Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid-Must Read

On reading the heading, you would have thought that why I am asking you to get beware of fruits. In fact,  fruits are the most essentials food items that are packed with vitamins and minerals for our body.
Even the doctors advise patients to have fruit whenever they got ill!!

So what’s wrong with the fruits?
Can they harm our body if taken in excess?

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The answer is YES!!!
Contrary to what we have been told from generations that the fruits are the most healthy food available, eating them in excess can harm us like anything.

Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid in order to manage the blood sugar

You may find above statement difficult to digest, but there are various research that confirmed that statement. It’s been found that eating fruits in excess make you vulnerable to conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart problems.
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But how can such simple and natural food cause diabetes?
Fruits though found naturally are not that simple as we think. Majority of the fruits are full of fructose which is a complex form of carbohydrates.

Let me explain it to you in a simple way;
If you are diabetic, you must have understood by now that your pancreas is inefficient and has difficulty to metabolize sugar (or carbohydrates)

Now, it needs to be understood that carbohydrates are available in different forms, I have mentioned some of them below
a. Glucose: It’s a simple carbohydrate which is directly used by of body for its daily energy requirement
b. Fructose: Its another form of carbohydrates which is most dangerous for your body. Unlike glucose, fructose gets metabolize only in the liver. So if you eat fructose in excess, it will cause a lot of pressure to your liver.
c. Sucrose: Its the combination of Glucose and Fructose.

I understood that there are different forms of carbohydrates and fructose is the most damaging one, but how is it related to eating Fruit?

Well, there is a direct correlation because the majority of the fruits contain carbohydrates in the form of fructose. Most of the fruits we eat on daily basis are full of fructose which if taken in excess can harm the body.

excess fruit can harm your health

As I have said earlier that fructose can only metabolize in the liver.
Now when you have eaten too much of the fruit, the liver starts converting the fructose into triglycerides (a type of fat). The excess amount of triglycerides makes you vulnerable to heart disease, obesity, and even diabetes.
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Triglycerides get stored in your body cells in the form of fat and make them resistant to the insulin, hence eventually gives way to Type 2 diabetes.

You may have also noticed that having fruit juices on daily basis make you difficult to shed your weight no matter how hard you exercise, that all because of the excess fat storage by your fruit juice which you were thinking as healthy.

In fact, there was a research that concluded that eating too much of fruit increase the risk of gestational diabetes among pregnant women.
you can read the full research here


But fruits were always considered healthy food, is there any other reason for causing so much damage to our body?
Yes, fruits were considered the most healthy food since earlier times.
I am sure you would have heard the English proverb “an apple a day keep doctor the doctor away”, but this proverb has to be incorporated with care in our lives.

Earlier, the fruits were naturally grown without interference in their composition and structure. The naturally grown fruits had less fructose content and more of the other nutrients

Nowadays, there is a rampant hybridization of food items, the fruits are injected to make them sweeter and larger. The fructose content has also been increased in tremendous proportion and remember, more the fructose, more chance of gaining weight.


So should I shun eating fruits completely?
I am not asking you to do that. Fruits are still one of the good sources of essential nutrients, all i am asking you to take a note of your fruit intake.
We tend to overeat fruits as we think that it will do no harm, but by reading this article its now time to keep your fruit intake in check, eating quality items in moderation will do no harm.


Can you share some general rule for fruit eating?
a. If you already have health issues (like diabetes, obesity or high cholesterol) then you have to be very cautious about your diet. It’s been said that around 15-20gms/day should be your maximum fructose intake.

In order to find the fructose content in any foods, there are multiple apps available in the market which break down all the nutrient content of any food; make sure you download it for your better control

b. if you are a healthy person who regularly engages in physical exercise can increase their fructose limit to 35gms fructose/day

Hence, you don’t have to stop eating your favorite fruits but have to limit it in moderation, this way you can maintain proper balance.


Can I drink fruit juices instead of Raw fruits?
Fruit juice is completely No-No for your body.
Many fruits have been tightly compressed, to give you a glass of juice, which makes it high in fructose content. In fact, having fruit juice daily increase your risk of getting diabetes by 20 percent.
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How to test if I am high on fructose?

Uric acid is the best indicator of fructose toxicity measurement. If you feel that you are too much into the fruits, make sure to get yourself checked for uric acid.
The higher the fructose toxicity, the higher the uric acid value.


Fruits are a good source of nutrient and are great means to nourish your body. But they are only helpful if taken in moderation; eating them in excess can cause more harm than good and can even make you suffer from the chronic condition like diabetes and obesity.

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