Diabetes gaining weight: Tips To gain Weight

Most of the diabetics are concerned about their extra weight. And why not, as obesity is the cause of other health problems like heart disease, bone-related issues, etc.

But there are diabetics who are slim and are looking for ways to gain weight.
Diabetes is not a problem for obese only, it is gripping the population that looks fit and is in good shape.
Diabetes gaining weight is an ignored issue and many people believe that weight is the only cause of getting diabetes.

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I, myself have a slim body.
I am 5foot 7 inches tall and had maintained weight of 60 kgs before my diabetes diagnosis.
Just before i got diagnosed, i realized that i am losing my body mass. When i did my weight check, i was shocked to realize that my weight plummeted to 45 Kgs.

Today, i am on insulin therapy and have maintained weight between 54-56 Kgs.

The Point is that there are diabetics around the world who are looking to gain weight. In this article, I will try to mention some points which can help you gain weight.

One thing you need to understand that in order to gain weight you have to increase your calorie intake. But the dilemma with a diabetic is that they have to constantly strike a balance between the right foods and the spike in blood sugar.
So this is the article about diabetes gaining weight. You will read about different tips that can let you achieve the goal of weight gain.

So let’s get into the process which can help you increase weight.

1. Install Calorie Counter
It is important for you to install an app which shows data about the calorie and carbohydrate content of any food.
It is important for you to know what and how much you are eating.
There are many mobile apps available, the one i am using is named “healthifyme app”

2. Set your goal
In order to set your goal, it’s important to check your BMI first.
The BMI calculates the ideal weight as per your height, this way you can target particular weight for your body.

3. Eat smaller meal throughout the day
Instead of eating full meals three times a day, you can have smaller meals spread throughout the day.
This can help diabetics in two ways:

a. you will  easily control your blood sugar
As you will be eating in small portion, the risk of blood sugar spike will be less.

b. You can increase your calorie intake by adopting this method.

But let me tell you that this way of eating is difficult to adopt, you will need to practice alot to adopt this method.

4. Eat foods that are high in calories and low in carbohydrates (search for foods that are high in good fats and low in carbohydrates)
You can take help of the mobile app I mentioned above to find the suitable food. I have listed some of the food ideas for your reference

a. Full fat dairy products like cheese, yogurt and cream
b. Nuts
c. Avocadoes
d. Vegetables with melted butter
This is my favorite method for preparing food.
I chop different vegetables and mix them.
Then prepare the vegetable on the gas by putting some pieces of butter.
And then spraying some salt and Indian Spice.

Cooking Food with a limited amount of butter is way healthier than cooking it with oil.
Vegetable oil is one of the main culprits for heart problems (as it raises bad cholesterol)

5. Increase Protein Intake
Protein helps you make muscle mass.
Look for foods that are high in calories and protein but low in carbohydrate.

Caution: If you have kidney related issues, consult your doctor before embarking on a high protein diet.

Some of the high protein food for your reference are:
a. Chicken
b. Fish
c. Eggs
d. Beans (though are higher in carb content)

6. Supplements
Now, this is another way to increase your calorie intake.
Personally, i am not fond of this idea as i feel its better to take the nutrient through regular diet and you don’t know what side-effects the supplement can have.
Also, there is a huge issue of fake product particularly in Indian Market, so be sure of what you buy.

7. Excercise
Excercise will help you to increase your appetite and build muscle mass.
So go and hit the gym.

Apart from lifting a weight, there are other excellent options for exercise such as
a. Swimming
b. Dance Classes
c. Martial Art Class

I hope you liked the above-mentioned tips.
If you have any other ideas about diabetes gaining weight, you can share with us through comment section.


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