Diabetes Cure: an unfulfilled wish

Being suffering from a lifelong condition like diabetes is not an easy task. You get the additional burden of doing daily sugar testing, counting carbs and taking steps to control your diet.
The situation gets more difficult when you find out that the food options that diabetic have to incorporate have very limited availability in the market.
Usually, our market is full of high carb product that the diabetics have to avoid.
Not able to get enough choices of food for diabetics is what makes the condition more difficult.
These daily frustrations force us to seek for diabetes cure.


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Daily Issues Faced by Diabetics
Imagine the plight of a student who is suffering from Type 1 diabetes and has to leave the comfort of his home to attend college in the different city.
How difficult would it be for that child to find right food items in the market that is full of junk food?
Checking blood sugar daily and at different times of a day would be a pain;
Then dealing with daily highs and lows apart from other challenges of college would just feel like impossible;
And imagine the plight of parents, they would be living with constant fear considering their type 1 child living in different city;
what would happen if their child gets into an emergency situation?
Is their child giving himself the right amount of insulin dose?

diabetes cure

This unimaginable difficulty makes them look after something that can give freedom from this difficult situation.
But is there any permanent cure for diabetes?
Is there any diabetes cure that we are unaware of?
Is it possible for diabetics to get rid of daily injections and medications?
Can they live life without worrying about their blood sugar levels?

In this article, we would try to understand the condition of diabetes and look for the options that can reverse and reduce dependency on medications.

But first, let us try to understand diabetes condition,


What is diabetes?
It is a condition in which your body has high blood sugar than normal.
Ideally, the normal blood sugar is:
Fasting: less than 100 mg/dl
PP (2 hours after meal): less than 140 mg/dl

If your blood sugar is higher than the above threshold, you may in your way to get diabetes.
Immediately get doctor consultation to prevent further damage to your body
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Why your blood sugar rise if you have diabetes?
In our body, there is an organ called pancreas which produces hormone named insulin.
Insulin is needed by our body cells to metabolize/absorb glucose from our blood.

When we digest our food, the glucose gets absorbed by the blood to get transferred to different parts of the body. The cells take in glucose from the blood with the help of insulin to get energy.

For a person with diabetes; the pancreas produces little or no insulin.
Without insulin, their body cells fail to absorb glucose from blood and this results in rising of sugar in their blood


Why does diabetes happen to any person?
In order to understand that, you first need to understand different forms of diabetes.
Basically, there are two different forms;
A. Type 1 diabetes
B. Type 2 diabetes

TYPE 1 diabetes
It is an autoimmune disorder.
Its a condition in which your immune system attacks your pancreatic Beta cells (that produces insulin). Our immune system sees these cells as a threat and destroys them.
This form of diabetes is found particularly in children below 20 years of age but can occur at any age.
Understand Type 1 diabetes in detail by clicking here

TYPE 2 diabetes

This is a lifestyle problem.
It happens when your body rejects the insulin produced by the pancreas.
That means at first, your pancreas is producing insulin in sufficient amounts, but your body cells find it difficult to utilize the insulin fully.
This results in blood sugar increase in your body.
As the blood sugar increases, the pancreas starts taking extra pressure to produce more insulin to compensate high blood sugar.
But still, the body cells reject the insulin produced and the blood sugar remains still high.

The extra pressure and constant high blood sugar destroy the Beta cells of the pancreas and a time will come when complete cells get destroyed and no more insulin get produced in the body.
5 Things not to say to person with diabetes



Is there any permanent cure for diabetes?
No, Sorry to say but diabetes is still a lifelong disease and diabetes cure is not found yet. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder in which you have no control, you have to rely on insulin for rest of the life.
Hence no cure for diabetes type 1

However, Type 2 diabetes can be put on remission through proper control. There are people who got successful in getting rid of their medication through proper discipline and lifestyle.

But there are various researchers that have registered considerable success and we can say that the time is not far when we have diabetes cure.diabetes cure

Here in this article we will try to understand different questions that seem to improve diabetic lifestyle and has a potential to give us diabetic cure in the future

1. Natural Therapy
Natural Therapies like deep abdominal breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation can’t get you a diabetic cure but is helpful to control your blood sugar.
Techniques like guided meditation help you get relief from stress which is one of the major factors which is one the major reason to increase your blood sugar levels

2. Stem Cells
What are stem cells?
It’s a basic cell that has the ability to convert into a specialized cell. Stem cells have huge potential in medical science; its unique characteristics can help replacing our damaged cells/tissues.
Stem cells have the capability to:
a. divide over and over again to produce new cells.
b. they can change into the other types of cell that make up the body

This technique has a lot of potential in future but unfortunately, the treatment is not available now.
Scientists have successfully used stem cells to produce glucose-responding cells that release insulin, like beta cells. Clinical trials of these cells are underway

However, the technique is not free from issues. It has been observed in the research that while implanting stem cells on Type 1 diabetic, its immune system gets active again to destroy the newly implanted stem cells.
In order to make this technique work, the patient has to take a lifelong drug to suppress the immune system exposing our body to the risk of other infections.

Still our scientist are working tirelessly throughout the world on this method but still, there is a long way to go to come into practicality


3. Pancreas Transplantation (cure for diabetes type 1)

Pancreas Transplation is possible now and there are people around the world undergoing this surgery to reverse their diabetes.
However, the procedure is also not free from issues;
1. High Surgery Cost
2. High Demand and low organ supply
3. High Morbidity Rates

Usually, diabetics who are also in need of new kidney underdoes this procedure to get them both transplanted at once.
You can read about pancreas transplantation success story here


4. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes (cure for diabetes type 2)
Type 2 diabetes can be reversed but it’s not a general rule for every diabetic.
There are success stories around the world where people get free from any form of diabetic medications and maintaining normal blood sugar level.
So what these guys are doing?
Is it really possible?

Yes, You should follow certain steps and be disciplined about it.
You will be able to maintain good control of your blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetic complications.

a. Reduce your carbohydrate intake
Eliminate or minimize the amount of carbohydrate in your diet.
Try to stay from commonly available foods like wheat, rice, corn, milk or any sugary items that raise your blood sugar.

Then what to eat?
Rely on foods that are high in Fats.
For example, eat chicken, eggs, green vegetables, cheese, fish, coconuts, peanuts, dark chocolates, avocados etc.
These foods contain minimal carbohydrates and won’t spike your blood sugar.
Relying in these foods will reduce your medication dosage if not completely removing it and you will have better control of your blood sugar and will get in the verge of diabetes cure.

Maintaining high-fat diet and removing carbohydrates is not an easy task as the market is full of products that are not suitable for diabetics.
You literally have to hunt for your food and have to fight with sugar cravings on daily basis.
But believe me, this gonna help you in long run;
you will find yourself in better shape and even fitter than the normal guys around


2. Exercise Daily
Try to keep 30 minutes daily for exercise.
Do any exercise which you think will be comfortable for you. Exercise doesn’t only means going to the gym and lifting heavy weights.
You can go for a simple stroll with your dog or may even go for a dance class. But make sure you are enrolling yourself in regular exercise.

Keep in mind to check your blood sugar before and after exercise as it may lower your blood sugar and you may reach hypo condition.
Be sure to keep your self some form of glucose like orange juice or chocolate to tackle the hypo condition

diabetes cure


Diabetic may be a lifelong condition but with certain steps, you can reduce your dependency on insulin and prevent getting your blood sugar haywire.
Yes, there will be days when things will not undergo as per plan in spite of taking all the necessary steps but you have to hang on and stick to your routine and everything will come to place.
So let us just do what we have to do to keep yourself healthy and wait for diabetes cure.

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