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Cinnamon (Dalchini) is very famous spice in India.
You will find this spice in each and every household in our country and is used extensively in the dishes we eat.

This spice is derived from the stem of cinnamon tree. The inner bark is extracted, wooden part removed and then dried to get the required spice.

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But is the spice any helpful for diabetics?
Can we use cinnamon for lowering the blood sugar?

In this article, we will try to answer the above-mentioned questions and will also try to figure out if it offers any other benefit.

Does Cinnamon lower blood sugar?
Diabetics are the ones who face difficulty in metabolizing carbohydrates, which results in high blood sugar. Constant high blood sugar for long duration can lead to various health complications which are irreversible and can severely hamper the quality of life.

So, is cinnamon beneficial for diabetics?
Well, the answer is not straightforward.
There are researches which have found that taking some amount of cinnamon can result in lower fasting and PP blood sugar.
But the problem is that the latest research found no such evidence of it, so there is a lot of conflict among the medical fraternity among its usefulness among diabetics.

What you can do is to try adding some amount of this spice in the dish you prepare and see if it add any value in managing your blood sugar.
This spice is good and is known to add a good amount of flavor in your food, hence incorporating this spice in your dish preparation will not be much of a problem.
Apartf from that this spice tends to offer a variety of the health benefits, which is hard to ignore.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon
In this section , i have listed some of the benefits which are known to be offered by cinnamon

1. Good Anti-Oxidants
Cinnamon has polyphenols whose anti-oxidative property which provides immense benefit to the health of the individual.
Anti-Oxidants are helpful in neutralizing free radicals in the body, hence reducing the risk of getting cancer, memory relate dissues an dalso helps you to look younger.

2. Boost Cognitive Function
Its been found in the esearch that participants who smelled cinnamon has improved their score in attention spans, working memory and visual-motor responses.
Who could have though that smell of cinnamon can boost cognitive function

3. Reduce risk of Alzheimer
This is specially important for diabetics as they are prone to memory related issues in the future. Prolong high blood sugar can reduce the memory span, which can exclate to getting alzheimer.
Its been found that the compounds sound in cinnamon can preven accumulation of protein named “tau” which can cause alzheimer.

4. Heart Problems
Another problem which is common among diabeticsl heart problem.
Heart issue is one of the main culpreit of causing death of diabetic. Prolonged high blood sugar tends to chke blood vessels which cause plethora of problems, right fro blood pressure to heart attak.

Its been found that cinnamon can help diaetics in this regard
It tends to reduce cholesterol in the body, hence improveing your lipid profile and reducning your chances of getting heart problems.

5. Eases Sore throat
Cinnamon anti-microbial property makes it useful for solving different health problems and sore throat is one of them.

Dissoving some cinnamon powder in water and then drink it can help you get relief from sore throat

6. Other Benefits
a. Digestion Issue: Cinnamon is helpful for digetion related issues
b. Healthy Hair: Cinnamon can also stimulate hair growth; you can prepare hair mask by mixing cinnamon spice with oil and teaspoon of honey.
Then apply to your hair; tinse your hair after 15 min

c. Helps relieveing Arthritis pain
Considerable amount of population is ealing with painful arthritis joint pain. Few know that cinnamon can be helpful in reliving that pain.
Mix cinnamon powder in warm water, also put some honey in it. Drinking this solution can help you relieve pain.

d. Treating pimples
Mix some cinnamon powder in 3 tablespoons of honey, then apply the mixture in affected areas and leave it for 30 minutes.
You will feel the benefit in a week

e. Ant repeller
spread cinnamon powder in the area which are populate dby ants. this can prove excellent ant repeller for your home

1. Cinnamon tends to interfere with the working of medication
So if you are taking metformin or cholesterol loweing drugs then avoid taking cinnamon

2. Liver problems
Cinamon can make your liver problem worse.
so if you are already suffering with liver issues, then avoid this spice

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