Top 3 food for diabetics (List 1)

Diabetes is a complicated condition.It gives rise to various disorders if not managed properly. Some of them are life-threatening and seriously hampers the quality of life.

Getting control of your blood sugar should be your top priority and you should take necessary steps for it.

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But is it possible to attain normal blood sugar?
Is there any way to ward of diabetes complications in future?
Can diabetics live life normally like non-diabetics?
Is there any food for diabetics which don’t raise blood sugar?

The answer is YES!!!!!There are many diabetics around the world who are maintaining normal blood sugar and are leading an active lifestyle.

Some of them are even fitter than the normal human being and participate in challenging physical activities.

How are they doing that?
Is there any miracle which is not heard of?
or are these people are investing in expensive medicines?

The answer is simple and within everybody’s reach.
Yes, now you are guessing right, it’s the everyday DIET that is making all the difference.
Really! Is there any proper list of foods for diabetics?
Are they helpful?

Yes, with proper calculated diet, you can get hold of your blood sugar and can feel fit like you have never felt before.
healthy food for diabetics

But there is a caveat;

It requires immense self-control and discipline.

Some people just quit and give up to their sugar cravings.
They fail to maintain the discipline and fall into a vicious cycle of high sugar diet.

But, if you get successful in incorporating the new lifestyle, the result can be nothing short of a miracle.
You will get positive results not only in terms of managing your diabetes but also in terms of getting a fit body which you have always dreamed of.


So, what are these food for diabetics?
There are categories of food which are low in carbohydrates (aka sugar) that are not only healthier but have beneficial qualities that are perfect for our body.
If you are diabetic try to incorporate food that is low in carbs.

How can I find that the food has low carbs?
There are multiple websites/apps that give information about the carb content in any particular dish.
Let us take one example of some food:
1 Apple (small): 20 g carbs
1 Guava (small): 10 carbs

From the above example, we can understand that eating one apple can spike our blood sugar more than eating a guava.
That is what you have to do;
Before eating any food check its carb content;
Try to find food that is low in carb and replace it with a diet which has good fat content.

As you put less carbohydrate in your body, your body will start using fat as a source of energy.
So our objective is to make our body dependent of good fats.
Below, i have mentioned the list of food for diabetics.
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Here are 3 items for today that are diabetic friendly and are healthier for your overall body fitness:


It is one of the healthiest food for diabetics.

They are full of proteins, omega 3 and vitamins and important thing is, they don’t raise your blood sugar.

Some important benefits of incorporating fish in your diet are:

a. Great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which improve heart health
The omega 3 is especially important for diabetics considering their high risk of developing heart and stroke problems
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b. Omega 3 and Depression
A link has been found between omega 3 and depression.
A low incidence of depression among people has been found in countries where fish consumption is high.

Different trials have been found that omega 3 can help you fight against depression and anxiety.
It also found to improve the effectiveness of antidepressants medicines (if you are already taking them)

Diabetics are prone to depression. Omega 3 can help you face the daily challenges if it gets incorporated in your diet
food for diabetics

c. DHA & EPA
They protect the cell lining our blood vessels; hence improving arteries function and blood circulations

d. Proteins and Vitamin
Fish is a good source of proteins and vitamins.
They are good for your eyes, brain, and bones


Eggs are the most accessible food throughout the world.

I think we had been underestimating the importance of eggs for a long time now.

You must understand that a single egg contains all the nutrient that gives way to the development of a full grown chick.

In India, one can see an advert on television by Indian ministry of health exclaiming “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao andey”; that you should eat eggs every day without any skip; And by understanding the nutritional value of eggs, I couldn’t agree more with their message

Here are the top benefits for diabetics, if they include eggs in their diet
best foods to control diabetes

a. Satiation:
It is the best food to keep you full for long hours.
This is something beneficial for diabetics as reduced hunger helps them to get in control of their daily sugar craving and put them in front foot of their diet management regime

b. Help to improve cholesterol levels
It’s a public notion that egg yolks are bad for the cholesterol levels and are harmful to heart health.

One egg yolk contains 180 mg of cholesterol and average daily cholesterol recommendation for diabetics is around 200mg.
So there is a huge clamor in the health industry to limit the intake of eggs as it can harm heart health.

But a research suggests that the cholesterol we get from eggs are actually good for health.
Our body needs cholesterol for its daily working and it gets around 20% of its requirement from the food we take; rest of the cholesterol is produced by our body (liver) itself.

If we increase the intake of cholesterol through our diet, then our body will compensate it by producing it in less amount.
There are multiple studies which didn’t find any associated link between eggs and heart disease (link here) 
But some studies point out some risk for diabetic patients which need to be researched more

c. Best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants
These are helpful to protect your eyes from diseases

d. Excellent source of Choline (a form of vitamin B)
Choline is known to play a role in brain development and working
According to one survey, 90% of people in the US are getting less than recommended level of choline

e. Egg yolk contains vitamin A, D, E and K along with omega 3


3. Walnuts
Walnut is another source that is rich in nutrient and has low carb value.
They are rich in:
a. Omega 3 fats
food for diabetics

b. Have cancer-fighting properties
Walnuts reduce the risk of prostate cancer as well as breast cancer

c. Contains amino acid larginine that reduces the risk of heart problems.
Also, contains omega 3 Alfa Linolenic acid (ALA)
Research shows that person who eats a diet rich in ALA has 50% less risk of sudden cardiac death

d. Reproductive Benefits
Improves sperm count
Improves Vitality

e. Type 2 diabetes
In a research, it was found that Overweight adults with type 2 diabetes seem to improve their fasting blood sugar level by regular having one-quarter cups of walnuts

f. Eating walnuts is associated with increased satiety.
Guys who are looking to shed their weight, walnuts can be a good food for diabetics option as they are known to reduce hunger.


These are my food for diabetics list for today. In my upcoming article, i will be posting about different foods that are helpful for diabetes to maintain their blood sugar.

I will also post about different recipes that I consume in different time of day and will also update about my affected blood sugar level.

If you know about any other food for diabetics that are helpful for diabetics, feel free to comment below and let other diabetics know about it.

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