Diabetic Bracelets-Must have accessory for Sugar Patients

If you are diabetic or suffering from any other medical condition, engraving bracelets (or diabetic bracelets) can save your life during emergency medical situations.

These diabetic bracelets help us in two ways:
a. Saves time during medical emergency
b. Can be used as a fashion Accessory

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In this article, we will try to understand why diabetic bracelets are important and will also suggest some items which you can choose as per your liking
I just can’t enough stress its importance for the diabetic patients.
Diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas fails to produce insulin in the body. Due to this condition, the body fails to metabolize carbohydrates which results in rising in blood sugar.

1. To let People know about your condition during the medical emergency

a. Tackling Severe Hypos
Diabetic Bracelets are very much important because diabetics are prone to a medical emergency and while treatment the doctor has to consider the patient’s blood sugar.
If you are diabetic, you may have heard the term “Hypoglycemia” which means low blood sugar. This is a deadly condition in which the blood sugar in the body goes below the normal level. It happens mainly to Type 1 diabetic when they have overdose themselves with the insulin hormone.

This condition requires immediate intervention, otherwise, the situation can get deadly in a matter of seconds.
I remember the case of my mother who was Type 1 diabetic and used to inject insulin 2 times a day. She never took her condition seriously, not that she was careless in her diet, but the fact that she never used to test her blood sugar cause to develop different diabetic complications.
One night, she overdoses her self with insulin, which results in Hypoglycemia at midnight; and before we could do anything, she passed away.

Now being diabetic myself, I took a note to follow a diet which is low in carbs and regularly monitor my blood sugar especially at night. I also keep a bunch of confectionary items in my pocket to counter the surprise “Hypo attacks”

b. Saves time during the medical process
Suppose a diabetic patient met with an accident and requires immediate medical intervention. The description of your illness in the bracelet helps the doctor to identify your illness and allows him to take necessary steps as per the required medical process.
This can save you a lot of time in a situation when every second is important. So make sure you engrave all the important description in the diabetic bracelet, which can come handy during the medical emergency.
In this section, i have included certain categories of the description which you should engrave in your diabetic alert bracelet

1. Type of Diabetes
Mention whether you are Type 1 or Type 2.
Many people just don’t bother to find out if they are Type 1 diabetic or Type 2. Both of them are very different from each other and require different treatment methods to control them.

If you want to understand the different form of diabetes in detail, click here to get redirected to the required article.

2. Insulin Dependent or Not

While Type 1 diabetics have to take insulin for blood sugar control, Type 2 diabetic patients mostly rely on medicine for treatment.

3. Allergies

Engrave any kind of allergies you have.

4. Address and Phone Number

This will help people to contact your friends and family during an emergency like situation

5. Other Medical Condition

If you have faced other medical condition like heart attack, stroke or any other serious problem, make sure to mention it in the diabetic alert bracelet.
In this section, i would like to showcase some good quality products which I think will suit your need as a diabetic and will also add to your style statement.

1. Steel Ball Chain Bracelet
This is a high strength medical bracelet with steel ball chain attached to the engraving plate. Medical information can be engraved in the plate.
The steel adds to the luster that will add to your style statement.
You can buy the product by clicking this link



2. Gold Tone Alert

This diabetic jewelry is special due to its golden color, which gives a premium feel in your style quality. The product is made up of high strength stainless steel and is polished with gold finish.
you can buy the medical bracelet for men by clicking this link


3. Link Chain Based Diabetic Bracelet

This is a link chain type diabetic bracelet which is conventionally different from he classic chain type diabetic jewelry.
you can buy this bracelet by clicking this link

4. Band Type Diabetic Alert Bracelet

This bracelet is also different from conventional chain type bracelet. Here the band is attached to the engraving plate and it feels more like wearing a band watch.
you can buy this bracelet by clicking this link


diabetes bracelet
5.Leather Based Diabetic Jewelry

This bracelet is unique and its leather-based strap gives you a rugged look.
you can buy this bracelet by clicking this link


Diabetic Bracelet is a necessary accessory to have among the diabetics, it will not only saves your time during a medical emergency but will also add to your style statements.
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