Exercise Reduce Risk of Premature Death among Type 1 Diabetics

A research in Finland has found that exercise reduces the risk of premature death among Type 1 diabetics. It’s been said that those people who are more active can cut their risk of early death by whopping 37%.

workout and manage your diabetes
Researchers studied the exercise pattern of 2639 people with Type 1 diabetes and after 11 years when they analyzed the data, they get to the conclusion that the patient can reduce their risk of premature death if they get more involved in physical exercise.

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However, the research still doesn’t provide a viable explanation of how exactly exercise benefits the Type 1 diabetics.

There are multiple researchs in the world which gave a solid explanation of exercise benefit among the Type 2 diabetes but the valid reasoning for the Type 1 is yet to be given.
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Whatever the reason may be, it has been shown that exercise helps people to live longer whether they are Type 1 or Type 2; it can help you to improve insulin sensitivity in the body and can help to ward off diabetic complication in the future.
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The lead researcher Dr. Heidi Tikkanen (University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital), said: “Doctors have always prescribed physical activity for their patients with type 1 diabetes without strong evidence. Now we can say that in patients with type 1 diabetes, physical activity not only reduces the risk of kidney and heart issue  but also premature mortality.”
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So make sure that you fix your time daily for exercise. If you can’t spare 30 minutes for your body than you are certainly doing something wrong.

Your Exercise Regime

Most of the people complain that they are already stressed out due to slogging long hours at the office and they don’t have any energy left to get into exercise. Their point is valid, but with proper planning and coordination, they can complete their objective of workout hours.

Do one thing, prepare an exercise plan for yourself and include following pointers:
a. Number of Hours of workout
b. Type of exercise: you can check this checklist for your weekly exercise plan
c. Download a mobile app that can store your exercise schedule
d. Get yourself a special exercise kit and accessories
e. You can form your own community in your locality that can give you company in your fitness goals.

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