Diagnosed with Diabetes



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I was fit and healthy, so getting struck by it at this age was quite a shock. Though my mother was diabetic (she died due to hypoglycemic diabetes storyepisode) and I knew in the back of my mind that I could get diabetic in future if I don’t pay attention to my health, but still it was not expected to hit me at young age.



After being diagnosed and understanding the complexities behind it, now I can relate the changes my body was undergoing before diagnosis. I can’t exactly say the day it started, but around December 2016 I sensed some kind of a fruity smell whenever I urinate, which I don’t pay any attention.

The next two months nothing noticeable happens but I felt a gradual weight loss; I felt softening of muscles around my legs and arms, it was the time I couldn’t sit comfortably on the chair as my bottom’s muscle had got soft and I could feel my bones while sitting.

By March I developed all the classical symptoms; I lost 10 Kg of weight, was thirsty all the time, urinating a lot, feeling fatigued and grumpy most of the time.



I remember a meeting with my friend whom I met after a long time, we decided to have dinner together at a restaurant far away from the city; we were there for 2 hours and I remember myself drinking water a lot and urinating 4 times in that period. My friend suspects something is wrong as I was using toilets frequently and asked me something is off with my health, but I blamed it all on the warm weather which made me drink water more often.



These changes also made me difficult to handle my full-time job. During this period I was transferred to another branch which was located at the distant location; I had to travel long distances on my bike which was quite a difficult experience; I couldn’t sit properly on bike as I felt my bones under which was quite painful also I experienced excruciating pain around my neck and shoulders; I felt that I would fall any moment, so I used to take small breaks in between the travel.

 I tried to convince the management to put me in nearby location but I failed miserably (it was my fault; how could I convince someone if I, myself don’t understand what’s happening with my body); failing to get my request accepted I decided not to report to the office (I almost lost my job due to that). I was in the home for 15 days, sleeping most of the time; but i resumed the office after I got diagnosed and explained my health reports



During that period my grandmother observed my deteriorating health; She notices the group of ants in my toilet and suspects something wrong with me; she asked me to visit my uncle (who is an orthopedic doctor and was diabetic himself) for consultation. My uncle referred me to undergo series of test after understanding my concerns. The result came and BOOM, I got labeled as diabetic.



I was in denial; was overwhelmed by different emotions at the same time; questions were pounding my head; how this could happen to me? Why God, why only me? Maybe there is some misunderstanding; there must be some fault in the test done; I used to jog every day, did regular exercise, there is definitely something wrong with the report.

I couldn’t sleep that night; was exasperated by the feeling that I would never be able to live a normal life. In the morning I rushed to another testing lab with hope to invalidate the previous report but all in vain, my readings were:

Fasting Sugar Level: 250

PP Sugar Level: 520

It was hard to accept for a while, getting a disease which would stay with you for a lifetime is horrendous; I couldn’t sleep for another two nights and was blaming myself for this menace. All the negative thoughts overwhelmed me; questions were all over my mind;

Whether I’ll be able to live a normal life?

Can I still fulfill my dreams?

Will I be able to continue my job?

I had seen my mother struggling with it; she never had a control over her sugar level which ultimately led her to her demise.  I have heard about the diabetic complication that led to blindness, amputations, heart-failure and what not. Getting a sense of being diabetic had scared a hell out of me.

These unsettling questions made me search the net, I started following different contents and tried to learn as much as possible. I was surprised by the advancements in diabetes management which were unheard during my mother struggling period and read positive stories on how people have moved top of the ladder with effective diabetic management. It was some relief and I decided to prepare a regime to control the illness rather this illness controlling me.



A month has passed now and I am effectively controlling my blood sugar. Proper diet plan and constant tracking of sugar level are important steps to manage it; it’s important to not shy away using glucometer in front of colleagues during office hours which I observed most people do, I think people are cooperative if they know about your situation and will help if you need something.

I would like to say to my fellow diabetic community that you don’t have to get demotivated about your condition; there are times when you feel down and frustrated but that’s quite normal; it’s important to keep moving forward and have an understanding that with proper management you can do anything.

Remember, being diabetic can be blessing in disguise, as it forces you to live in a disciplined way which trickles down to your habit and make you competent in your job

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