hear a lot of time and you know you are tired of it.
But in order to be a “positive person”, you have to feed your brain with positive thoughts. If you are a negative person or have faced lots of betrayal in the past, you will find hard to digest this idea but if you constantly feed your mind with positively, your subconscious mind will get trained to see the world with positive thoughts.
This can drastically improve your work performance and may also improve your social and personal relationships as you may accept other people despite their shortcomings.

b. Make checklist
Every night make sure to make the checklist of all the activities that need to be performed other day. List the activities as per priority i.e. place the most important work at the first and the least important at the last.
This checklist will help you to be in control of your life. You will be able to finish all your important task and within the required framework.
you can also watch the documentary on this subject by clicking this link

c. Think Creatively
Education (particularly in India) is focussed on creating robots that make students crams theories before the examination and earn good marks.
In India, there is a middle-class dream to transit their journey to the upper echelon of society and the only way to realize this dream is through their children’s education. Indian Parents just want their kids to study hard, be an outstanding achiever in the examination and earn a good job that can transform their lives.

Preventing Memory Loss

There is nothing wrong with the strategy.
After all everyone has an aspiration to make it big in their life.
But the problem with this approach that it has created so much competitiveness among children that they have lost their creativity.
Every student, in order to outperform, only memorize the concepts and deliver it to the examination paper as it is. Indian examination system motivates this behavior and this results in student’s incapability to think differently.

That’s why the level of innovation in India is so less.
We are far behind the filing of innovation and patents as compared to other countries.
And the high achiever student who spends so much of time memorizing concepts and theories spend his rest of the time working in a job which he doesn’t like.

It’s important to be creative in life.
It not only challenges our brain to new thinking but also helps society to come up with the novel ideas for their problem.
Now, in order to be creative, you don’t have to be born creative. I am listing out 2 methods below which, if practiced, can help you think in a novel way

i. Get Inspired
If you are working in a particular industry and face any problem, try to look for inspiration in completely other industry.
For example, there is an organization called Cirque du Soleil, which performs in theatre and entertain its audience.
Long time back, they used to perform circus, yes the same circus which we have seen in our locality, where the joker do hilarious activities and other performs courageous stunts.
But the circus failed to draw the required audience.

prevent memory loss

Because there were many circuses around the city, all were doing the same activity. If you have watched one of the events, you have watched all of it.
Cirque de Soleil audience number started diminishing and were on the verge of bankruptcy.

But they did something that completely turnaround their business.
The management looked different industry for inspiration. They studied theatre and dance industry to incorporate their skill into their business.
With lots of effort and a bit of creativity, the management completely transformed their business from being a circus to an entertainment company.
Now instead of performing the same circus acts, they tell stories through dance and gymnasium. This was completely new to the world and this novelty resulted in an extraordinary sale of tickets.

The point is to look for inspiration from the completely different field and think of ways to incorporate it into your problem.

ii. Just Rewind
Another simple way of being creative is to challenge the status quo.
Ask questions about everything, challenge the existing design, figure out if there’s any way to change it?

To give you an idea, let us consider an example of the plastic water bottle.
Now in order to be creative, ask following questions like:
a. Why the bottles have round opening, can we change it to different shape?
b. Why the opening is only at the top, can we place it at another location?
c. Why we use transparent plastic for the bottle, can we redesign it with different material?

The point is to challenge the product from every angle and by asking lots of question, you may definitely come across answers that nobody have thought about.


3. Change Your Diet
Now, this is the most difficult thing to do, considering that how fast-food are ubiquitously present in the market. Even if you want to eat healthily, there is so less option available that you have to virtually hunt for food.
But if you take the pain and get successful in controlling your craving for fast food, you will definitely get rewarded with healthy body and mind.

food cause memory problems

Take following steps in order to be healthy:

a. Avoid Processed Foods
Processed foods are full of sugars and harmful chemicals.
Even as simple food like wheat bread is filled up with chemicals to improve their shelf life.

b. Avoid Grains
The food industries have been tricking us for a long time that eating grains are beneficial for our body. But considering the rise of the number of heart and diabetes cases, their claims certainly need to be questioned.

Grains are high in carbs and in a research, it was found that having high carbs food increase your risk of dementia by 90%. I would suggest to reconsider your eating pattern and start avoiding foods that are high in calories

c. Switch to High Fat
Replacing carbohydrates with healthy fats can do wonders for your body.
When you replace carbohydrate with fats, your body starts converting fat to energy for efficient body functioning. Keep in mind that the fat you eat should be healthy fat (saturated fats and animal-based omega 3) and avoid the ones which are hydrogenated.
you can learn about fat benefit diet by clicking this link


4. Keep your diabetes in check
If you are diabetic, you are prone to the dementia-related problem. Constant high sugar impact your cognitive ability and the memory-related problem will arise later in life.

If you are diabetic, ensure to pay attention to your blood sugar. Keep it under normal range, otherwise, you will face problem in your old age.
Learn more about diabetes by clicking this link


5. Vitamin D Deficiency
Most of the people think that the role of vitamin D is limited to bone health, but its functionality expands a lot more than just keeping stronger bones.
In a research found that deficiency of Vitamin D makes you more susceptible to cognitive decline in your brain health. So make sure to have sufficient sunlight and supplements to maintain healthy levels.
You can read full research by clicking this link

6. Memory Loss due to Aluminium Toxicity

Now most of us know aluminum as a light metal which is used in the manufacturing of airplane, motor vehicles, and different machinery parts.
Aluminum is also used in food packaging as most of the food cans available in the markets are made up of aluminum. Apart from cans, there are other items like aluminum foil and aluminum wraps which are intensively used particularly in India.

Considering how extensive aluminum is all around us, you will be shocked to know that there is a possibility of aluminum toxicity in our body and the toxicity beyond the certain limit can make us susceptible to memory loss.
In a study, it was found that intake of aluminum in our body can increase our chances to get irreversible memory problems such as Alzheimer.
You can read the full study by clicking this link

But the question is, how the hell our body gets aluminum?
We eat simple food and use safe water, then how this metal get sourced in our body?

The main sources that may be contaminating your body with aluminum are following:

a. Aluminum Pots and Cookery
Aluminum pans are now replacing Steel and Iron related cookery items due to its cheap price and lightweight. This is especially applicable in developing countries where middle-income group families are looking for cheap items for sustenance.
But these Aluminium cookwares can spoil your health and can book one’s ticket for the hospital in the near future.

b. Anti-Perspirants
Now, what this product is all about?
Well, these are easily available in the local store and is used as deodorants to get rid of excessive sweating and body odor.
These products contain aluminum, which gets inside the pores of our skin to prevent it from sweating. To understand its detailed functioning, you can watch the video by clicking this link

Getting contaminated with aluminum may not be evident today but it will definitely affect your memory in long-term, it’s better to take precautionary measures now and avoid the impending disease.
7. Keep you Mind Active
To avoid memory related issues, it’s beneficial to do memory related exercise by challenging your brain with different problems and quizzes

Dementia problem
These exercises keep your brain cell alive and support the growth of new cells. You can perform following activities:
a. Solve Quizzes
b. Play Board games with your children
c. Learn new skill like sketching or playing guitar
d. Do mindful meditation


Final Word
Cognitive Decline is the problem that is taking hold of the human population at an enormously fast rate. Considering the rate at which it is growing, I will seriously advise you to take note of the above measures and incorporate the above-mentioned steps for healthy future.

Oh, I forgot to mention the most important point;


Try to look things with the positive frame of mind.
Be the force of light, try to create happiness wherever you go.
A simple change in attitude can make a great impact on the quality of your lifestyle.

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