Which Diabetes is Worse? Type 1 or Type 2

This article will not be about the technical difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The article will try to understand the problems faced by the patients suffering from this disease and which one is more difficult to manage.

Many people wonder ” Which diabetes is worse?”
Some Type 1 diabetics feel that they would be better off if they had Type 2 diabetes.
Imagine this condition in which the patient is wishing for one disease in exchange of other. I didn’t knew that even disease are fantasized by human beings!!!

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Jokes aside, i was one of the patient who after being diagnosed with diabetes wished for Type 2.
Because i do not want to take the pain of injecting insulin daily.
I had already seen my mother dealing with daily dose of injections and i don’t want to be part of it.
Also i had phobia of needles, the thought of dealing with injections on daily basis was causing me headache.

There are many people like me who have similar phobia.
I have seen grown up people refusing to take up insulin and their family members had to take great pain to convince the person for the insulin therapy.

There are some problems which i think make my life difficult as Type 1 diabetic

1. Taking insulin injections daily
Not only i have to deal with needles, i also have to proper calibrate the insulin dose.
Too large amount can kill me and too less amount can make me sick.

2. Storing Insulin
This is a headache for people living in warm country.
I live in India and i have to take proper measures to keep my insulin in proper temperature.
Travelling outside is a headache, you need to look out for refrigerator and explain people why it is important to keep the insulin cool.
When i visit any hotel, i have to ask the manager to keep the insulin in refrigerator and then answer his question about “how did i get this disease in such a young age?”

3. Hypoglycemia is more frequent in Type 1 diabetic patient
People suffering from type 1 diabetes have to take proper amount of insulin.
What irritates me the most is how my body insulin sensitivity change with time.
Eating the same food and taking the same amount of insulin will get you different blood sugar results. There are times when i ate the same low carb food and took the proper amount of insulin as before but i got hypoglycemic at the midnight.
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4. Taking insulin pen with you every time you go outside with friends
I am a minimalist.
I like to take minimum things with me.
I don’t wear accessories, don’t wear hand watch,no sunglasses, just like to keep things simple.
But ever since i got diagnosed with diabetes, i have to make a room for insulin pen.
I hate giving excuses to my friends every time i have to go to washroom to take insulin.
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5. Checking blood sugar frequently
Type 1 diabetics need to check their blood sugar many times a day.
This is not the case for people living with Type 2 diabetes as the blood sugar do not fluctuate that much. This considerably increase the cost of managing the disease.
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which diabetes is worse


In order to answer the question “which diabetes is worse?”, will will also have to understand the perspective of Type 2 diabetes
This are some of the things which i think keeps me in low position as compared to Type 2 diabetes. I do not personally experienced Type 2 diabetes but i think they are in better position as :

1. They have to take pills
Medications can be easily available in the store without any prescription.
And the most important thing is that you don’t have to take injections multiple times a day.
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2. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed
If you follow proper diet and exercise plan there is a possibility that you can get rid of diabetes medication such a case is not possible for Type 1 diabetic.

3. Blood sugar fluctuation is not that wild

4. you can carry small pill easily in your jeans
No need to carry that insulin case and no worry about maintaining proper insulin temperature.

5. Problems of Type 2 diabetes
People suffering from type 2 diabetes have own set of problems like

a. Side effects of Medicine
b. the effectiveness of medications can reduce with time and then you have to take insulin
c.Dose of medicine
While you can eat your food of your choice and take required amount of insulin. For Type 2 diabetics this can create problem as you cannot increase your medication dose to a limit, so diet planning is very important


Final Word
So, which diabetes is worse?
According to me its Type 1.

But it is my personal opinion and ultimately it all depends on the people suffering with it.
If you have any other perspective, please let me know in comments.


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