How to control diabetes naturally-Must Read

Diabetes can cause havoc in your life if not managed properly. Problem with diabetes is that the damage is not that evident, the high blood sugar slowly destroys your organ and create complication later.
Due to this slow process, many diabetics don’t pay much attention to their blood sugar and still live damaging lifestyle.

If you become diabetics, there are lots of do’s and don’ts that you have to incorporate in order to live complication-free life.
So apart from taking your medication/insulin dosage, there are lots of changes that you need to incur in your lifestyle in order to manage this disease properly.

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Below, I have created infographics which will explain you different steps in order to control your blood sugar and live complications free life.

how to control diabetes naturally

In the above infographics, I have mentioned 5 steps that will help you to control diabetes and live complication-free life.

1.Regularly check your blood sugar
Always make sure to check your blood sugar (both fasting and after a meal). This will help you to stay on track in controlling sugar level.

Let me tell you from my experience, there are times when my strips get all used up and I deliberately delay to buy new ones because of my laziness. There was a time during which I didn’t check my blood sugar for a week and during this time my sugar control goes haywire.

I was eating everything that I shouldn’t because I felt that it will not cause any harm, but actually it did. Checking your blood sugar regularly will keep you on toes and you will think hundred times before you eat anything.
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2. Count Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are the main culprit to spike blood sugar.
Whatever you eat, make a point to check its carbohydrate content (you can check it form internet or you can download mobile app that gives that information; I use “Healthifyme“)
The idea is to select food that is low in carb and develop a recipe around those foods.
Food that doesn’t raise blood sugar

3. Exercise daily

Exercise also helps to control your blood sugar. Always make a point to spare at least 30 minutes for exercise.
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4.Destress Yourself

your blood sugar is also dependent upon your mood.
Taking too much of a stress will spike your blood sugar and make it difficult for you to control this problem. Try to find the environment which is less stressful and that makes you happy.


5. Regular Medical Checkup
Apart from controlling your blood sugar, it is also important for you to do yearly medical checkup. Diabetics are prone to many deadly complications, so it’s important to identify the problem in the beginning and get the treatment beforehand.


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