Is pineapple good for diabetics? MUST READ

Diabetics face difficulty in processing sugar. Due to the faulty working pancreatic system, they fail to process carbohydrates which results in a spike in blood sugar.

I am Type 1 diabetic myself and can understand how difficult it can be to control your blood sugar and stay disciplined in your food habits. While taking insulin injections 3 times a day which is quite a hassle in itself, I also have to shun my favorite foods which can increase the blood sugar.

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In this article, we will try to understand whether diabetics can incorporate tropical fruit like pineapple in their diet. We will try to understand the question “is pineapple good for diabetics?”
Before starting up with the article, i must remind you that nearly all fruits contains carbohydrates and can be bad for you, so the trick is to eat it in moderation.

Now, lets look at the carb content of pineapple which i think is the most important parameter for diabetics to consider.

Every 100 gm of pineapple piece contains around 11 grams of carbohydrate which is equivalent to 1 slice of bread. So if you are planning to eat this fruit (yes, you have to plan!!), make sure that you eat the small potion and take sufficient dose of insulin for that.

Hence, pineapple is a moderatly carb stuffed and can be incorporated in diabetics life as long as they eat it in a controlled manner.
Apart from it good taste, this fruit offers variety of benefits to the body, i have listed some of the benefits in the section below.

1. Rich in Vitamin C

Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C which, due to its anti-oxidant properties, offers a variety of benefits

a. Strengthen Immune System
If you think that you fell ill easily, then vitamin C can be of great help. It strengthens the immune system and helps the body to fight with harmful infections, thus protects you from falling ill

b. Protects your eyes
As we get old, we fall prey to various problems and macular degeneration is one of it. Macular Degeneration affects your vision, to the post that you lose your eyesight completely.
Incorporating Vitamin C in your diet can give you ample protection to this age-related problem.

c. Makes you look young
Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant that keeps your skin healthy and fight skin related problems like acne or pimples. Also, Vitamin C helps collagen formation, which makes your skin look young and wrinkle free, thus helps you look younger.

d. Fights Inflammatory scalp condition
Some of us face itching like condition in our scalp, especially when we are affected by dandruff. good news is that the vitamin c present in pineapple helps to soothe the inflammation and gives you some relief.

e. Hair Growth
Vitamin C helps in collagen formation which is responsible for rejuvenate our skin and keeps it healthy. This property of collagen helps to keep your hair follicles healthy which ultimately makes our hair strong and beautiful

2. Protects us from Bone related disorder
Pineapple contains manganese which is essential to keep the bones strong and healthy. Manganese plays an important role in bone-related metabolism and its suitable intake can protect us from problems like osteoporosis which severely impact the life quality of aged people.
As diabetics have to be extremely cautious about food choices, they may not get the required nutrients as the normal people making them susceptible for this kind of bone problem.
So if you are diabetic, make sure to take all the required nutrients so that you can protect yourself from age-related problems.


3. Rich in Fiber
Pineapple is rich source of fiber which can be suitable for diabetics in following ways

a. Help to lose weight
This is relevant especially for Type 2 diabetics who more often than not suffer from weight-related issues. Taking fiber-rich diet helps in controlling their hunger pangs and keep them feel satiated, thus preventing them from overeating.

b. Healthy digestive functioning
Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy and prevents stomach issues like diarrhea etc,

4. Good for Heart

Diabetics are prone to the heart-related disorder. Heart problems are one of the major complications of high blood sugar and in fact is the leading cause of death among diabetics.
Good news is that incorporating pineapple in the diet can help you keep your heart healthy, this happens due to the following factor

a. Good Potassium Source

Pineapple is a good source of potassium which has property easing blood vessels. Hence, with the help of potassium one can reduce the blood pressure and soothes the flow of blood throughout the body

b. The potassium also prevents the formation of clot in the blood circulatory system, reducing the case of heart attack and stroke

c. Increase Blood Flow
The copper present in this fruit helps in the formation of more oxygen-carrying red blood cells (RBC), which make the body to function efficiently

5. Excellent Source of Bromelain

The presence of Enzyme named “Bromelain” increases the functionality of this fruits

a. Prevents cancer
Bromelain (due to its anti-oxidative property) is known to prevent cancer. In fact there are different supplements of Bromelain available in the market which is prescribed by the doctors for various problems

b. Reduce inflammation
Bromelain can relive you from arthritis or other bodily sprains.
Arthritis is one of the major bone-related problems in India and is extremely painful. Most of the patients take painkillers to get rid away from the excruciating pain caused by this disorder.
The patients can also consider taking Bromelain supplements (of course ask your doctor first) to reduce the inflammation.

c. Promotes wound healing
Wound healing is another diabetic problem. Due to their high blood sugar, it takes longer to heal the wound and the chances of open wound infection are also high.
Bromelain can help diabetic in this regard as they speed up the wound healing and reduce the danger of gangrene.

(No supplements should be taken without consultation of certified health professional)
PS: Only small quantities of Bromelain are present in the raw fruit, in order to reap the above mentioned benefits one has to rely on supplements


Before considering pineapple as the food on which you rely in daily basis, you should consider following points:

1. Contains Carbohydrate
Pineapple contains good portion of carbohydrate which is sufficient to skyrocket your blood sugar if you failed to maintain proper discipline.
you should:
a. eat in small potion
b. Inject suitable insulin dose

2. Avoid Canned Pineapples
In the era of modern food processing, every food is available in canned form. Canned pineapples are also easily available in the marketplace, but it’s better for you to avoid these foods as they contain preservatives and have high sugar content

3. Can interfere with medicines
Pineapples contain good amount of potassium, which can impact your medication dose (especially medicines of heart-related disorder). So, if you are already affected by heart-related ailment, you should keep in mind that it can impact the working of your medicines

4. Caution for Pregnant Women
Bromelain tends to simulate menstruation, so pregnant ladies should avoid excessive intake of pineapples to avoid a risk of miscarriage

5. Vitamin C Related Issue
High intake of vitamin c can induce problems like heartburn, nausea and even vomiting, so be careful with the excessive eating

So “is pineapple good for diabetics?”;

Pineapples are moderately stuffed with carbs, but with proper discipline and portion control, diabetics can incorporate this fruit into their diet.
It is also important to know that every diabetic is different, so make sure to check your blood sugar after eating this fruit; if your blood sugar spikes excessively than its better to avoid this fruit.

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