Diabetes and Heart Disease

If you are diabetic, you should understand that you are at high risk of getting heart problems. In this article, we will try to understand the relationship between diabetes and heart disease.

Diabetes can be traced to cause variety of health problems and heart disease is one of them. Just to give you a picture about how dangerous diabetes can be, I have listed some of the complications below which is caused by high blood sugar;
a. Heart Problems
b. Stroke
c. Kidney Failure
d. Eye Problems
e. Neuropathy
f. Hair Fall
h. Dental Issues
i. Memory Loss

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On a whole, diabetes affects your whole body and damages it in long run.

Diabetes and Heart Disease
Heart problems are one of the major cause of death among diabetics. Prolonged high blood sugar results in inflammation and formation of plaque in arteries, which affects the circulatory system and affects the functioning of the heart.

It is important for every diabetic to manage the blood sugar within normal range, otherwise, it will damage your circulatory system slowly and will cause a sudden heart attack.
Important Health Report for Heart Checkup
My intention to write this article is to give general understanding to all diabetic readers about the health checkup which can give you the idea about your heart health.
I have observed that doctors don’t bother to educate patients about the disease. when I was diagnosed with diabetes, i had given little information about this problem, it was my own endeavor to study my disease and figure out ways to control it.

I also want you to understand that, i don’t intend you to give any medical advice. Whatever i am writing here is for your general understanding, there is no way you can skip doctor consultation for your medical problems.

So, what are the general test that you need to do to check your heart health?

1. Lipid Profile Test:
This test will give you information about your cholesterol levels, amount of good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL) and Triglycerides.
To read this report, you need to understand that not all cholesterols are bad. Most of the people couldn’t differentiate between good and bad cholesterol.

HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) is a good cholesterol and it’s very important for us to have it in sufficient amounts.

LDL and Triglycerides are bad cholesterol. If they are present above the normal level, make it a point that you are at risk of a heart problem

It will cost around 400 rs (Indian Rupee) to get this test done. And make sure that you are in fasting mode while giving out blood otherwise you will get elevated numbers in the report.


2. Homocysteine
This is the most important test to understand your heart health.
The problem is that most people are unaware of this test and even doctor’s don’t stress on to find the homocysteine numbers.

Homocysteine is basically a form of amino acid which develops during the normal metabolism of the body. As homocysteine is normally produced in the body, it will not cause any harm until the numbers are in control. If the numbers go beyond the normal threshold, it will damage your body like anything.

It has been found in various research that people with high homocysteine levels are in the high risk of getting heart attack.
Apart from heart attack, this element also causes bone weakening and even memory related issues.

So what is the normal range of homocysteine?
Generally, the medical practitioners prefer below 15 units, but many consider the ideal range between 6-7 units.

What causes high levels of homocysteine?
The major cause for rising homocysteine level is due to lack of sufficient intake of Vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid.
So, if you are high in homocysteine levels, you should increase food intake that is high in above-mentioned vitamins. You can also rely on supplements if you want, but make sure to take doctor consultation before taking in the supplements.

Also, there are genetic factors which can skyrocket your homocysteine levels. So there is no way they can manage the homocysteine levels through food intake, they have to ask for appropriate treatment from a medical practitioner.

In India, this test cost around 1200 Rupees.


3. Lipoprotein a 
This is another test you should do in order to test your heart health.
Ideally, the numbers should be below 30 mg/dl.
I paid around 1200 rs for this test.

Also, i want you to note that if you are living in a small town, there are chances that the local laboratory may not equip with the facilities to perform Homocysteine and Lipoprotein (a) tests.
They may take your blood sample and will ship to the laboratory of your nearest big city where the testing machinery is available.
So this process may take 5-10 days to give you the final report.



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