Does high blood sugar make you sleepy? || Understanding diabetes

Diabetes comes up with different health issues. Some of the complications can be dangerous and irreversible while others are temporary and can be easily managed.

In this article i have tried to answer one of the most common question asked by diabetic community which is “Does high blood sugar make you sleepy?”

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While some people perceive sleepiness as not so dangerous problem but in my view this can be one of the important indicators that you are running high on blood sugar.

I remember that before i got diagnosed i was feeling tired and sleepy all the time. At first my family members thought that i may be tired due to work but when they see me sleeping 12-14 hours a day that they figured that something is wrong with my body.

It was my grandmother who asked me to test my blood sugar in the local medical laboratory. She saw red ants in the toilet area and figured that i may be urinating sugar with my urine.
Next day i checked my fasting blood sugar and it came around 500.
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So if you or any of your family members feel tired and had been sleeping a lot, ask him to check the blood sugar, there is no harm to get your body tested once a while.

I would like to mention a research which concludes that extreme daytime sleepiness is linked to depression and diabetes. Most of us who are suffering from extreme sleepiness feel that something is wrong with their sleeping habit but the actual cause can be more serious.
People suffering from depression and diabetes are more likely to face sleepiness and they require immediate treatment. So be aware if any of your family member face this type if issue and try to give them immediate medical treatment.
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does high blood sugar cause sleepiness


Why high blood sugar cause sleepiness?
High blood sugar (or diabetes) can cause extreme fatigue and sleepiness. Diabetics face this problem die to following reasons:

a. Energy do not reach the body cells
The high blood sugar means that the glucose is not absorbed by the body and is floating in the blood. When you eat any food, its energy gets absorbed by the body cells for its daily functioning.
Now in diabetic individual, the sugar do not get absorbed by the cells and floats in the blood. The cells are now energy starved and make you feel fatigued.

b. Dehydration
People running high in blood sugar tends to urinate a lot and get dehydrated. The dehydration is another cause for sleepiness and fatigue.
Diabetic patients should make sure to drink sufficient amount of water and get their blood sugar regularly checked otherwise they can get affected with other dangerous complications.

c. Diabetic Complications
High Blood sugar for long period of time damage the organs like kidney, liver etc.
The damages in the organ can make you feel sleepy.
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d. Other Issues
Other issues like thyroid problems or anemia also tends to affect diabetic individual.
Though they are not directly related to high blood sugar but keep in mind the above point and consult your doctor for further reference.

diabetes sleepiness


Sleepiness as precursor to High blood sugar
There are times when you get so busy with work that you forget to test your blood sugar. In this case, sleepiness or fatigue can give you indication that your blood sugar may be running high and you need to take immediate measure to control the blood sugar.

If i talk about myself, personally there are time when i get irresponsible and don’t check the blood sugar for weeks. During this period, the sleepiness gave me the indication that my blood sugar may be running high and i should be more responsible with my diet plan.
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Final Word
So “Does high blood sugar make you sleepy? ”
Definitely YES!!!
Make sure you check you blood sugar regularly and try to stay away from diabetic complications.

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