Can drinking too much soda cause diabetes? Read Now

People love soda.
According to one survey, it’s been found that around 48% of the American population consume soda on a daily basis.

Sure, these sweetened drinks have the taste to die for.
These drinks are famous among the kids; Not a days goes by when the kids forget to have their famous cola drinks.

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And why only kids, these drinks are equally famous among the adults.
Soft drinks and soda are must to have in every get-together and in fact, I have come across adults who just can’t get enough of it and make sure to have with their meal.

can drinking too much soda cause diabetes


But how these drinks have gone so popular? 
There is a reason for that.
Companies have invested millions of dollars in their advertisement and distribution channels.
These products are branded so well among the mind of people that it may seem like a healthy thing.

Also, their easy availability and low price have also helped them to reach every nook and corner of the world. They are just everywhere; you just can’t imagine a place in today’s time where these things are not available.


But are these sweetened drink healthy?
or if I may twist the question, do they cause any harm to the human body?

Short answer is YES!!!

There are multiple researches that have confirmed that drinking sweetened beverage regularly will make you susceptible to the life-threatening problems like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure and more.

Imagine the kind of food we are providing to our children.
The impact may not be evident today but it will definitely create problems in the future.

What health problems can these drinks cause?

These drinks are high in fructose (a complex form of sugar) which if taken in high amounts cause multiple problems.
I have listed some of the problems that are confirmed by our research community :

1. Diabetes/Insulin Resistance
As I have said earlier that these drinks are full of sugar, having them on regular basis put a lot of pressure on the pancreas. The more sugar you put on your body the more pancreas has to work in order to produce sugar digestive enzyme called Insulin.

With this constant overload, the pancreas gets exhausted and failed to deliver as per the body requirement, ultimately resulting in the condition called Type 2 Diabetes.
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2. Make you obese/overweight

These drinks are high in calories which if unutilized get stored in the form of fat. The fat accumulates slowly in your body and increases your weight.

Being overweight can make you susceptible to other problems.
Illness like heart, blood pressure, diabetes and other are more likely to impact an overweight person.

This may sound not too serious.
After all how many people can get overweight by only having their favorite soda!!!

But let me tell you that the situation is grim.
Obesity is on a rise; in US only, one-third of the population is affected by it!!!

If you are overweight and looking for an exercise program tailored specifically for you, I recommend you to check
The blog is administered by Christel who herself is Type 1 diabetic.
Being diabetic she completely understands our limitations and tailor exercise as per individual requirements.

3. Increased Risk of Heart Attack

Guys who drink sugary drink every day has 20% more risk of heart attack than other peer members.

4. Liver Problem
As I have said earlier that sodas contain a high amount of fructose.
Fructose is a complex form of carbohydrate which can only be metabolized by the liver.  The more fructose you take, the more burden your liver has to take which may ultimately create problem if you do it on a regular basis.

5. Increased risk of Arthritis, as high as 75% then your peer group
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Can I replace it with Fruit Juice?
Ok, I understand that these sweetened sodas are not good for my health. But I need something to drink, can I have fruit juice every morning?

fruit juice raise blood sugar

You must have got shocked by this answer.
After all, we have been told since ages that fruit juices are healthy.
Even the patients in the hospital are being given with the fruit juice.

Come on, what’s gonna a fruit juice will do my body. Its the healthiest drink we know today. Why are you saying like that?

Well, this is the typical reaction I get from people when I ask them to stop having fruit juices on regular basis.
Not a single person has taken me seriously!!
The old age thought of “Fruit Juice being Healthy” has been ingrained so deeply in the mind that now the contrary idea sounds stupid for us.
Even I got ridiculed by my parents when I asked them to stop having fruits in the form of juice. A lot of research paper reading and convincing finally made my parents aware of this issue.

So what is the problem with the natural fruit juices?
The problem is the same, High Fructose Content!!!
whenever we eat raw fruit, we eat only one or two of it, that may give you a small amount of fructose (because of its juice), along with that you will also intake its other body content which is rich in fiber.

But when you take out the juice of it, a large number of fruits will get compressed to fill up a single glass. That means that with a single glass, you are taking fructose of a large number of fruits in one go.
And don’t forget you are also loosing on the rich fiber content.

In a research, i read it was said that, 100 years ago, an average American consumed only 15gms of fructose per day and now people are consuming around 135gms; that’s around 10 times more!!

We have to seriously reconsider our diet choices.
Problems like obesity, diabetes are on rise and with the increased focus on packaging and food processing, the rate will only increase.

I am not asking you to give up fruit.
I think they are an excellent source of Vitamins and minerals that nourish the body.
I am just asking you to consume it as raw fruit and not as a juice.


I hope you have liked the article.
Please let us know what you think about it, it motivates us to keep writing.
Also, don’t forget to share it with your community and let them be aware of this diet problem.


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