DPP 4 Inhibitors- Diabetes Medicines

DPP 4 Inhibitors are another class of medicines which are used for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. These medicines are comparatively new and is used when patient do not respond to other popular medicines like metformin etc.

Some of the popular medicines which come under DPP 4 Inhibitors group are
a. Galvus
b. Onglyza
c. Januvia

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Function of DPP 4 Inhibitors 
When we eat our food, our intestine automatically produce a hormone called GLP-1 which perform two functions:
a. Signals pancreas to produce more insulin so that the food sugar get metabolized
b. Hold back the production of hormone called Glucagon
Glucagon basically signals the liver to produce extra glucose. So if Glucagon is stopped, the extra glucose by liver will not be produced.

Hence GLP 1 hormone is necessary to reduce the sugar level in the blood. But the problem is that the GLP-1 is produced for very small period of time. There is another hormone called DPP-4 which breakdown the GLP-1 hormone and reduce its effectiveness.

The people suffering from Type 2 diabetes need more insulin to manage their blood sugar and this can be done if  we can increase the duration of GLP 1 hormone.

The DPP 4 inhibitors basically destroys the DPP-4 hormone so that the duration and effectiveness of GLP 1 hormone increase. This GLP 1 hormone then helps to produce more insulin and protects us to get our blood sugar out of control.
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Rise of Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the serious emerging health problem in the world. Around 95% of the people diagnosed with diabetes are type two in nature. Most of the people are unaware of their condition and they only get diagnosed when they face some kind of diabetic complication.
One of the serious concern is that even younger population are not spared of his problem.
Young people below 20 years of age are getting diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and number is only rising.

But why so many people are getting this disease.
Is this just a statistical problem, as with rising population the people suffering from disease will also rise.
Or there are other reasons

Well according to various researches, there are many factors which contributes the rise of type 2 diabetes:

1. Workload Stress
With increasing competition in marketplace, the workload stress has jumped manifolds which is one of the trigger for diabetes.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle
People are now addicted to smartphones and television.
Instead of going out and meeting people they are satisfied within their virtual world which results in decreased physical activity and rise of obesity.

3. Unhealthy Foods
People are now more into processed unhealthy food.
Food companies have successfully marketed their product to wide range of audience. Now we are more into branded foods which are the main culprits of obesity and diabetes.

I have seen many people who are not serious about their medical condition. They don’t have any idea what can diabetes can do to their body. Diabetes can cause serious health issues, some of them can severely impact the quality of life.
Diabetics are prone to complications like
1. Kidney Failure
2. Memory Loss
3. Sexual Problems
4. Heart Problems
5. Vision Impairment

Some of these complications are irreversible and life threatening. Make sure you check your blood sugar regularly and visit the doctor on periodic basis.
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DPP 4 Inhibitors

Side Effects 
Some of the side effects of DPP 4 Inhibitors are:
a. stomach problems like nausea, abdominal pain, loose stool
b. skin rashes
c. headache, sore throat etc


1. Unlike insulin or metformin, these medications do not cause any weight gain.
This is very advantageous for person who are already dealing with weight issues. Popular conventional medicines like insulin injection are known to cause weight gain which create further trouble for obese people. At-least with DPP 4 Inhibitors you don’t have to worry about weight issues.
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2. Do not cause hypoglycemia
The functioning of DPP 4 Inhibitors are such that you don’t have to worry about the low blood sugar condition.
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1. This medicine is not for people suffering from Type 1 diabetes
2. Do not self prescribe this medicine, consult your doctor for your health issues, the article is just for awareness purpose.

I have come across this video which i think will increase your understanding about DPP 4 inhibitors.


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