Home Remedies For Diabetes

In this articles i have tries to list home remedies for diabetes which can be easily applied in our homes.

One disclaimer though, This post is not about curing diabetes.
Please keep in mind that diabetes is not curable yet.
If you come across any advertisement claiming to cure your disease, my advice is to run from there otherwise you will waste lots of your time and money.

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This post is all about strategies which can reduce your insulin and medicine requirements.
In the end, i will also try to give you steps which can help you reduce your blood sugar numbers if they are high.

The home remedies are basically the about foods which can help you increase your insulin sensitivity and help you control the blood sugars effectively.
These items can be easily found in the local market and chances are that it is already present in your home and you are not using it.

Here is the list of some of the home remedies for diabetes which can help you:

1. Cinnamon (Dalchini in Hindi)
Various research has shown that people taking a daily dose of cinnamon have more control over their fasting blood sugar numbers.
You can easily buy this item from your nearest store at an affordable cost.
Apart from its medicinal qualities, people of India use this item in preparing dishes as it imparts a distinct flavor to the Indian cuisine.

Another method to take this spice is by grinding the item and mix into the water.
Warm the water for a few minutes and then drink it.

Let me point you again that this will not help to cure diabetes.
This item can only help you to control your blood sugar easily and improving your insulin sensitivity.

2. Bitter Gourd (Karela)
This is a vegetable which can be easily found in the local market.
Bitter Gourd is a very low carbohydrate item, which means that a diabetic can eat in large amount without worrying about blood sugar spike.

The problem is its bitter taste.
Many people don’t like eating this vegetable because of its taste.

I would suggest these people to check different recipe of bitter gourd. There are different recipes on the internet which make this item in a different way.
The way of preparation matters a lot while preparing any vegetable.

For example, i hate eating bottle gourd.
But one day i learned a new recipe about this vegetable (known as Kofta)
And with the chance in preparation method, i happened to like eating this same vegetable.

Bitter gourd apart from its low carbohydrate content, helps in improving the insulin sensitivity of the body.
Improvement in insulin sensitivity means that you need less amount of insulin per gram of carbohydrates, which can be extremely important for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics alike.

3. Bay Leaves (Tej Patta in India)
It’s a spice which is extensively used in Indian Cuisine.
People taking this leaves are reported to improve their blood sugar numbers.

Please don’t overdo eating these spices because they warm the body.
Overconsumption can create a variety of problems.

4. BlackBerries (called Jamun in India)
These berries are even prescribed by doctors for their ability to improve insulin sensitivity.
Infact, diabetics patients are asked to dry powder its seeds and have it daily with a glass of water.

Apart from its medicinal property, this fruit  has a great taste (my personal favorite) and is easily available at affordable price,
Personally, if you ask me to choose any items from above-mentioned home remedies for diabetes options, I will choose blackberries without any hesitation.

The only problem with this fruit is that it is seasonal in nature.
So make effective use of the season and incorporate this fruit for your morning/evening snack.

5. Other Noticeable Options
a. Mango leaves
b. Fenugreek Seeds (also called as “methi dana” in India)

These strategies are helpful for improving your fasting blood sugar and improving insulin resistance.
But there are times when we eat wrong and our blood sugar numbers run high.
It is extremely important for you to take your blood sugar down immediately as it is harming your nerves. Below are the strategies you can adopt to reduce the blood sugar number within a short span of time:

1. Drink lots of water
This will cause the extra sugar to pass out from urine

2. Take insulin Immediately

3. Go for a walk
This will help burn the carbohydrates.

Final Word
Please note that the spice I have mentioned above can be used in different ways.
It is not at all necessary to mix the spice in water and then drink it, in fact this will be the most boring and the most difficult way to have these items.

You can figure out different ways of consuming it.
For example, most of the spice can be used as a flavor in your dishes.
Please let me know how you are doing it and if you find any novel idea don’t forget to share in the below section.

This is the today’s article on home remedies for diabetes, if you liked the article share it with your friends and family.


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