Diabetes Myths that Confuse People

Being diabetic, you may come across misplaced information or diabetes myths from friends and relative, who have no first-hand experience of this illness.

I don’t know why people always want to make point of something that they don’t understand fully;
They don’t understand that this half-baked information will only harm the patient and will make his condition worse.

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Busting the diabetes myths

Even the internet is not spared, you can find lots of information that are poorly researched.
In the 21st century, we are living in an information world where every data is available in a single click; but whose gonna validate the information, there is so much information available which has potential to harm the society rather than doing good.

In this article, we will try to address the common diabetes myths and find out the real truth with proper reasoning.

Eating Sugar food can make you diabetic

Most of the people who get diagnosed are always told that they should have taken care of their diet.

I have experienced this situation firsthand, where people came to preach me about the healthy lifestyle; some of the people go the extent of blaming me for the condition.

Let me tell you that, even before the diagnosis I was very particular of my diet, I used to stay away from the sugary soft drinks, used to eat home-based food most of the time.

Yes, I had my weak days when I use to savor my favorite ice cream, but who doesn’t!!
Not everybody ends up getting diabetes.

The truth is that a large number of factors come into play to get this condition and eating unhealthy diet is one of them.
Eating foods that are high in carbs can put a lot of pressure in your pancreas that can end up giving you Type 2 diabetes, but it is not a universal rule.
There are people who were extremely careful about their food, used to exercise daily, but still end up getting this problem.

Because there are multiple factors coming into play. Factors like genetic susceptibility, Vitamin D deficiency, stress, family background. infection etc are some of many.

So before you feel guilty about yourself, remember that getting diabetes may not be your fault.
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diabetes myths that are harmful for your health

Only fat people get affected by Type 2 diabetes

This is the ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Please note that around 20% of people with type 2 diabetes are of normal weight.

In other statistical data, around one-third of American adults are obese, but the diabetes rate is just under 10%. If obesity would have been the necessary condition for getting diabetes, the rate would have closely matched the data.

As I have said earlier, there are multiple factors that come into play which give birth to this problem and obesity is just one of those factors.
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Okra (ladyfinger) can make you diabetic free

Let me state you for once and all.

Okra doesn’t cure diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are diabetic and looking for ways to cure it, sorry to disappoint you, but there is no cure available for this problem till date.
I have been researching on this subject for quite some time now and can confirm you that any claim coming across for cure is just baseless and is placed on the intention to loot money from this lucrative market.

But this doesn’t mean that Okra is useless for you.
Just like any other vegetable, this food also has a lot of nutrients to offer.
This vegetable has been packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that not only nourish your body but also helps diabetic to reduce fasting blood sugar.
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People with diabetics tend to face lot of problems and they die early

In a research, it has been found that people with diabetes have 10 years short life as compared to the normal individual.

Please note that the result is an average number which includes people who are not managing their diabetic effectively. Sure, Diabetes can be very dangerous and there is always a risk of diabetic complication.

But if you are serious about your illness and have determined that you will manage your blood sugar properly you will live an active life as any other normal person.

People with diabetes do not die because of this illness, they die due to poorly managed blood sugar. Try to maintain your blood sugar as close to normal and you will stay away from the complications.
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People with diabetes shouldn’t play any sport

What if I tell you that there are diabetic sports personalities who are performing exceptionally well in the world forum.

In fact, there is a team called Team Novo Nordisk where all the athletes are Type 1 diabetic. They have not only participated in various sporting events but has won numerous accolades in the global platform.

diabetes misinformation can harm the patient


But there is one caveat;
whenever you participate in an event that is physically demanding, make sure to check your blood sugar before and after the game.

Because there is a possibility for a diabetic, especially for Type 1, to run into Hypoglycemia. Hence it’s wise to have some glucose before participating in any sport.

Also, don’t forget to keep glucose bar in your pocket in case of emergency strike during mid-sport.
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Diabetes is only for old people

Most of the people I talk to only know diabetes as a lifestyle disorder which occurs only to old people.
I think that its now a high time for people to understand that diabetes is not only related to lifestyle problem, there are multiple factors involve and can happen at any age.

Even Type 2 diabetes which was earlier know to affect aged population is on the rise among the youth. So, if you get to meet any young diabetic, don’t embarrass him by saying that “you are too young for it”
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Diabetics are not fit for marriage

Especially in a country like India where arranged marriage is a norm, diabetics find difficult to find a marriage partner.

Because people think that the person may not be suitable for this nuptial ties and whose gonna struggle with a partner who is facing chronic medical condition.

I think the argument made by the society is completely flawed.
Diabetics are just like a normal person who just had an additional responsibility to manage the blood sugar. They can be as loving and may be more compassionate with their partner.

I think that diabetics are more realistic about their life; they understand that life is short and anything can happen to any of us; this understanding make them more caring as a person.

And argument about suffering from this lifelong illness;
Is there any guarantee that your perfect healthy partner may not develop any illness after the marriage?
Diabetes is on rise, though one may not have it now, according to current statistics, there are high chances to develop in any individual.

So can you be so sure that the dream partner you are looking for, may not develop diabetes in future?

I think we all going in the wrong direction.
If you love any person and you believe that he is your soulmate, don’t hesitate to get married to that person.


Those were the top 7 myths that I felt should be dispersed.
If you have come across such misinformation, feel free to share with us in the comment below.

Also, if you liked the article, make sure to share it across your community. Your sharing will motivate us to write more article in the future.


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