Diabetes and Mood Swings || Must Read

Diabetes is not only a problem of blood sugar.
With diabetes, you are prone to various other physical and mental problems.

some of the physical problems due to uncontrolled high blood sugar is:
a. Neuropathy
b. Eye problem
c. Heart failure
d. Blood pressure issues
e. Kidney Failure
And the list goes on and on.

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while people are aware of the physical symptoms and are taking care about it, I am baffled to understand how ignorant people are about the mental health problem caused by diabetes and almost no steps are being taken by the government back here in India.

Recently I visited the district hospital to get my insulin supply, I must mention to the credit of state government that they have taken a wonderful step to avail insulin free of cost to the people of the state.
However, when you visit the doctor or read any diabetes awareness boards, there is no mention of the mental health problems which diabetics are prone to have.

In this article, we will try to understand whether diabetics are prone to mood swings and are there any possibility to get trapped in other deadly mental problems.

Diabetes and Mood Swings
There is no contention that diabetics are prone to mood swings. Their uncontrolled blood sugar is the main cause for this problem.
I remember that before I got diagnosed with diabetes, I used to get irritated easily. I was angry most of the time and there were incidences when I had literally shouted to my family members for petty issues.
I am not the only case for these emotional problems; I have distant relatives who are diabetic and when you ask their family members about their mood, I always get the same answer.

Diabetes and Mood swings

Not only mood swings, diabetics are prone to mental problems which if not taken care can prove fatal. One subject that I would like to mention here is “diabetic susceptibility to depression”.

Depression is a condition which is prevalent throughout the world, it is also the problem which is more neglected.
Most of the people don’t understand that mental problem exists, they believe that the affected person is weak and they just need the motivation to get alright.

Mental problems cannot be felt like the physical ones.
If you got wounded and you are bleeding, it is immediately evident to the people surrounding you that you need help.
This is not the case with mental problems.
If you are suffering from the mental issues, other people will consider you weak and failure for society. It will never occur to them that you might need to help.

Anyways, let me get back to the topic.
Diabetics are prone to get depressive tendencies.
This can be due to the pressure to maintain blood sugar. Diabetes is a kind of disease which stays with you 24*7. Every day, every time you have to worry about blood sugar.
Checking blood sugars frequently or injecting insulin multiple times a day can make you frustrated and make you lose emotional control.

People suffering from depression show symptoms like
a. Suicidal thoughts
b. Losing interest in daily activities
c. Hopelessness
d. Lack of Concentration
e. Slowness in activity
f. Sleep disturbances
g. crying
h. Irritability

diabetes and mood swings
If you feel that you are suffering from depression, I would suggest you to immediately get a consultation with the psychologist.
If you still in doubt, you should give this Hamilton depression test so that you can get an idea of the scale at which you are depressed.
You can give the Hamilton test by clicking this link

Cognitive Decline

Another mental related problem due to diabetes is cognitive decline.
Constant high blood sugar for long time can affect your memory and you may face memory related issues in your old age.

You may have heard the disease named “Alzheimer”
This problem mainly occurs in old age.
It’s a dangerous disease in which the person forgets everything, they forget their name, their family, their home, just everything.

And will not be surprised to know that diabetics are prone to Alzheimer.
That’s why it is important for you to maintain normal blood sugar throughout your life.

AS now you have understood relationship between Diabetes and Mood Swings, in the below section we will, try to understand ways that can avoid this problem

How to avoid mental health problems
First of all, you need to understand that mental issues exist and there is a proper treatment for that. So don’t shy away from visiting your local psychologist even if you have a hint of this problem.

The other thing is to control your blood sugar at normal levels.
Fasting: below 100 mg/dl
PP: below 130 mg/dl

As soon as the blood sugar goes above 130mg/dl, make a point that there is some damaging activity going on your body.  You may not face any problem today, but after 10-20 year you may face deadly complication.

Your mood can also be a good indicator of your blood sugar.
if you face issues like anxiousness, irritability, anger or depression, there is a possibility that your blood sugar is off the mark. So in that case, test your blood sugar and correct the numbers immediately

As I have always said, the best way to control your blood sugar is eating low carbohydrate diet. This solution is easy, convenient and healthy for all the diabetics and not only that you will also reduce your medication cost considerably

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