Digital Demetia || How mobiles are ruining children’s lives

Have you ever wondered how much time do you spend with the digital technology?
With the rise of cutting-edge smartphones, tablets and cheap internet, the average time spent on these devices is increasing day by day.
In a shocking study in South Korea, it has been found that the average person is spending more than 7 hours a day on his technology device and the duration is only increasing.

This overindulgence in digital technology is creating own set of problems, one of which is termed as digital dementia.

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What is Digital Dementia?
Digital dementia refers to the cognitive decline of the human brain due to overindulgence with the technology gadgets.
Infact, the latest research done by the National Institute of Health has confirmed that children who are spending more time on the digital media have less cognitive capability as compared to the child who spent less amount.

Cognitive Decline
The destruction of cognitive function happens slowly.
Remember before the smartphone boom, we used to remember our friend’s phone number, but now dur to ease of smartphones we don’t even bother to remember it.
The feasibility of getting information at the fraction of second has impacted our ability to apply our own thinking.

Want to know the name of the restaurant you last visited?
No need to stress your brain, just google it.

This behavior has made our brain lethargic and has hampered our capability to use our brain creatively.

Makes us less creative
The use of excessive technology can impact the functioning of the right side of our brain which results in short-term memory loss, lack of creative ideas, short attention span and phycological disorders like depression.

I know some people who just cannot live without their smartphones. They are now so much dependent on it that now they need to peek on the screen every 5 minutes.
This habit seriously hampers the concentration and work productivity. They also lack creative ideas as now they are on constant lookout for ideas on the internet. In a way, their life is totally dependent on the internet.

Jealousy and Depression
There is another important aspect of the digital device known as social media.
It’s been found that people who are too much involved in these social platforms are likely to develop psychological disorders like depression and suicidal thought.

Social Media gives a false image of the real world. Seeing the photograph of your friend on a foreign vacation or buying a new car, make us feel bad about ourselves.
We feel that we are lacking in our lives and thus create a sense of insecurity among ourself.

Keep in mind that people in social media will never gonna share their photos of struggle. They will always share something good about themselves, which gives the false impression to an audience that their life is less perfect than their friends.

Sleep Disorder
The research published by the National Institute of Health has found that children spending too much of time of digital devices have sleep disturbances issue which has a serious impact on their studies and more importantly their health.
Actually, the blue light emitted by the phones tricks our bran to believe that it is still daytime and due to this, sufficient amount of melatonin hormone (sleep hormone) is not produced.

These effects of mobile phones  are seriously impacting our quality of life, making ourself vulnerable to the digital environment.

You can also check this video, which tries to explain digital dementia in a simplified manner.


Steps for Prevention
Keeping in mind the disastrous effects of these technological devices, but must be careful with its usage. The best thing one can do is to develop a set of guideline for themselves and the children so that the danger can be avoided.
One can take the following steps:

1. Reduce your dependence on Google 
Try to retrieve your information organically from your brain. Avoid using google for all the information which you think by yourself.
This will not happen automatically, you have to practice it on a regular basis.
Nowadays, we are so much dependent on technology that this may sound impossible to do, but please make some effort as it will definitely improve your brain functionality.

2. Learn new things
Try to challenge your thinking capability.
Learn new skill which you always wanted to do, it can be anything right from playing musical instruments or any new sporting activity.

3. Socialize
Try to meet new people in person.
Get out of the virtual world and socialize in the live environment. This can help you learn new ideas and during the process, you will also make new friends.

4. Avoid tablets for reading any book
Now with the emergence of tablets and reading software, people are more drawn to read a book on digital platforms. Try to change the habit and revert back to the same old method of physical book reading.

5. Remove apps which are wasting your time
I have personally removed the facebook app from my smartphone. I found myself overusing the platform, I was in a way addicted to it and was wasting too much of my time watching profiles of different persons.
This step will help you to protect from digital dementia effect.

6. Don’t take your mobile in bed
DIgital devices can impact your sleeping cycle, so it is best to keep it out from your sleeping bed.

7. Make a rule
Make yourself a promise that you will use social media app only once a day.
Fix time of your choice when you will log in to those site for a specified duration and for the rest of the day you will forget about it.
Follow this rule religiously and you will get over from the addiction to checking mobile apps multiple times a day.

Final Word
I am not against digital technology, in fact, they are the necessity of today’s world. I only have a problem with its overindulgence and its harmful impact on our lifestyle.
People need to understand that it is a double edged sword which has the potential to damage our body if not used in an effective way.

I hope you liked our article about digital dementia. You can share this article among your peer groups to make them aware of this potential danger so that they can take suitable action accordingly.

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