Diabetes and bad breath || MUST READ

People suffering from diabetes are at high risk to develop long-term complications. Constant high blood sugar can lead to problems like
1. Kidney Failure
2. Heart Problems
3. Impotency
4. Vision Issues
5. Neuropathy
6. Amputation

From small to deadly issues, you just name it, diabetes can give you all.
However, there are other issues as well which have been caused by diabetes and is blatantly ignored by the doctors and patients alike.

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Yes, I am talking about bad breath.
In this article, we will try to understand relation between diabetes and bad breath
This may something not sound as deadly but it can give you lot of embarrassment in public.
Imagine, you have the bad smell and you are asked to attend a gathering; this small issue can ruin your relationships and friendship apart from spoiling your reputation.

So in this article, we will try to understand how diabetics are prone to having bad mouth smell and how we can avoid this problem.
Diabetes and Bad breath

What is Bad Breath?
You must be wondering why i am explaining about bad breath, this is obvious and everyone knows about it. But what if i tell you that there are different type of smell which can affect your mouth and each smell gives a different indicator of disease in your body.

To start with,  let me explain you the medical terminology of mouth smell; Bad breath is known as “Halitosis” and it can associate severe oral conditions.
For example, a fruity odor is an indication of diabetic Ketoacidosis which cause due to prolonged high blood sugar; while the odor of ammonia is an indication of kidney disease.

You will be surprised to know that this odor is sometimes used by doctors as a diagnosis to identify the above-mentioned health problems.

So why diabetics are prone to this bad odor?
is there any particular reason?
can diabetics avoid this problem?
How diabetes and bad breath are associated?

We will try to answer this questions in the below part of the article.

Diabetes and Bad Breath. Why does it happen?
The major reason for this breath problem is the constant high blood sugar. As diabetics pancreas are not working as they should, they fail to metabolize the carbohydrate which result is the above-mentioned complications.
Now, specifically for bad breath, there are two reasons which cause this embarrassment;
a. Periodontal Problem (Bacterial infection)
b. Diabetic Ketones

a. Peridontal Problem
This is caused due to bacterial infections.
Constant high blood sugar can promote the bacterial infection in the gums and tissues that support your teeth. The inflammation caused by the infection results in bad breath and gums reddening.
If you are diabetic and have symptoms like
a. Red Gums
b. Receding Gums
c. Foul Smell
d. Sensitive teeth

Then make sure, you visit your nearest dentist for a checkup.
The high blood sugar makes difficult for the body to heal the wound, so it’s better not to take chances of complicating the problem further and resolve the issue as soon as possible.


2. Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)
This happens when a diabetic patient fails to control his blood sugar.
Generally, our body uses carbohydrate as energy from the food we eat; for non-diabetic person, this carbohydrate is metabolized by the normal functioning pancreas, but the diabetics need external insulin to metabolize it.

DKA  is caused when diabetics:
a. Not taking proper insulin or medication dosage
b. Eat unhealthy food which increases blood sugar
When blood sugar runs high, the body starts using muscle and fat as energy which increases ketones in the blood, large amount of ketones indicates its presence through fruity smell.

So if you are diabetic (especially Type 1 diabetics) make sure to regularly check your blood sugar and take insulin properly as Type 1’s are prone to DKA condition


while keeping your body healthy, diabetics should also keep the focus on the neglected oral hygiene as it may give you lot of trouble later.
It’s better to follow best global oral practices, which can keep your diabetic problems at bay.
I have listed some of the important oral hygiene practices for your reference;

1. Brush two times a day

2. Use a soft brush, the hard brush can crack your teeth (this point may not sound important but i have seen people undergoing a lot of trouble who have damaged their teeth using improper brushing)

3. Follow proper brushing methods
There is a proper technique of brushing which needs to follow religiously, hard brushing your teeth can waste your enamel and make it sensitive.
you can follow proper brushing process by clicking this link

4. Don’t smoke
Smoking damages the teeth and also makes it aesthetically less appealing

5. Use floss to remove food pieces that hung between your teeth. Food decay is one of the major cause of forming plaque

6. Keep your blood sugar within a target range
I cannot reemphasize this point enough; high blood sugar is one of the major cause of long-term complications among diabetics


The above oral problem may not sound serious to you, but once you read my story about my encounter with the dentist you will have an idea about the trouble one can undergo due to this oral issue.

Let us know in the comment section about your experience with dental hygiene issue. If you like the article share it with your diabetic community.
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