Lemons and Diabetes

In this article, we will try to understand another fruit which is also termed as “Diabetic Superfood” by American Diabetes Association.

YES, i am talking about lemons.
Everyone knows that lemons are good for health, but can diabetes have it without worrying about their blood sugars.

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So here, we will try to understand the relationship between lemons and diabetes.
We will try to figure out if it contains any carbohydrates.
We will also learn about its benefits and its disadvantages.

Lemons and Diabetes
Lemon is used extensively in the form of lemon juice and is also spread in the salad for its tangy taste. Unfortunately, lemons are not devoid of carbohydrates; 50 grams of lemon contains around 6 grams of carbohydrates, so you must ensure to not overconsume it.
But the good news is that the lemons are low in glycemic index which means that it does not spike the blood sugar rapidly, giving you ample time to take insulin (if you had overconsumed it)

Benefits for Diabetics
Lemons have tremendous benefits to offer; in the below section i have listed some of the benefits which are useful for diabetics

1. Low Glycemic Index
Lemons are low in glycemic value, this means that it release carbohydrates slowly, hence preventing from rapid rise in blood sugar.
This property is beneficial for diabetics as they can incorporate lemon related items to their diet (if they are careful with overconsumption)

2. High Fibre
Lemons are high in fiber, which provides benefits like;

->Keep your digestive tract healthy

->Prevents digestive complications like contipation, gas etc

->Helps in lowering Blood Sugar
The fiber present in any food slows down the absorption of carbohydrate in the blood stream, hence reducing the spike in the blood sugar numbers

-> Lowers Cholesterol
These fibers are also beneficial in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels as they prevent bad cholesterol from depositing in the circulatory system

3. Good Source of Vitamin C
Lemons are good source of vitamin C which provides exceptional benefits to the diabetics patients. Some of its benefits are listed below

–>Strenthen Immune System
Diabetics face difficulty in healing of wounds.
Due to high blood sugar, it takes more than normal time for the wound to heal, thus increasing the chance of infection through the wounds.
A strong immune system will prevent the onset of infection and save your time/money from this unnecessary problem.

–> Anti-Oxidant
Free Radicals are the element which is produced inside the body and cause damage like early ageing, cancer, memory problems, bones problems, heart problems etc
Anti-Oxidants are the elements which fight with the free radicals and prevent its damaging effects

–> Reduce Stress
Diabetics are prone to stress and anxiety.
Not only that, people suffering from diabetes are prone to depression, which can prove detrimental to the diabetics life.
Vitamin C plays the crucial role in the regulation of hormone named “Cortisol” which is reduced in stressful conditions. Vitamin C restrict the secretion of Cortisol, thus preventing the body from unnecessary stressful conditions.

–> Helpful for Gums
Another problem for diabetics which is not only painful and ignored but also makes you look ugly.
High blood sugar damages your gums and distorts the alignment of teeth, causing plethora of problems for the diabetic patient.

Vitamin C helps in maintaining our gums and skin, thus giving relief from this problem.

4. Source of Potassium
Potassium is helpful in maintaining of blood pressure.
diabetics are prone to heart-related problems, in fact, most if the death among diabetics is more or less related to the heart condition

Lemon Juice can be used to lower the blood pressure.
But remember, always consult your doctor first before looking for a home remedy. I am saying this because there are chances that you are allergic to some food or the home remedy you are seeking may interfere with the medicines you are already taking in.

5. Good Alternative of Soda
Instead of drinking diet coke or soda, which is filled up with artificial sweeteners or caffeine, its best to substitute these drinks with iced lemon water.
But you should not overdo your lemon consumption as it can cause you trouble. I have listed some of the “Caution Points” in the below section.

Now you have understood the relationship between lemon and diabetes, in this section, i have listed some of the cautionary points which a diabetic should take care before taking lemons

a.   If you are dealing with kidney issues, it is bad for you to take lemons.
The best thing is to consult your doctor about this food

b. Lemons are diuretic in nature, i.e. it causes to urinate more.
This can be a problem in summer or on your vacation day. Drinking lemon water during your field trip can cause you lot of trouble as it makes you stop again and again for urination

c. Lemon Juice can decay your tooth.
So if you are drinking lemon water, make sure to rinse your teeth after.

d. It may also cause heartburn

Final Word
Keeping the above cautionary points in mind, we can come to the conclusion that diabetics can have lemons, if they not overconsume it.

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