Coffee and Diabetes || Must Read for Diabetic Patients

Coffee is the most loved beverage throughout the world. The kind of variety this beverage offers makes it special among the kids and aged alike.

But is coffee good for diabetic patients?
Is it safe to consume it without worrying about blood sugar?

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In this article, we will try to find a link between coffee and diabetes, and how it affects the diabetic patient.

Benefits of Coffee
In relation to diabetes, there are various researches which claim that drinking Coffee regularly can decrease the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes is basically a problem of insulin resistance in which the body cells fails to absorb insulin already produced within the body.

The researchers believe that the enzyme named “cafestol” has anti-diabetic property and plays a major role in improving insulin sensitivity.
So if you are a normal, nondiabetic person, you can incorporate this beverage to reduce the risk of getting this problem.

Coffee for Diabetic Person
If you are already a diabetic, consumption of coffee can raise your PP (after the meal) blood sugar.
It has been found in a research that the elements present in the coffee exaggerate the spike in blood sugar after every meal.

Let me explain it to you with the below example:
Suppose your blood sugar before lunch was 100mg/dl.
Then you ate one omelet with a biscuit, and then you took your diabetic pills.
After testing your blood sugar (after 2 hours) you got 120mg/dl reading.

Now assume you ate the same lunch but you add a half cup of coffee with it.
The half cup of coffee accentuates the blood sugar spike and you get the reading of 130mg/dl

Hence coffee increases the effect of carbs which you have eaten with your meal.
That’s why diabetics are asked to drink coffee empty stomach.

So if you are diabetic being mindful of your blood sugar as the coffee may cause it to rise.

Another important factor to consider is the use of milk and sugar in coffee making. Both milk and sugar are high carbohydrate item and are known to raise blood sugar.
Instead of using milk, one can use thick cream which is low in carb and fit suitably for diabetic needs.
Now you understand some link between coffee and diabetes, let us look at its pros and cons.

Is coffee good for diabetics?
There are certain known benefits of coffee which if taken in moderation can help your body.
Coffee can help to lower the risk of the following conditions:
1. Type 2 diabetes
2. Cardiovascular disease
3. Certain Cancers (like endometrial cancer)
4. Alzheimer’s disease
5. Parkinson’s disease

Coffee has anti-oxidants (eg. polyphenols) which help in reducing the inflammation, which is the leading cause of Type 2 diabetes and cancer.
Please keep in mind that you have to keep the consumption as minimum as possible, over consuming coffee has its own sets of problems.

Problems of Coffee
Overdrinking coffee, i.e drinking 5-6 cups daily can create other set or problems in the body. I have personally known people who are drinking coffee at every 2 hours without thinking of the consequences.

1. Irregular Heartbeat
The caffeine is known to impact the rhythm of blood pressure. Too much of drinking coffee can result in excretion of calcium by the heart cells which impact in the beating of the heart.

2. Stroke
People drinking too much of caffeine are in the high risk of getting a stroke.
Due to disturbances in the rhythm of blood pressure, the risk of stroke increases considerably

3. Insomnia
Coffee has the potential to disturb your sleep cycle.
Coffee is a potent beverage to keep you fresh and alert, but is you overconsume it, you may find difficult to find sleep at night.
Not getting enough sleep will have long-term consequences in your body and it will also impact your work productivity.
Hence coffee and diabetes is not the only link that we need to consider, there are other effects which can disturb the working of a normal person.

4. Fatal for Pregnant Ladies
Pregnant women should shun drinking this beverage as it increases the risk delivering low birth weight babies. This will create future health problems in the newborn child.
5. The person may also feel anxiety and nervousness by overconsuming this beverage

Final Word
Though coffee may have health benefits, it is better for us to consume it in limited quantity.
It is also advisable for the diabetics to check the blood sugar after consuming this beverage and observe its effect in your blood sugar.
The best way for a diabetic to consume coffee is when they are the empty stomach and keep it limited to 1-2 cups a day.

I hope you understand the link between coffee and diabetes, and if you liked the article, you can share it with your diabetic community so that they can get benefitted with this knowledge.

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