foods high in magnesium and potassium

In this article, we will try to find out foods high in magnesium and potassium.
i have already stated in the previous article about the importance of magnesium and potassium, and how these nutrients are neglected by the people.

Due to unawareness, there are a large number of people who are deficient of these vitamins and this cost them lot of health trouble in their body.

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I have tried to list the foods high in magnesium and potassium because i want people to understand what is the right diet for them.
Currently, people throughout the world are so used to eating the processed food that they can’t imagine living without it. These have completely abandoned the nutrient-rich natural foods and are heavily relied on modern diet.

Processed foods are full of refined sugar and artificial chemicals, they are the perfect recipe to make us obese and get vulnerable to all kind of disease.

Before i delve to the list of foods high in magnesium and potassium, i would first like to state the importance of magnesium and potassium.

Both magnesium and potassium act as an electrolyte in the body.
The electrolyte is basically a medium which helps in transport of electrical signals to different parts of the body.

You need to understand that our body works through electrical signals.
Our brain transmits the signals in the form of electrical impulses which travels through different parts of the body through nerves.

Now in order to transmit the signals effectively, we need a medium which is provided by the electrolyte.
If the electrolyte is not present in the sufficient amounts, the electrical signals will not get transferred and our body will not function properly.

The person suffering from these deficiency face symptoms like:

1. Extreme Fatigue
You won’t feel like working for long hours.
This deficiency severely impacts your working efficiency, thus reducing your chances of getting successful.

If you feel that you feel energy deficient all the time, there is a great chance that you may be suffering from this vitamin deficiency.
thus, you should look for the foods high in magnesium and potassium, and then incorporate into your daily diet.

The fatigue is caused by the improper transfer of the nerves signals.
With inefficient signals, the body can’t work properly and waste energy in unimportant activities.

2. Heart Issues
Potassium and Magnesium are known to control the heart beatings.
Deficiency of these vitamins results in heart palpitation, which can be dangerous for the existing heart patients.

3. Muscle ache and cramps
This is also due to improper transfer of nerve signals.
Our brain sends the signal to control muscle movements. but if these signals do not reach properly, the muscle movement gets haywire and the muscles start contracting inappropriately.

These sudden movements result in cramps and aches in different parts of the body.

4. Bone Health.
We have always heard that calcium and Vitamin D is responsible for bone health.
This is partly true because there are other important nutrients which is important for the bone health.

Take magnesium for example.
It has been found that it is extremely important for the body to maintain a balance between magnesium and calcium amounts inside the body.
Calcium plays the role in strengthening the bone, while magnesium is responsible to keep it flexible.

Now. if we eat too much of calcium without increasing the dose of magnesium, our bones get brittle and more vulnerable to fracture.
We need a certain amount of magnesium to keep it flexible and elastic.

Similar is the case with potassium;
Potassium is responsible to maintain an alkaline environment in the body.
Insufficient potassium amounts result in an increase in the acidic environment due to the acids produced by the digestive system.

This acidic nature has the potential to slowly decay the bone density and create the condition of osteoporosis.

5. Maintain Blood Pressure
Potassium and magnesium are also responsible to maintain the blood pressure at the optimal level. Infact they are used in the medication to treat patients with high blood pressure.
Deficiency of these minerals can make you the patient of hypertension.

Keeping in mind the above importance of nutrients, i would advise all the people reading the article to refer the lists of foods high in magnesium and potassium.
Most of these foods are easily available in the market and can be purchased at affordable cost.

foods high in magnesium and potassium
Below is the list of food that is not only rich in magnesium and potassium but is also filled with other essential nutrients.

1. Leafy Greens
Understand that all the green vegetable are rich in these nutrients.
There is an element in every plant called chlorophyll, which helps the plant to prepare its nutrient.

Whenever you see any green food, keep in mind that it contains chlorophyll.
This chlorophyll contains magnesium element in their chemical structure. So, if you want to eat magnesium rich food, remember about chlorophyll and then purchase the relevant food.

Some of the green vegetables worth mentioning are spinach, kale, broccoli etc.

2. Nuts
Nuts are also a great source of Potassium and Magnesium.
It is one of the highly rated foods high in magnesium and potassium because apart from its nutrient-rich structure, they are also less in carbohydrate content.

Low amount of carbohydrates is especially beneficial for a diabetic person as they can consume easily without worrying about blood sugar.

Nuts like almonds, cashew, peanuts, and walnuts are excellent sources.
They are also rich in unsaturated fats which helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level, thus keeping the heart healthy.

The only problem is that apart from peanuts, all the other nuts are expensive and difficult for common man to afford it on a daily basis.

3. Beans and Lentils
Items like kidney beans, black-eyed peas, soybeans, chickpeas are rich in magnesium and potassium.
Apart from the above-mentioned minerals, these items are also a good source of iron, Vitamin K and fibers, which are also crucial for the healthy body.

Iron is responsible for the development of Red Blood Cells, RBC’s play the role of transporting oxygen in a different part of the body.
Deficiency of this vitamins can lead to Anemia.

4. Fish
Fish are also an excellent source of these vitamins.
Apart from magnesium and potassium, fish are a great source of proteins and omega 3.

The omega 3 nutrients found in the fish are not available in any other food.
Omega 3 is responsible for keeping our heart healthy and has other important benefits for your hair, skin, brain, bones, etc.

Those who are vegetarian and don’t consume fish should take omega 3 supplements.
Ignoring this nutrient can trouble in your old age.

5. Banana
This food high in magnesium and potassium.
In fact the fruit is referred by the doctor if you are suffering from high blood pressure.
The high content of potassium and magnesium helps in reducing the blood pressure and save you from the trouble of eating artificial medications.

Bananas are also rich in other nutrients like vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and fiber.
The only problem with banana is that it is high in calories and carbohydrates.
Its high carbohydrate content makes it unsuitable for diabetic patients.


6. Seeds
Seeds are also rich in Potassium and magnesium.
Some of the worth mentioning items are pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and flax seeds.

They are also rich in anti-oxidants and unsaturated fats like omega 3.


Final Word 

I hope you liked the article about foods high in magnesium and potassium.

Understand that in order to live the healthy life, you have to rely on natural foods. The processed foods which we are eating nowadays are not the only vitamin deficient, but it contains chemicals that harm the body.

So try to make some small changes and I am sure you will do fine.

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