Diabetics falling into cure trap

Came across an article today where a self-proclaimed healer conducts seminar all over the world evangelizing diabetics to shun the modern medical practice and embark on his traditional practice for diabetes miracle cure.
After gaining popularity among his peer group and practicing his traditional medication among the diabetic community, he is now facing trial for causing the death of Type 1 diabetic child by denying him insulin dose for 5 days.
What’s shocking was the belief of child’s parents whose faith was unflinching towards the healer even when the health of the child was deteriorating slowly.

What were they thinking?
How come anyone believes in new practice without knowing its previous success rate?
Are they were oblivious to their child condition?

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diabetes miracle

Falling Prey To Diabetes Miracle Scheme
You may wonder, how in today’s time where any information is available with a click, one can believe in such traditional and untested methods of treatment.

This may come as a shock to you, but back here in India, I have come across various similar incidences where people easily get lured by the tempting offers of malign individuals.
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India is known as a spiritual country throughout the world, it has some mystical aura which is not to be found in any part of the world. Its known as a place where one can find their inner self and get closer to the spirituality. It is a place where religion like Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism born, it gave birth to philosophies which have influence thinkers through the world.
And who can forget about Yoga & meditation, its been popular throughout the world.

But there are people who try to bank on Indian spirituality and take unscrupulous advantage of naive people. Masquerading as “fake gurus” these guys try to prey on the uneducated, poor diabetics by offering them diabetes miracle cure that come straight from God.

But how come people may get fooled by these untested methods?
Don’t they have any belief in their doctor? you may ask;

Diabetes is a frustrating condition;
Imagine the plight of a family whose child got diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 3 and was told that its gonna stay for lifetime;
For a poor family the situation is overwhelming; on one hand, you have to overcome the pain of diagnosis and on the other the burden of medical cost.
Getting the final word from the doctor that the “condition is incurable” force them to think about other options.

I belong to the family with the decent educational background. There was a time when a member of our family was very sick and there was the little scope of improvement.
Though we were seeing the top doctors of the city, my family also made sure to make an appointment to a religious priest and follow the traditional way of healing which is not only untested but can go against the patient health.

I was very much against this; after all how long can we rely on superstition and blindly follow the bizarre instructions of these unscrupulous people who claim to heal life-threatening conditions.

I understand that money is important thing to live good life;
It’s an important commodity to have good standard of living and fulfilling your emergency needs;
but we, while making money, should ensure that we are not harming the well being of other individuals.
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These Natural healers who claim to cure uncurable disease should ask themselves “aren’t they doing a grave injustice to the people who are already distraught and looking for help?”
Isn’t it a sin to give false hope to a person who is already struggling a lot?
Aren’t the destroying the life of an individual for a petty amount of money?
You can read one fraud case here

Getting Cautious
For all the guys who are living or whose family member is living with any medical condition. I will request you to stop falling prey to these Ponzi schemes.
Follow below steps before going for something untested and unproven treatments:

1. Scrap the internet
Try to read as much as possible about your condition. In the world of the Internet, there is no dearth of knowledge, please make use of it.

2. Join Community
Joining health community gives you a proper understanding of your condition and will aware you of all the possible treatment available for your disease management.
It’s a good idea to discuss your condition and the treatments you are undergoing among the members as they will guide you through their immense experience and support you whenever you have any difficult time
diabetes miracle

3. Test the Records
If you come across any extraordinary claim of diabetes miracle which may sound completely unheard and goes against the advice of medical practitioners, it would be wise to research about them in a detailed manner.
Ask certain questions:
a. if they have found a cure, why medical agencies don’t recognize them as a medical professional?
b. why has the treatment not been incorporated by doctors?
c. For how long they are treating the disease? Can they show any proof validated by independent agency
d. If they have found the cure; why they have not patented it? By this way, they could have earned a lot more and would have served the people throughout the world.

Don’t ever believe their untested claims with blind eye; usually, the person who claims to be treated by these goons are part of their team and are paid for their fake reviews
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Instead of spending your precious time and money on these unverified process; try to acquaint yourself about your condition and treat yourself as per proven medical science.
For Diabetics around here, I know you are too frustrated with daily control and discipline; I understand how you feel when you see your child pricking daily, but believe me he will get used to it with time.
There has been such tremendous growth in medical technologies which make easier for us to monitor the condition and with time i am sure the situation will improve.
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diabetes miracle

Imagine there was a time when insulin was not discovered and diabetics used to die painful death;
Where were these self-healers then?
Where were these diabetes miracle?
In our legends, we have read that the ancient period was full of mysticism and magic; then why these healers were unable to save the diabetics then.
It was only after the discovery of insulin, the diabetics started living a full life.

Thanks to medical science, the situation is improving. And there may come a time and the time is not that far when a cure for diabetes will be available, you just need to hang on.


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