Chocolate for Diabetics

Being diabetic, it is very difficult to control sugar cravings.
One has to be very careful about the amount of carbohydrate we are taking.

Taking sweet food which is high in carbohydrates can spike the blood sugar and cause damage to our body nerves.
This spike if not controlled can cause long-term complications like
1. eye problems
2. kidney problems
3. Sexual problems
4. Memory Related problems
And the list goes on and on.

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I am diabetic, and i am extremely careful of what i eat.
Before I eat anything new, i first check its carbohydrate content from the internet and then decide if I have to eat it or not.

But there are time I crave for sweet food.
I used to be a sweet lover before i got diagnosed with diabetes and since then i haven’t touched any sweet item which is bought into my home during the festival or any special occasion.

I have been searching for a good sweet alternative which doesn’t spike my blood sugar.
I have found certain items either they are too expensive or they are unhealthy.

For example, you can find multiple sweet foods that are claimed to be diabetic friendly.
But they are unhealthy as they use a huge amount of artificial sweeteners which will only harm the body.

To my joy, I found one item which is not only cheap but is easy available across Indian stores.
This is a great chocolate for diabetics one can buy at low cost.

The item I am talking about is “Amul’s Dark Chocolate Bar”
It’s a chocolate bar that is available at the cost of Rs. 10 and can be easily found at the local Amul Store.

The chocolate has comparatively low carbohydrate content.
15 grams of chocolate bar has about 7 grams of carbohydrate.
This is not much, considering that you don’t eat in a heavy amount.

Also, for Indians, the item can be easily available as Amul Stores have wide distribution network across India.

Apart from the low carb content, dark chocolates have a variety of benefits.
One of this is that they are high in unsaturated fats which are good for the heart health.

So if you liked this chocolate for diabetics, lookout for the local Amul Store.

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