My Cholesterol Test- May 2018

I am type 1 diabetic since March 2017.
Though my C-peptide was low, I was still able to manage the blood sugar through oral medications and following Low Carb diet.
At that time I didn’t know i was Type 1 diabetic and i felt i could manage my blood sugar as long as i avoid eating high carbohydrate.
Als. i must confess, i was fearful of the injections which diabetics take on the daily basis. I just didn’t wanted to buy the idea that i would need to take the injections multiple times a day.

After one year of taking oral medications, my body was just stopped responding to it.
My blood sugar went haywire even if i didn’t eat anything.
I understood there is no option left but to inject insulin.

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I consulted my doctor and he prescribed me with insulin that now i keep taking on the regular basis.
I take short-acting insulin (around 5 units) after my breakfast and lunch, and 20/80 mixtard before sleep (around 7 units)

I must say, life was much comfortable before, but still taking injections is not that bad considering that these drugs keep me alive.

But still with diabetes, one has to deal with unexpected health problems.
In my case, i felt unexpected chest pain which goes on and off throughout the day.
Initially, i felt that it may be due to the exercise which i do on daily basis; but after the week of continued pain, I got the thought that this may be a repercussion of the heart problem.

As diabetics are prone to heart problems, i felt not to ignore this frequent pain.
I went to the nearest pathology lab and render my blood for lipid profile test.

Lipid Profile is basically a cholesterol test, which checks the amount of cholesterol present in the body. If you are staying in India, this test may cost you around 400 Rs.
Also, you need to remember that for lipid profile test, your body needs to be in fasting mode otherwise the number will not be correct.
So try to give your test right after you wake up in the morning (make sure you don’t eat anything before the test)


I have attached my cholesterol test below for your reference
My Cholesterol Test

The numbers in the midsection are my actual numbers, while the numbers on the right are the ideal reference range

The numbers that are important for your heart health are:

1. Triglycerides
This is a form of bad cholesterol.
If your numbers are high, make sure you refer to the suitable doctor in your city

2. LDL
This is also a form of bad cholesterol
This cholesterol has low density and thus are capable to block your circulatory system, creating a problem for your heart.

3. HDL
This is a form of good cholesterol and is very important for the body.
They are bigger in size and play important role in preventing accumulation of LDL cholesterol in the arteries.
In my case HDL level is bit low, I must work to increase its number.

Though my lab report is Ok, my chest pain is still there.
While doing my research, I found that though lipid profile is important, the test doesn’t give a full analysis of the heart.
Let me see if I can get my diagnosis done after a visit to my doctor.
If you want, you can share your Lipid report and your experience regarding heart health in the comment section below.


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