Diabetes control-Tools for 2018

When I got diagnosed, I was scared about the thought of injecting and pricking myself for my diabetes control. I had seen my mother (a Type 1 diabetic) struggling with her blood sugar (she died due to hypoglycemic episode) and I sympathize with her whenever she took insulin shots; now my misfortune has taken me similar condition and I loathe this very idea (click the link to read my diagnosis story

However, with the new technologies and improvement in existing devices, it has become much easier to tame the diabetic bull; I would like to share my tools in this article which I am currently using to manage my diabetes and would also mention some of the newly available devices which are either too expensive or not available in India but can be used in future by me fellow diabetic community.

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1. Glucose Monitor Sensor:  Abbott Freestyle Libre was the first device introducdiabetes, glucose monitored by my doctor. It’s a small sensor which will be attached to your arms and gives you continuous data of your blood sugar. It’s effective to understand your body response to your food intake, the medication, and insulin you inject during its 14 days lifetime. 

However, with the use of the tools it is preferable to understand your conditions first; to know about different types of diabetes click here

2. Glucometer: It’s a must to have for any diabetic. I have been pricking myself in the morning anglucometer, diabetes, sugar levelsd after each meal to understand how’s my meal affecting my sugar level so that I can understand what’s not good for my health. These are not accurate as the lab reports but can give you a fair idea about your sugar level.

you can buy glucometer from Amazon by clicking here

you can also purchase glucometer strips by clicking this link

TIP: It’s must to test your sugar level at night to prevent Hypo (low sugar level); it could be fatal.


3. Insulin Pen: Initially I have been asked to inject Biphasic Insulin Aspart IP (NovoInsulin shots, diabetes, insulin pen Nordisk) but after a week after analyzing my blood levels, I have been able to go off from it; Currently, I am on medication. But let me say these injections are ALMOST painless and one can get used to it after some time.

while traveling, it could be a challenge to store insulin pen in proper cool place. One can have insulin storing kits that can help diabetics to store it for a long time without getting it damaged 


4. Carb Counting Apps and fitness-bands: New technologies made easidiabetes toolser for diabetics to manage the disease. There are lots of apps available, which tells you a number of carbs you are taking with your food.

You can also purchase fitness tracking bands which track your activity throughout the day and helps you to manage your day easily; you can buy such devices from Amazon by clicking here

Tools available in Market

The technology has advanced leap and forth; with every passing year, you can observe new products coming in which provide immense value to control diabetes; following are the list of some products which are not been entered Indian market or has been out of reach for the majority of the diabetic community because of its high price.

a. Insulin Pumps: These are the convenient way to manage your sugar levels and are more accurateinsulin pump, diabetes, glucose monitor. These pumps are connected to your body via cannula and you can wear it 24*7. You just need to feed in the carb intake and the pump will calculate the amount of insulin to plunge into your body.


b. Omnipod: It’s a wireless pump and offers you a more convenient way to inject insulin. These pumps are expensive and currently not available in India.


c. Inhaled Insulin (Afreeza): It’s fast acting insulin and delivered into thediabetes body via inhaler and gets absorbed into the bloodstreams through lungs. It promises needle-free future for diabetic


d. Medtronic MiniMed 640G: These are the advanced version of insulin pumps as it works like an artificial pancreas. It constantly monitors your sugar level and injects insulin as per requirements. If you are going high on sugar level it will inject more amount of insulin and if you are getting low it will stop plunging the insulin to prevent hypo condition


e. Valerita’s V-GO: The device is especially for type 2 diabetic. It’s a 2 inches long disposable device which can be easily attached to stomach or arms and no one notice it

diabetes tools

photo courtesy: go-vgo.com

It continuous release insulin like normal pancreas does. But when you need the extra dose of insulin after a snack you can get it from a push of a button. The device works for 24 hours and then needs to be replaced. 

You can have more information by watching the video by clicking here 

Or can visit their site by clicking this link


There are lots of researches going go to find the cure for diabetes. Hopefully, we will come across a day in our lifetime when diabetics can live without shackles of medication and continuous monitoring. You can read some of the following in the following links:


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