Diabetes and Memory Loss || Read the latest research

Recently a research published in the journal of Europen Association for the study of Diabetes (ESADE) concluded that elder people living with Type 2 diabetes suffered the decline in verbal memory and fluency.

The study found that diabetes increases the rate of cognitive decline among the elders and this can lead to a huge decline in the lifestyle of these patients.
You can read the study by clicking this link

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The link between diabetes and memory loss is not new. There are countless studies which have found the rapid decline of memory among the diabetics.

The decline is not a one day process, the high blood sugar in diabetic patient slowly destroys the brain function for years. You may not feel the effect right now, the decline will get evident 10-15 years after.

But why diabetes cause memory loss?
The high blood sugar for prolonged periods of time damages the blood vessels of the brain which can lead to reducing the ability of the brain.
It is also found that high blood sugar damages the hippocampus, the part of the brain which is involved in memory.

Also, note that it is not only the high blood sugar which can cause damage to the brain. The low blood sugar is equally responsible for brain damage, so the best a diabetic can do is to manage the optimum blood sugar numbers.

See, with age, we all go through memory decline.
We all forget name or keys on any normal day, but the memory decline due to diabetes is more serious and life-threatening.

So how to distinguish between normal or disastrous memory loss.
Ask yourself the below questions:
a. do you forget words often?
b. do you get lost in mid of your work?
c. Do you ask the same questions or unable to follow any instructions?
d. Do you experience sudden mood change?

If the answer is yes, then chances are that you are suffering from memory deterioration. This link between diabetes and memory loss should not be ignored, in the below section i have mentioned suitable steps to manage this problem.

Tips for Managing Memory Decline
To counter the above link between diabetes and memory loss, one can follow the below step for effective prevention of the memory related problem

1. Control your blood sugar
The first thing a diabetic can do is to control their blood sugar.
The ideal level of blood sugar is between 95 to 130 mg/dl. Though may diabetics may find difficult to achieve this, but following a low carbohydrate diet plan can surely make this goal easier.

2. Aim for constant Learning
Learning does not stop after school/college.
Try to learn different skills, read lots of books, challenge yourself with new material. This will keep your brain cells active and rejuvenate with new ideas
3. Stay Organized
Keep a notepad to write essential ideas.
Mark a designated place to keep you valuable item safe, this will save your time and effort.

4. Stop Alcohol/Smoking
These items will only make your diabetes worse and will also increase the rate of the mental decline

5. Take Omega 3
Omega 3 nutrient is very essential for your brain health. But the problem is not enough people pay attention to this effective element.
Omega 3 is mainly found in Walnuts, Almonds, and fish, but if you don’t like eating these items on daily basis, you can buy supplements from the market.
This can be taken as one of the medication for memory loss.

6. Vitamin B12
Another medication for memory loss is Vitamin B12.
It is mostly found in animal products like eggs, meat and milk products.
Vegetarians can get them from cereal-based foods which are fortified with this Vitamin.
Supplements are also available.

7. Go Outside
One should go outside and meet new people.
There is no point sitting inside your home and watch TV alone. Please go outside and socialize, this will help you find new ideas.

8. Get Proper sleep
With the rise of corporate culture, people are now more stressed than ever and are getting less sleep.
Make sure to leave your work outside the home and sleep peacefully.
Try to spend less and live life simply, this way you can survive with less wealth.

Have you ever noticed the world’s billionaires, they are all parsimonious with their money.
Consider Warren Buffett, he owns two decades old Volvo car and lives in a humble abode. These all rich men know that there is no point to spend money unnecessarily on expensive cars or clothes.
The point is to be rich and not to look rich.


Final Word
If you feel that you are having memory related issue, the best thing you can do is to consult your doctor.

Generally, people don’t take these issues seriously.
This attitude can have a serious disastrous effect on your future health.

So, control your blood sugar numbers and be careful about your health

I hope you understand the link between diabetes and memory loss If you liked the article, share it with your diabetic community so that they can understand the menace fully and take effective steps.

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