Diabetes Food: for healthy body and low blood sugar (Part 2)

This is the second post of the article series “food for diabetics” in which I will be posting about different diabetes food which won’t spike your blood sugar and are also beneficial for the healthy body.

Before reading through this post, I recommend you to read my earlier post in which I have mentioned about carb counting.
Food For Diabetics-Part 1

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Carb Counting is an effective strategy to maintain your blood sugar, so I reiterate again to read the previous article of this series.


The Vegetarian Option
In my previous article, I included diets which were non-vegetarian in nature.

Most of my diabetic friends were the ones who are strictly vegetarian and they asked me to write about plant-based diabetes food which can help them to maintain the blood sugar.

I usually try to keep myself surrounded by persons living with diabetes.
With platforms like social media, it has become much easier to discuss, engage and share stories about their practice.

food for diabetes

Every day you tend to learn different things;
But I am surprised that whenever a question of “diabetic food” arise, most the people generally tend to stick with non-vegetarian options.

Don’t get me wrong,  I have nothing against non-veg foods;
In fact, I am myself a non-vegetarian and love to savor chicken every now and then.

But there are communities which are strictly vegetarian;
The reason may be religious or medical;

Whatever their choice of food is, its necessary for every diabetic advocate to raise awareness of different food option that suits every individual.

So, in this article, I have included food items which are diabetes-friendly and are easily available in the market.

1. Cabbage

In a country especially like India, this diabetes food can be easily found in the market and at a reasonable price. In spite of being such an affordable diet, I am shocked that how this vegetable is ignored by our diabetic community.

I guarantee that you will get amazed by its nutritional value and the benefit it offers.
food for diabetes

a. Great Fiber Source
Due to its rich fiber content, it is been used to treat constipation and mushroom poisoning from ancient times.

Cabbage juice stimulates your body to produce juices that improve your digestion process. If you are struggling or want to avoid digestion related problems, taking few teaspoon of cabbage juice before eating can do wonders in your digestion capability

It also contains an enzyme which helps healing peptic ulcer.

b. Fights Cancer
Contains antioxidants like Vitamin A and C;
Also equipped with phytonutrients like lutein and sulforaphane, which protects you from prostate, colon and breast cancer

c. Helpful to maintain your blood sugar
Due to high fiber content, it helps to slow down the absorption of sugar by the blood.
Hence, if you include cabbage in your diet, you will be having less sudden sugar spikes and low risk of diabetic complications in the future.

Also as cabbage is low in carbs, you don’t have to worry much about your blood sugar getting haywire.
If you are Type 1 diabetes, your insulin dose may reduce by a certain degree.
Read about Type 1 diabetes in Detail

d. Weight loss property

Cabbage is low in calorie, low carbs and is low in fats.
It’s an excellent diet if you are looking for weight reduction.

It is especially helpful for type 2 diabetics who are looking for weight loss.
Because of high fiber content cabbage keep you satiated for a long time and help you to stay away from high carb food for a longer duration.
Read about type 2 diabetes in detail

e. Vitamin C
As you must have been aware, Vitamin C helps to strengthen your immune system.

A Strong immune system is a necessity for every individual especially for diabetics; It helps you fight infection and support your body for early recovery.

When you get ill, you must have experienced getting your blood sugar haywire. It gets difficult to get hold of your blood sugar even after rendering heavy insulin dosage.
A normal innocuous fever can harm diabetics like anything.

So, it is better to prevent getting hold of  any infection by taking proper care if your daily hygiene and strengthening your immune system

Vitamin C is also good for your skin and hair and prevents accelerated aging

f. Vitamin K
Helps blood clotting and maintains bone health;
Also, reduce chances of  getting Alzheimer disease

How to prepare cabbage?

While cooking, it’s important to keep the vegetable as close to raw. This way we can preserve most of its nutrients.
Try to avoid microwaving this vegetable as it can destroy its cancer preventive enzymes within 2 minutes!

Quickly steaming the cabbage or eating it raw in the form of salad is the best option to incorporate this food into your diet
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I don’t feel like eating cabbage? I just don’t like the taste.
Sure, cabbage has not got the best of the taste.
Forget children, even grown-up adults like to stay away from this food.

I understand how difficult is to incorporate any food which you hate the most.
Forcing yourself to eat something you don’t like will not help at all. You may get successful having it for one or more time, but eventually, you will never gonna accept is as a part of your life.

So what to do?
How can I make any food more interesting?

One strategy that works for me is to try a different recipe for that particular diabetes food.

Let me explain with one example;
I hate eating bottle gourd (“loki” in Hindi);
No matter how I hard I try, I just couldn’t swallow that food.
After 2-3 attempts, I just gave up and declared not trying anymore.

But that vegetable scores high in nutritional value.
Isn’t it bad to avoid this healthy food just for the reason of taste?

Feeling bad, I tried researching different recipes of this vegetable.
With different permutations and combinations, I found one preparation suited my taste bud and eventually fell in love with it.

If you are facing difficulty incorporating this diabetes food in your diet, try to search different recipes in your cookbook. I am sure, you will come across something that will tickle your taste buds.
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2. LADY FINGER (Okhra or Bhindi)
This diabetes food vegetable is also commonly available in India and is known to offer multiple benefits for diabetics.

But be careful of the false propaganda that claims to treat diabetes through Okhra.
I am sure you may have come across such an advertisement, this is nothing but just a fast money making tactics by some shrewd individuals who have no care or respect for human life.

Many people, frustrated with this condition get coyed in this trap and suffer both physically and mentally.

So, at any point if you come across such claim, no matter how much you are suffering, don’t fall into this stupid trap and only rely on the medical science.

diabetes food

Here are some of the benefits that Ladyfinger has to offer

a. Rich in Fiber Content
Fiber tends to improve your digestion
If you are having digestion related problem like constipation, incorporating ladyfinger in your diet can give you some relief

Fiber also helps you to keep satiated and you won’t feel hunger for longer duration.
This is especially helpful for diabetics as this will help them to avoid their sugar craving and let them stay away from sugary food for longer duration

Diabetes Food with high fiber tend to slow down the absorption of sugar in the digestive system. Hence with okhra, you can reduce incidence of blood sugar spike which is helpful to prevent diabetic complications in future.
But be careful, if you are taking tablets like metformin; okra fiber can reduce the tablet effectiveness

b. Lower cholestrol levels
In a research, ladyfinger was found to lower cholestrol level in lab mice.
Because of its high fiber content and antioxidants, okra is higly recommended for diabetics for its capability to reduce cholestrol level

c. Rich in Vitamins and Nutrients that prevents cancer
Okra is a good source of Vitamin C, K, manganese, and folate

It is found that people with insufficient folate have high risk for pancreatic, lung, breast and curvical cancer.

A protein called Lectin is also helpful to reduce the chance of developing cancer cells in your body

1. As i have said earlier, okra can reduce the effect of metformin medicine. So, if you are taking these diabetic tablets, make sure to keep check of your blood sugar while having this vegetable

2. For some guys, this vegetable elicits allergic reaction.
If you are not feeling well while having it, make sure to discontinue with the vegetable

3. People with irritable bowel syndrome should avoid this diabetes food.
Okra contains fructan ( a form of carbohydrate) that can induce diarreha and cramps in some people


For today’s article, we have fully scrutinized cabbage and understood its importance for all the diabetic community throughout the world.
In the coming days, I will continue to share essential diabetes food items and even diabetic food recipes, so make sure to follow the blog on regular basisdiabetes food

Please let me know how you liked the articlein the comment section below;
Also, if you want to contact me, you can do it by clicking this link;

If you me to cover any particular topic, feel free to reach out and i will try to cover it in my next article.

Have a nice day

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