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As rightly said by a wise man “in order to gain success, it’s important to know what to do and what not to do”.

I think knowing “what not to do” reduces the chance of error and increase the chances of success in any work.
Going on that path, in this article, we are trying to learn about the foods which are dangerous for diabetics and increase their chance of getting long-term complication. These are foods diabetics should avoid at any cost.

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Diabetes is a condition in which the person fail to metabolize carbohydrate in their body. The improper functioning of their pancreas results in increase in blood sugar which if not taken care can cause irreversible damage to the body.
One simple and effective rule to get your blood sugar under control is to find the number of carbohydrate in any food. If the number is large, its best to avoid eating that food at all.

But what number is the best number which diabetes can eat without problem?
Well, there is no rule for that, but according to Dr. Richard Bernstein, one should limit the carbohydrates to around 12 gms/meal.

For example, let’s suppose you came back home after work and sat on dinner chair to eat.
If you are diabetic, then according to Dr Berstein, you should complete your dinner within 12gms of carbohydrate intake.

This is extremely difficult to follow.
Infact, I have also tweaked the numbers according to my diet plan. Now I take around 18-20gms/meal on daily basis.

Ok, but how to know the carbohydrate content in any food?
There are various mobile apps developed which shows you number of carbohydrate content in any food. If you are living in India, you can download an app named “healthifyme”, which shows carb content of all Indian foods possible.

Some diabetics, in order to control their blood sugar, follow the Keto diet which is also very popular among the sportspersons. Keto diet is carbohydrate restrictive diet and is helpful to maintain proper blood sugar among diabetic.
Now there are various misconceptions about this diet, some people call it harmful while others find it helpful. If you want to understand about this diet, click the link below to read the article about the Keto myth. The article was originally published by leading site “HVMN”, which has done research comprehensively about the subject.
Dangers of Keto Diet Debunked

Now, there are foods which are known to be conventionally healthy for human body, but due to its carb content, it can cause great trouble to the diabetic.
In this article, i have tried to list some of the foods which diabetic should try to stay away from.

Foods Diabetics Should Avoid
In this section, I have listed some foods which are unhealthy for diabetic, either due to heavy carb content or due to its nature of raising cholesterol.

1. Wheat/Rice and other Grains
Wheat/Rice or any other cereals are high in carbohydrates.
The Roti (Indian Bread) which we Indians tend to eat in our every meal contains around 17gm of carbohydrates (and we tend to eat 3-4 piece of them with every meal!!)

After I got diagnosed with diabetes, I didn’t knew that this cereal is high in carbohydrates, neither my doctor warned about it (in fact he endorsed me eating more of it!!); and every time I ate my meal, my blood sugar tends to spike above 180 mg/dl (inspite of taking insulin)

After a lot of research, I came to know that its better for me to shun the food made up if wheat. Now its been around 1 year since I have touched the wheat bread. I have completely eliminated this food from my diet, all i eat is cooked vegetables and some low carbohydrate fruits.

The main problem for all the diabetic food lover is that majority of food products that are available in the market is either made up of wheat/rice or starchy materials.
Just go to the super market, you will see that the packet of chips, nachos, biscuits, sandwiches, crackers, namkeens are all high in carbs. you will literary have to hunt for foods that are low in carbs and are suitable for diabetics.

2. Sugary Beverage
The soft drink, which is all time favorite for the get-together parties is not only unhealthy for diabetics but also for normal person as well.
These drinks are full of corn syrup and artificial sweeteners that will shoot your blood sugar to the highest range possible.

Also, these drinks are high in fructose, which get metabolized in the liver to produce harmful cholesterol (named triglycerides).
Let me explain the metabolism of fructose (which is a complex form of carbohydrates)
Normally carbohydrates get metabolized in the digestive system but fructose get metabolized in liver. When you have too much of fructose, the liver converts it into triglyceride ( a form of harmful cholesterol) thus increasing your chances of getting heart disease

3. Foods with Transfat
Transfats are produced by adding additional hydrogen atom to unsaturated fatty acid (to make them stable). These items are known to increase bad cholesterol in the body, hence increasing the risk of getting problems like blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

You will be surprised to know that how common transfats is in our diet and how due to its ubiquitous presence increase the incidence of heart problems throughout the world.
The most common food item containing transfat is Vegetable oil (that we use to cook the food). Especially in India, where every household is using the vegetable oil for cooking, the heart problems is rising to unprecedented limit and it is the doctor who is reaping all the benefit from your disease.

Try to use less oil in our food and make sure to stay away from the street food.
Most of the street food use recycled oil for cooking the dishes. They either buy the recycled oil from the good restaurant or purchase the downgraded quality oil directly from the market.

Do one thing.
Next time whenever you visit any street food vendor, try to look at the color of the oil they are using. Most of the time you will find the color of oil as dark brown.
Recycled oil tends to increase the risk of heart problem among the human.

No matter what kind of oil you buy (sunflower or peanut)
No matter what brand it is;
There is always the risk of heart problem from these products.

So what can you do?
a. Minimize the use of oil for cooking vegetables
b. Use Butter for cooking (they contain healthy fats)
c. Try eating Boiled Vegetables (Best Option)
d. Avoid eating from street vendors (Must to do)

4. Milk
Now many people will criticize me to include milk in the list.
And why not? Infact, everyone knows how milk is beneficial for our body. It is the product which is packed with important nutrient which is must for healthy growth for the body.

But the problem is, that they are high in carbohydrates.

Don’t agree?
Do one experiment in your home itself.
Drink half a glass of milk and test your blood sugar after sometime.
You will find your blood sugar skyrocket by huge proportion.

So it’s better for diabetics to avoid drinking milk, as much as possible.
You can try other dairy products like yogurt, cheese etc (if you have liking for these milk based product)


5. Fruits
Though fruits are source of essential nutrients that are also high in carbs.
Infact, most of the fruits are high in fructose, which if eaten in excess can raise your cholesterol levels.

Along with that, they will also make it difficult for you to control your blood sugar, its high carb content is what makes a bad food for diabetics.

However, there are fruits which are comparatively low in carbohydrates and are diabetic friendly
a. Avocadoes
b. Water melon
c. Musk Melons
d. Strawberries
e. Black Berries
f. Papaya

Also, make sure that you don’t take fruits in the form of juice.
Juice compresses the fruits (hence high carbs) and are also less in fiber, so taking raw fruits is much better for diabetic health

6.Fruit Flavored Yogurt
Yogurt. per se is good for diabetics due to its low carb content and execeptional health benefits.
But don’t buy fruit yogurt from the supermarket, because
a. they rarely contain fruit (they are full of synthetic flavoring)
b. Are high in carbohydrates (contains sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup) which can damage your body like anything

Its is best to prepare yogurt in your home. This way you will get best quality possible for your health

7. Packed Foods
Most the packed food we buy from market contains good amount of preservative in them.
For Example, the tomato ketchup you buy or Indian Pickles are full of Class 2 Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate in particular) which are known to cause cancer in the body.



Final World
I know, it will be lot difficult to ignore the above products as they are favorite for most of the people. But believe me, avoiding these product can save you from lot of problems
It will take time to get used to simple food, but once you get used to eat, you will feel the difference in your healthy body

Now you know the list of foods diabetics should avoid, i hope you will try and live with simple foods.

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