Is papaya good for diabetics? MUST READ

In this article, we will try to figure out whether diabetic can eat papaya and will it spike the blood sugar.
For a diabetic, there is a general rule that they have to watch out for carbohydrate as their body fails to metabolize it and which results in high blood sugar.

Now the bad news is, that most of the fruits available in the market are full of carbohydrate and will spike the blood sugar of diabetic.
Personally, I try to stay away from fruits as much as possible because it makes it difficult for me to control my illness. The only fruits I eat are those which are less in carbohydrates like strawberries, blackberries etc.

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I understand that not everybody can practice this kind of abstinence, so it is okay to eat some of your favorite items in small portion and adjust your insulin dose accordingly.
The point is to eat in small quantity and adjust your medicine dosage accordingly.

Considering the above-mentioned points, we will try to analyze the question “is papaya good for diabetics” and try to figure out the benefits it offers.

So can diabetics eat papaya?

Sure they can!!
Papaya is low carb fruit as compared to other fruits like mangoes or Lichi.
100 grams of papaya contains around 8 gms of carbohydrate which is relatively low considering one Indian bread (“Roti”) contains around 18gms of carbohydrate.

So definitely diabetics can consider incorporating papaya in their diet but make sure to check the blood sugar to understand how your body is reacting to this fruit.
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Benefits of Papaya

Papaya offers enormous benefits, it not only help to nourish our body but also protect it from various form of the disease. I have mentioned some of the benefits in the below part of the article to find out is papaya good for diabetics;

1. Boost Immune System
Papaya is high in vitamin C which strengthens our immune system and protects us from various form of the disease. If you feel that you get sick easily, consider incorporating foods that are high in Vitamin C

2. High in Fiber

High Fiber has its own sets of benefits like:
a. improves digestion
b. prevents constipation
c. reduce bad cholesterol
d. helps you keep your stomach full

3. Weight Loss

The high fiber in papaya helps you keep satiated and as a result, you don’t feel hunger for longer duration. This property is especially beneficial for Type 2 diabetic, most of the Type 2 diabetics suffer from weight issues, the high fiber present in papaya will help you to control your eating disorder and make you lose weight.
4. Keeps your Heart Healthy
As said earlier, papaya is full of fiber, vitamin C and other antioxidants which play a significant role to protect you from heart-related disorders.
a. Powerful anti-oxidants like lycopene (which gives the red color to fruit) helps in lowering the blood pressure
b. Reduces bad cholesterol like LDL and triglycerides

Diabetics are prone to heart risk. Its been seen that many diabetics have to undergo heart-related surgeries due to long-term complications of diabetes, hence it’s important for them to take care of their heart health as much as possible.
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5. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer

Diabetics are also prone to memory related issues.
You will be surprised to know that Alzheimer has been termed as “Type 3 diabetes” in medical terminologies”.

Constant high blood sugar cause memory related issue which can ultimately lead to Alzheimer in their old age. Another major reason for memory deterioration is the emergence of free radicals which react with brain cells and make them weak.

Papaya contains powerful anti-oxidants which fight with the anti-oxidants and prevent us from getting memory related problems.
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6. Good Source of Folate (Vitamin B9)
Papaya is an excellent source of folate which provides following benefits to our body:
a. Reducing risk of heart-related disorder
b. Reduce stroke risk
c. Folate plays important role in foetal development, so it’s extremely important for pregnant ladies

7. Source of Vitamin C

As I have said earlier that papaya contains a good amount of Vitamin C nutrient which provides following benefits to our body
a. Strengthen Immune system, hence reducing the risk of getting ill all the time
b. Good for healthy skin
c. Prevent Arthritis: It’s been found that people containing low amount of vitamin C are at higher risk of developing bone related issues in the future

8. Improves Vision

Papaya is rich in vitamin A, which helps to keep our eyes healthy and prevent it from age-related macular degeneration.

I myself faced vision related problem due to high blood sugar.
I had been diabetic for a long time before my formal diagnosis and the constant high blood sugar has damaged my vision.
I now use cylindrical glasses, which is all attributed to high blood sugar. So make sure to keep your blood sugar in check so that it doesn’t damage your body further.

9. Cancer Prevention
Papaya is full of antibodies which fight inflammation causing free-radicals and reduce the risk of cancer.
Free radicals are produced by normal metabolism of the body, but if its amount exceeds a certain limit (either because of stress, bad eating habits or external pollution) these free radicals disturb the body cells and may cause cancer like problem.

So, incorporating papaya can help you lower the risk of cancer.

So, by now you would have understood that diabetics can eat papaya as they are not too much in carbs. But whenever you eat this fruit make sure that you eat it in small dosage and make sure to check your blood sugar accordingly.

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