Controlling HbA1C from 12.9 to 5.5

control diabetesGetting diagnosed with diabetes is quite a shock for everyone especially when you have no family history; it seems like your whole world is gone and from now on you have to limit yourself in everything you do. You will get overwhelmed by the information about the disease, lifestyle changes, tips to control diabetes, low carb foods, medications etc.
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On getting diagnosed, I too met my dietician to get a consultation about the changes that I need to take on my eating habits and I got a list of food items that I can eat and the ones I should avoid.

Well, being scared with the prospect of diabetic complications I strictly followed thdiabetes controle dieticians recommended diet and was also injecting insulin 2 times a day; following this regime was quite difficult as I was unable to manage the unpredictable highs/lows during different part of the day; many times I went into hypo (low blood sugar condition) in the mid of the night.
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It was quite a struggle to predict the insulin dosage whenever I eat anything and most of the time I gave myself misjudged dosages and get ended up with high/low sugar. So it was quite a task to manage sugar levels with dietician plan and I wondered how I am gonna deal with this daily frustration; my whole energy used to get wasted on thinking about my sugar levels.



While surfing the net I came across LCHF concept and learned its effectiveness for diabetic patientdiabetes control; i read diabetic testimony about how they are successfully managing diabetes by following this diet. At first, I was skeptical about this, I felt its like a scam or some rumor like ones claiming to cure diabetes. But somehow, I felt like digging deep into it and then I came across a man named Dr. Richard Bernstein who himself was type 1 diabetic and has been living without any diabetic complication.

(you can watch Richard Bernstein Videos here) 

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What would you do if you come across such claim?

Will you ignore your doctor’s advice and follow some articles on the internet that may be not genuine?

It all depends on the situations you are in; If somebody asked me to purchase their secret formula that cures diabetes, I would never have done that. Low Carbs diets demand some changes in lifestyle and your eating habits which can be tried I thought.

So, one particular day I followed the LCHF instructions and limited the amount of grain (which was most difficult considering it as staple diet back in India). The results were quick and astonishing; I reduced my insulin dosage from 10 to 4 units and I had more effective control over my sugar level.



Within a week with this diet, I met my doctor again for checking my condition again; He checked my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) reading and was surprised by my diabetes control;

Doctor: Are you starving? Your readings have improved phenomenally

Me: I have been limiting carbs and increased good fat intake in my diet

Doctor: Excellent, you can stop taking insulin shots. I am prescribing you a medicine that you have to take with your meal 3 times a day

Me: ok, how this medicine works?

Doctors: It slows down digestion and the amount of sugar entering your blood so you control diabetes. Preet, let me warn you, you are doing good but you have to remain disciplined over your diet for a long period, don’t ever make this good results an excuse to eat unwanted foods again;

Me: sir, I will definitely be vigilant about this

Doctor: Nice, see me again if you face any issue

I was jovial with the thought of not injecting insulin again. Can you imagine how a diabetic undergoes a series of emotions in short period of time; first I was feeling pathetic on the thought of living with diabetes and now a sense of joy on getting off from insulin.control diabetes

Tell me how you felt while being diagnosed with diabetes and how you found happiness in small moments while living with it. You can share your story of control diabetes by clicking this link

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Now currently I am on low carb diet and taking verbiglose medicine 3 times a day. With frequent testing my sugar level, I have understood how my body reacts with different diets. My readings are almost consistent as follows:

Fasting: 95-110 mg/dl

PP (2 hours after lunch):115-125 mg/dl

you can read about the sugar numbers that diabetics should target by clicking this link

Also, there is a rare occurrence of a hypoglycemic episode so less life threatening conditions to deal with. I will suggest all diabetic community to try LCHF diet for a week at least and notice the changes in the sugar level.

So it’s a good feeling to control diabetes after initial frustrations but it all worth the effort if it finally gets you in right track.

WARNING: Once you adopt low carb diet, be sure to keep track of sugar levels and reduce insulin dosages accordingly.
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If you have incorporated LCHF in your diet, share your experience so that our fellow community can learn from you and can get your help to control diabetes


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